How To Light A Char Broil Gas Grill

Lighting A Char Broil Gas Grill

How To Light A Char Broil Gas Grill? Char Broil gas grill locks in oils and juices in the food and prevents flare-ups while cooking it. With a grill that heats quickly and evenly, it might seem to be a completely different experience.

Let’s find out in this guide to light a Char Broil gas grill properly. You will be able to use the grill’s high heat to achieve delicious, juicy results with a little practice and little guidance.

Char Broil Gas Grill – Steps To Light It

A Char Broil gas grill includes an igniter button that allows for quick, easy lighting. If yours does not ignite, you can still light it manually. As a safety precaution, Char Broil grills also come with a match holder that hangs underneath the chain.

Step 1. Find The Lighting Hole

Locate the lighting hole on the side of your grill by opening the lid.

Step 2. Light The Match

When you see that, place a match in the curled end of the holder and light it with another match.

Step 3. Light The Burner

Light the match on the burner nearest to the hole and turn on the gas. To light the burner, insert the match into the hole.

Step 4. Cross Light The Burners

Cross-light adjacent burners once the first one has been lit. The grill operates the same way once all the burners are lit.

How To Smoke On A Char Broil Gas Grill

Do you crave smoked food, but do not have a smoker at home? It’s not a problem. Here’s how you can smoke on a Char Broil gas grill for great smoky flavor in a few easy steps

Step 1. Preheat The Gas Grill To Light A Char Broil Gas Grill

Preheat the Char Broil gas grill to 450°F.

Step 2. Place Wood Chips To Light A Char Broil Gas Grill

On the grill grate, place two handfuls of wood chips, close the grill lid, and turn on the grill.

Step 3. Decrease The Temperature To Light A Char Broil Gas Grill

Turn off the middle burners and turn the outside burners down to the lowest setting when the wood chips begin to smoke to decrease the grill temperature to 250°F.

Step 4. Put The Food Onto The Centre Of The Grill Grates To Light A Char Broil Gas Grill

The food should be placed in the middle of your grill, as well as above the burners that have been turned off. Finally, close the lid of your grill.

Step 5. Cook Until Done To Light A Char Broil Gas Grill

You can add wood chips every 2 hours if necessary until the desired doneness is reached for your food.

How To Cook On A Char Broil Infrared Grill

Clean the grill grates with a light coating of high heat cooking vegetable oil before and after grilling. You can place Char Broil wood chips on the cooking grates or between them to add smoke flavor. The wood chips do not require presoaking. 

Preheat the grill on high for 5 to 10 minutes with the lid closed. For open flame gas burners, reduce the heat setting and cooking time by about half if you’re used to them. It depends on your preference whether to grill with the lid open or closed. However, grilling with the lid closed tends to result in faster cooking times.

Char Broil Infrared Grilling Tips

Think about your meal and arrange your food according to cooking techniques and time requirements.

Spray a light layer of high-heat vegetable oil over each piece of meat, fish, or fowl.

It is best to make the searing marks on fresh sections of the grill.

Before turning the meat over, fully cook one side. As a result, you get those steakhouse sear marks and you keep the juices in and minimize flare-ups.

For sauces or glazes with excess sugars, brush them on during the final ten minutes of cooking so they don’t burn.

If your charcoal doesn’t remain lit, it may be due to a lack of air. When there is no more air nearby, the charcoal extinguishes, just like putting out a candle with a bit of cup (really called a candle snuffer). The good thing is that all you have to do now is let some air in and try again. You’ll have no trouble relighting your charcoal, especially if you have a firelighter.

Keep in mind that you should grill with the vents open at all times. To create a hot air funnel, open them all the way and then close them a little to adjust the temperature while you cook. The grill will become more desirable as you open the vents more.

How To Pick The Right Char Broil Grill

Grilling is an essential part of any cookout. It is important to consider several factors including the type, size, and special features of the grill. Before you shop for a grill, consider the space available and how many people you’ll be cooking for.

Consider your lifestyle and the foods you wish to prepare, as well as your budget. Select the grill that meets all your grilling needs. Thus, one can easily light up charcoal without having much issues. 

What Place Are You Grilling

A small grill is best for balconies or patios that don’t have much space to work with. Most small grills have fold-down shelves for compact storage.

You can take portable grills on camping trips and tailgating parties, or use them on your patio or deck. They come in gas, charcoal, and electric models.

You can go big if your rooftop or backyard is expansive. Larger grills also feature more generous cooking areas.


The versatility of your grill is important if you are regularly creating new flavors, trying different techniques, and improving your skills. You may prefer a simple grill if you are new to grilling or only plan on using your grill once or twice a year. Live fire means you love the flavor you can only get when grilling with charcoal.


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