How To Grill Boudin

Grilling Boudin

How To Grill Boudin? Boudin is one of the best treats of the winter season. Apart from the winter season, Boudin is eaten all around the year. It is usually served with breakfast as a side dish. In addition to this, people often eat it with soup and rice too. It is one of the most famous dishes and is widely consumed in America, China, Korea, and Japan.

You can customize the recipe of Boudin according to your needs. You can add your meat’s choice and customize the spices, herbs, and flavor accordingly. In general, Boudin is made from pork meat and a mixture of rice. It is either served dipped in barbecue sauce or with steamed vegetables seasoned with salt and pepper.

You can also cook Boudin on low flame or grill it. Grilling is considered one of the best options as it enhances the flavor, adds up smoke, and cooks the Boudin up to the perfect taste and tenderness.

You can grill Boudin in multiple ways. However, you should customize your recipe according to your favorite type of flavor. In addition to this, to grill Boudin, you should prepare your grill appropriately to prevent disassembling of your Boudin.

Recipe On How To Grill Boudin

Different people use different kinds of recipes to satisfy their taste buds and their cravings. Similarly, everyone has a different cooking style. Hence, there are not one but multiple recipes and methods to grill Boudin. However, you can use any best recipe if you are trying to probe Boudin for the very first time.

  • Cooking And Prepping Time

The overall time for cooking the dish on a grill is approximately 10 minutes, while the prepping time for the dish and getting the ingredients together is 15 minutes. Conclusively, the total time for making grilled Boudin is 25 minutes.

  • Ingredients You Will Need

You can surely customize the ingredients of the dish according to your needs and wants. However, the main ingredients of the dish remain the same. You can also add some sidelines with the dish, such as mashed potatoes and French fries. The ingredients you will need to prepare this dish are

  1. Two red bell peppers which you will cut into 6-inch pieces.
  2. One onion, peeled and sliced evenly.
  3. Four ounces of button mushrooms sliced.
  4. One tablespoon of olive oil or any vegetable oil.
  5. One teaspoon seafood seasoning.
  6. Four hot dog buns.
  7. Two tablespoons of brown mustard sauce.
  • Instructions To Cook

You will have to work sequentially from one step to another to get your dish together. Here are some steps you can follow to grill Boudin in the best way possible.

In the first step, you will combine all your dry ingredients such as sliced onions, mushrooms, bell peppers with the seafood seasoning. Make sure your veggies and mushroom are adequately cut. After giving them a good mix with the seafood seasoning, you will add olive oil. Stir this mixture well so that the veggies are well combined and coated with seasoning and olive oil. Now, set aside this mixture and prepare your grill.

Start preparing your grill by preheating it. Preheat the grill with medium to high heat and lightly brush oil on your grill.

Place your Boudin directly on the grill. Keep grilling your Boudin and simultaneously grill the mixture you prepared in the first step in the grilling basket. Keep turning sides of Boudin; this will prevent it from sticking to the surface of the grill.

Grill for 5 minutes, then insert the thermometer into the sausage and wait for the temperature to rise to 160 degrees for the next 5 minutes. When your thermometer reaches this temperature, remove your Boudin from the grill and place it in your hot buns. Top the buns with brown spicy mustard sauce and enjoy with grilled vegetables.

Tips To Grill Boudin

Everyone has their style of recipe and cooking techniques. However, you can incorporate the best flavors and follow specific tips and tricks to ensure that your grilled Boudin turns out the best. Here are some tips which you can follow to make the best grilled Boudin.

  • Do Not Poke Holes

People often make this colossal mistake by poking holes in the Boudin to make them juicier and better penetrate flavors. However, this is a misconception. Poking holes in Boudin can lead to loss of taste and juices from your boudin meat. This will decrease the tenderness and flavor of Boudin.

  • Check The Boudin

Check thoroughly if Boudin is precooked or not. Often boudins are precooked. In such cases, you do not have to cook. Instead, you have to stir the boudins. However, if the boudins are not cooked, you have to follow the steps stated above to get your Boudin ready.

How Are Boudin Made

There are multiple schools of thought on how Boudin is made and the various types of Boudin used worldwide. In general, Boudin is a sausage that is made from meat and rice. The meat can be of your choice, but generally, pork meat is used.

You can add multiple things in the boudin mince and then can make it into a boudin shape. You can add crawfish, tuna, shrimps, prawns, carrots, and garlic to your Boudin. The extra additions apart from rice and meat are dependent on your choice.


Conclusively, grilling Boudin is relatively easy and straightforward. You have to make sure that the grill is prepared and well heated. Prevent overcooking your Boudin after it reaches the temperature of 160 degrees. In addition to this, always serve your Boudin with veggies and mushrooms as a side dish as it complements Boudin well.

You can follow some tips to ensure that your Boudin stays tender, juicy, and flavourful during the grilling process. Do not poke holes in Boudin, and always marinate your Boudin a few hours before so that the spices marinate well.

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