How to Grill Chicken without a Grill or Grill Pan

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How to Grill Chicken without a Grill or Grill Pan for Delicious Taste

I like to eat, so accordingly I love to cook, right? Not really, now you’re possibly guessing then why the heck does this girl keep a nutrition blog?  BECAUSE I wish to indicate to others that healthful eating doesn’t have to be tiring or time-consuming! I like coming up with modern ways to pay even less time in the kitchen while maximizing delectability, which is why I’m extremely an expounder of food Preparing. So no consequence what your lifestyle, you can appreciate a home-cooked diet without spending your day off in the kitchen or being compelled to purchase a ton of ingredients.

Chicken is my go-to meat to get ready, it’s so adaptable and it’s an outstanding source of lean protein.

Pulpy Baked Chicken was my go-to technique for a bit BUT, with summer in entire swing, I was wanting grilled chicken, except I don’t acquire a grill and my grill pan isn’t extremely effective for prepping since it’s too minor, so through some litigation, error and the borrowing of a limited others’ ideas, I came up with the fastest and greatly effective way to get ready chicken in bulk.

No Grill? Tight on time? Desire to make a lot of chicken at one time? No issue!

I got you wrapped, I present to you.

Without Grill “Grilled” Chicken

Thawed Chicken Breasts (as multiple as you like to cook) – slash into strips/pieces

1/2 Tablespoon Olive Oil/Oil of your selection/Sprinkle of Pam/etc

Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder as per taste

Aluminum Foil

Baking Paper/Pan/Broil Ban

  1. Sprinkle or Coat Baking Sheet/Pan with oil/pam, rotate broiler to an increased level

(Ensure your oven shelf is in the good spot for broiling, commonly 1 or 2 down from the top!)

  1. Locate chicken strips/pieces on the pan (attempt to retain them be identical extents, to assure even cooking)
  2. Spray chicken breast with salt, garlic, pepper, and, rub fully.
  3. Grill for seven minutes, change sides, cook for further seven minutes

(This can alter relying on the density of your chicken)

  1. Check if the chicken is completed by eliminating one portion, slashing in half, and testing for pink color.

THAT’S IT and YOU’VE DONE IT! Greatly, it’s that modest.

And because you utilized aluminum foil, there are no plates to wash!

Permit chicken cools entirely, then stock in airtight Tupperware containers.

Add to whatever feasts you prefer to develop with grilled chicken for the week!


  • Do you want to prepare more than one kind of grilled chicken?
  • Just insulate the chicken “flavors” by utilizing separate aluminum foil portions
  • Prepare grilled chicken deviations with further seasonings and marinades
  • Utilizing aluminum foil eradicates the desire to clean dishes

Grilling has ever been one of the decent ways of readying food. It eradicates the desire to use oil like when we fry and removes a substantial quantity of fat from the meat for a shorter cholesterol diet. However, grilling can be difficult. You will have to ready the grill, the charcoal, and whatnot. Moreover, not too various people have the amenity of the area to set up a grill.

Not all wish is forfeited even if you do not have an area or a grill pan. However, we will instruct you how to barbecue the chicken without a grill or grill pan and a pair of delicious truths about grilling.

The 3 Surprises of Grilled Food

Only before we get to understand other kinds of how to grill the chicken deprive of a grill or grill pan, let’s grab a near look at the great advantages of grilled food.

Lower Fat

We can’t tell it sufficiently. Grilling is one of the decent ways to lessen the fat in your diet. It’s not only because grilling needs minor fat to cook meat or veggies but the extra fat within oozes in the procedure. Also, for the best-tasting grill, all you want is to dump little olive oil and a tiny seasoning, and you’re off for a gastronomic meal.

Increased Nutritional Value

Lengthen disclosure to heat directs to the degradation of nutrients in the diet. But this isn’t the issue with grilling. Grilling cooks a diet faster than any additional procedure; thus, protecting the maximum of its natural nutrition. This holds particularly valid for vegetables. While stewing and boiling are moreover great at maintaining cooking oil at the basin, the vitamins and minerals flow into the water, if not relinquished due to high temperature. Need I say further?

Improve Meat Flavor

Always wondered why grilled foods are overwhelming? Its daintiness is not only a matter of perception; there is a technique behind it. Grilling generates several tastes that emerge through the procedure called Maillard browning. Exposure to organize, high, dry warmness breaks down the amino acids within diets along with sugar and carbohydrate, discharging some extremely distinctive flavors that you cannot get from additional cooking methods.

Grill Pan Alternatives

Going back again to the grilled chicken, if you don’t possess grill pans, that’s not a difficulty.

Use a Griddle Pan

This cookery ware is a wide metal sheet or pans with lofty ridges credible for the crisscross lines on your grilled diet. The purpose of a griddle pan is one of the simplest directions on how to grill chicken without a grill or grill pan.

You can utilize several means of warming a griddle pan similar to charcoal, gas, or electricity. It’s adjustable cooking equipment that you’ll certainly like to have. Of course, you can barbecue whatever diet you need to grill, like chicken meat.

Cast-Iron Skillet Works Almost Fine

What’s enormous about grilling is you can prepare to do with the cooking wares you have in your kitchen area. So, if you possess a cast-iron skillet, let’s get inclined to grill.

A skillet can be created of iron, copper, aluminum or steel, and is a steady, large cooking device.

It is initially planned for sauteing and trivial frying but struggles vastly in grilling. Diverse the griddle, skillets do not have highlands. Rather, it is a little deeper, so it maintains all the liquids from your food.

With a skillet, you can prepare well-done barbecued chicken meat and wonderfully charred vegetables. To utilize a skillet for cooking, ensure it is heated enough and seasoned well earlier to toss in your chicken or veggies. The fringe product will be wonderfully charred.

What are Oven Broilers?

If you don’t realize starting a backyard grill but hope for a grilled chicken for the feast, your oven broiler comes in practical. It has a broil method that can grill maximum food, be it meat, poultry or vegetables. Grilling through the cooker does not dishearten, as it generates adequately grilled meat with its realistic liquids all preserved.