How To Clean A Gold Grill

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How To Clean A Gold Grill

How To Clean A Gold Grill? Great BBQ cuisine begins with a clean grill, whether it’s burgers and hot dogs on Independence Day or those beautiful char marks on chicken breasts. Whether your grill grates require weekly cleaning after each use or a thorough cleaning to begin the season, baking soda may help you clean your grill fast and naturally.

Choose Your Favorite Method For Cleaning Grill Grates

Even though your grill is coated in burned oil and filth, you don’t need to use a specialist grill cleaner or harsh chemicals to clean it. Depending on what you have on hand, you may clean the inside of your grill using a nylon-bristled brush, scourer sponge, a ball of aluminium foil, or even a paper towel or rag.

To clean dirty stainless steel grill grates, heat your grill to high temperatures to burn off and loosen any extra food, then cool before washing. You may simply skip this step and proceed directly to scrubbing.

Aluminum Foil And Baking Soda Are Used To Clean

  • In a small basin, combine 1 12 cup baking soda and 12 cups water to make a paste. It should be a viscous liquid that adheres to the grill grates.
  • Cover the grill grates with the baking soda paste using a brush or sponge and set aside for a few minutes.
  • Tear a large piece of aluminum foil (approximately 2-3 feet long) into a ball.
  • Scrub the baking soda-covered grate wires with the aluminum foil ball, working your way up and down each wire and across the grate.
  • Return the grate to the grill after rinsing it with water.

Baking Soda And Scour Sponge Grate Cleaning To Clean A Gold Grill

This is the approach to use if you have porcelain or enamel grill grates. Metal, such as a wire brush or aluminum foil, can harm the sheen of coated grill grates; instead, use a scouring sponge or nylon bristle brush. Don’t worry, the strength of Baking Soda will help dissolve and abrade the burnt-on food fragments, allowing you to clean your grill grates.

  • Place the stainless steel grate on a level surface after removing it from the grill.
  • Soak the grill grate with water.
  • Allow the Baking Soda to settle for 10 minutes on the stainless steel grates.
  • Scrub the grate with a moist scourer sponge, working up and down each wire.
  • Return the grate to the grill after rinsing it with water.

Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates Without Removing From The Grill

Cast iron grill grates are long-lasting and evenly heat, although they are prone to rust. Don’t be disheartened if you open your grill to find rusted cast-iron grates. Even if your cast iron grates are difficult to remove from your barbecue, go for the baking soda.

  • In a small basin, combine 1 12 cup baking soda, 14 cup dish soap, and 14 cups white vinegar to make a paste. It should be a foamy liquid that adheres to the grill grates.
  • Paint the grill grates with the paste using a brush, avoiding the hot components if using a gas grill. Turn off the grill. Please keep in mind that the grill should not be turned on.
  • Allow the paste to settle for 8 to 12 hours, or overnight.
  • To remove the loosened particles and filth, use a nylon-bristled brush or scourer sponge.
  • Wipe away any leftover residue with a moist sponge and warm water.
  • After removing all of the rust, thoroughly dry the grates and massage them with a liberal amount of vegetable oil to coat and protect them from moisture. After covering the grill with oil, set it on high to help seal in the seasoning and get ready for your next BBQ. How To Clean A Gold Grill?

Cleaning With Baking Soda And Vinegar That Doesn’t Require Scrubbing To Clean A Gold Grill

  • Remove the grates from the grill after they have totally cooled.
  • Combine 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 cup of Baking Soda in a large trash bag (large enough to hold all of the grates). The mixture will immediately begin to froth.
  • Seal the garbage bag with a tight rubber band or knotted cord after putting all of the grates in it. Place the bag with the grates and the solution in a cool, out-of-the-way location (such as your garage) and leave for 8-12 hours or overnight.
  • Rinse the grates in a big sink or with a hose after removing them from the bag. The majority, if not all, of the filth, should slide off the grates. Any obstinate residue should be rubbed away with a ball of aluminum foil or a sponge – it will be much easier and looser than before soaking.
  • Seal the garbage bag and dispose of it together with any residual solution.
  • Return the grates to the grill.


Baking soda is a versatile natural cleanser that can be use in your house for both daily cleaning and seasonal thorough cleaning. Cleaning a gold grill is never a difficult task to do. One should know exactly what should do. This then will help to get all the types of grill clean easily and quickly. 

Prevention is always better than cure. However, if you use it, considering all the precautions we have provided, we are sure you will be able to clean your grill grates easily. For more grill cleaning techniques, stay in touch with us.