How to Dispose Of an Old Grill

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Do You Own an Old Grill and Want to Dispose of it?

When the garden is put to bed for the winter in most areas of the nation, the barbeque grill is neglected until April. However, if your grill has seen better days, you may be asking how to dispose of it rather than how to store it. It turns out that obtaining a new grill is a lot easier than properly disposing of an old one, as is the case with many other products.

Due to the unique and possibly hazardous nature of ordinary gas grill components, owners cannot just dispose of the grill with standard home garbage. Certain materials linked to the grill are not appropriate for recycling straight immediately and must therefore be disposed of responsibly.

Dangerous Waste

If you own a gas barbecue, the first thing you should think about is the propane tank. Propane tanks are hazardous garbage; they are prohibited from landfills in several states, and many local towns have extra laws regulating their disposal. Empty tanks are frequently accepted for recycling by the dealer where you purchased the gas. Even if they don’t, they will most likely be able to advise you on local legislation and disposal choices. If you have a really old grill, you may need to transport the tank to the local fire station for safe handling.

The Simple Way

After you’ve dealt with the propane tank, some localities will let you throw the rest of the grill away as garbage. While this is handy, it is also harmful to the environment.

If you reside in a town that values recycling, you may be able to drop off or have your grill picked up for free on recycling day. But don’t hold your breath. Despite the fact that metal is a prominent component of barbeque grills, it must be separated from the other elements before it can be recycled.

Even cities that accept grills for recycling typically demand fees: for bulky item pick-up and for disassembling the grill into component pieces. Find out if your barbecue can be recycled by contacting your local solid waste authority. To find a recycler near you, try Earth911’s Recycling Search (search for “barbecue grill” and input your zip code).

The Most Likely Way 

You will be able to recycle your grill only if you break it down yourself in several locations. Many grills are also stealth electronics, which are domestic devices that contain electrical components that must be handled with care. Ignition wires, thermometers, electric controllers, and batteries are all examples of e-waste that should not be discarded.

If your city recycles plastics, plastic side shelving with a recycling emblem and plastic wheels are recyclable. However, don’t put these items in your curbside recycling container. Contact your local trash management provider to find out where you may recycle these plastics. The majority of other plastic components, such as knobs and handles, are useless. Currently, the gas hose is likewise unrecyclable.

Gas valves are typically made of recyclable materials such as brass or aluminum. Metal casters, grill lids, shelves, and grill bodies are often recyclable as scrap metal. Even if they are rusty, this is true.

Conscious Disposal

It might be difficult to disassemble a grill into component pieces for recycling. However, the endeavor raises awareness of the resources used in ordinary home objects. After you’ve made that effort, you’ll be more likely to reconsider replacing something that still has life in it.

BBQ Grill

Here’s what you should do with the old one. First, try Craigslist or a local Facebook or Nextdoor group to sell or give it away. Your local “Buy Nothing” club is an excellent place to donate unused items. Even if your grill is no longer usable, someone may be interested in picking it up and recycling it as scrap metal.

Old Propane Grill

Take the propane tank out of the grill. A propane tank, unlike typical waste, cannot be thrown away since it is very combustible. Instead, arrange for a pickup from a local recycling facility that takes old propane tanks or drops it off at a junkyard that deals with this sort of gear.

Is It Possible To Scrape A Grill

Here are a few popular items to consider selling to a scrap yard rather than tossing away. Summer is the ideal time to fire up the grill and cook close to the pool. Because most grills are composed of aluminum or stainless steel, they are recyclable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I dispose of charcoal? Can it be reused or repurposed?

Ans: Summer means that now it is time to get grilling! If you are grilling with charcoal then make sure that you follow all the instructions to dispose of leftovers coals and ashes safely.

Q2: Can the old grill be recycled?

Ans: Grills have plastic, steel, and sometimes wood parts as well. All these items can be recycled using a different process. It is impossible to recycle the whole grill in one piece. However, by pulling out some pieces and taking out some parts grills can be recycled.

Q3: Which parts of grills we can’t just throw away?

Ans: Anything which is electrical or flame creating like an ignition button or spark must be taken out before you decide to throw your grill away. Also, the heated charcoal inside the grill must be removed and destroyed by burning.

Q4: How to discharge a propane tank?

Ans: The best and the safest way to discharge a propane tank is to take it to a reputable propane dealer in the area. Then remove a propane tank, turn off its valve and lose the bolts attaching the tank to the grill.

To Wrap it Up

Electronics and batteries, such as ignition wires and electric controllers, can be discarded in the same manner as typical domestic electrical trash. There are also free e-waste recycling centers in several regions where you may drop off your electronic garbage. Also, it is our responsibility to recycle old items to reduce e-waste.


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