How To Get Charcoal Taste With Gas Grill

Getting Charcoal Taste With Gas Grill

How To Get Charcoal Taste With Gas Grill? Although the flavor of charcoal differs from that of a gas grill, many people prefer gas grills since they are cleaner and heat up much faster than charcoal. You will notice a considerable difference in your BBQ if you take the time to let your coals heat up.

If you already have a gas grill, here are five tips for cooking more flavorful meats with propane or natural gas:

Purchase A Smoker Box

A smoker box, such as this Pure Grill BBQ Smoker Box, is a tiny, hinged metal box that you fill with wood chips. Stainless steel and cast iron smoker boxes are available, but wood chips wrapped in foil can achieve the same effect.

Use your gas grill as a slow smoker by adding a smoker box, or simply grill your meal as usual. The deeper the smoky taste, the longer your meats stay in that grill with the smoker box.

You can also get smoker tubes that you can fill with wood pellets if you prefer the longer burn period of wood pellets (or if you already use wood pellets in a smoker).

Increase The Temperature To Get Charcoal Taste With Gas Grill

The temperature at which you should cook the meat is the most significant difference between charcoal and gas barbecues. You’ll need to raise the temperature on your gas grill to mimic the cooking technique of coals and get as near to that charcoal sear as feasible.

On your gas grill, do the same thing by cranking up one side while turning off the other. Sear your meats over high heat before moving them to the unlit side to finish. The combination of the sear and indirect heat should result in a nicely browned outside, similar to meat cooked over charcoal while keeping the inside wet.

Managing The Temperature To Add Charcoal While Grilling

Make Two Areas Of Coals Within The Grill To Add Charcoal While Grilling

To make the perfect food for yourself or your loved ones, you need to understand the importance of two zones. Making two stakes of coals, one with a higher temperature and one with a lower temperature can help you cook the food properly.

For example, if you are grilling chicken steak, you would need a high temperature at the start and a lower temperature at the end. Therefore, using those two zones, you can easily cook things perfectly. However, while grilling anything, one thing to keep in mind is that both zones should have perfect balance. It should not be like excessive high temperature on one side and very cool on the other side. Making this mistake can ruin the quality and texture of the food.

Control The Vents To Add Charcoal While Grilling

The vents at the bottom and top of the grill are very important. They are responsible for the airflow inside the grill. More airflow means more flames inside the grill. Therefore, you have to control the vents to cool or warm the grill. All you have to do is to maintain the temperature within the range of 230 – 250 degrees, and this temperature is fair enough to properly cook the small beef burger steak or chicken steak. As far as the big meat steaks are concerned, they can easily be cooked above the 250-degree temperature.

Close Up The Grill To Get Charcoal Taste With Gas Grill

To receive the intense heat of a charcoal grill and build up and maintain the heat on your gas grill, make sure it has enough time to heat up and keep the lid closed. To get the grates particularly hot, cover them with foil or a sheet pan, and don’t open the cover while your dish is cooking. No peeking is allowed because the goal is to preserve as much heat inside as possible.

Make Use Of Liquid Smoke To Get Charcoal Taste With Gas Grill

Liquid smoke is condensed “liquid” smoke from burning wood, as the name implies. It’s made by burning various types of wood and collecting the vapors, which is how flavored variants are created. Condensation is formed from the vapors, which are subsequently distilled and filtered.

If you find it too strong, dilute it with equal parts water or vinegar. Because it has a strong flavor, start with a tiny amount and modify the flavor as needed. Choose from mesquite, hickory, or Applewood in this Wright’s Liquid Smoke variety pack.

Rubs And Marinades Provide A Kick To Any Dish To Get Charcoal Taste With Gas Grill

Don’t underestimate the flavor. A decent marinade or rub can provide your meats. Before you throw that cut of meat on the grill, try marinating it in something like McCormick Grill Mates Smoky Applewood Marinade (12 pack). Spiceology’s Smoky Honey Habanero rub can also be used to enhance the flavor of meat cooked on a gas barbecue.

Using marinades and rubs instead of high heat is a healthier method to flavor your food without the carcinogenic char. They’re also a wonderful method to give vegetables, tofu, and other meat alternatives a meaty flavor.

Season Your Gas Grill With Seasonings

Smoke flavoring is the most underappreciated technique to add flavor to your gas grill. Our favorite technique to season a gas grill and add a smoky taste to everything we cook is to use a pellet smoke tray or a metal smoker box. When you buy an A-MAZE-N pellet smoke tray, it comes with enough pellets to burn for one full burn.

To season your gas grill, follow these instructions.

  • Take the grates out of the oven and set them aside.
  • Use camping lighter or a kitchen torch to light your pellet smoke tray.
  • To allow for airflow, place the pellet smoke tray as low as possible in your gas grill, next to the oil drain.
  • Close the lid and place a large piece of foil in the back of most gas grills’ air vent.
  • Allow to smoke for eight hours or more, or until the tray is completely burnt out.

Smoke should flow out of the lid’s edges and rotisserie holes as the pellet tray burns. Remove the tray, clean any ashes that have landed in the bottom of your grill, then reinstall the cooking grates when you’re through.


Another alternative is to build a charcoal snake and burn it low and slow on a charcoal barbecue grate or in a cast-iron pan. A few wood chips or chunks can add flavor to your gas grill, but don’t add too much wood because it will flare up and leave a burnt taste.


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