How to Make Cucumber Juice for Weight Loss

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How to Make Cucumber Juice for Weight Loss Rapidly

Cucumber juice, a healthful refreshing drink excellent during summers is a coolant to sip using reasonable ingredients and mixing all. Cucumbers are accessible a lot in summers and this is the decent and coolest fruit or vegetable highly utilized in summers in numerous ways.

About the Recipe

Cucumber in the Indian wording is generally termed as Kheera. It is a medium-long extent cylindrical outline green color fruit/veggie generally ready in summers in Indian regions.

We discover fruit vendors retailing Kheera/ Cucumber in abundance in each nook and junction in this season and is the reasonable time to make a practice of the cucumber in every direction possible and reap its advantages.

A simple sip is made by blending the pieces with some frost cubes and salt which is a tremendous coolant for the stomach.

Additional healthy drinks on the site which are strong and aids in weight loss are ginger tea for frigid, jeera liquid, and similarly check out other decent refreshing drinks such as cinnamon liquid drink for weight losing, masala chai, muskmelon beverage, etc.

There are several other green drinks or healthful drinks like aloe vera juice weight loss beverage made out of fresh aloe vera leaf and then I have similarly settled apple cider vinegar for weight decreasing.

Uses and Advantages of Cucumber

Cucumber is highly utilized in salads, dressings, coating and it gives ample relief to the tummy.

It provides a soothing impact to the eyes primarily eyes that suffer from dark loops, puffiness, or disturbance. Taking a round piece of a cucumber and spotting it on the eyes gives a cooling impact to the eyes.

Cucumber benefits a ton in weight loss and consuming it regularly cuts down the fat residue in the body.

It prevents constipation and several distinct diseases.

Furthermore, it is prosperous in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A and Vitamin C and it is the nicest ingredient to attend skin-related ailments and skin difficulties.

How to make cucumber juice for weight loss? Cucumber flushes away the venoms in the physique and governs blood sugar levels, blood pressure grades, and cholesterol in the physique.

Only peel it and restrain eating it in your available time without the desire of making juice and obtain its usefulness in the long run.

Step by Step Procedure

Under is an easy recipe showing quite a limited ingredients juice and in step-by-step circumstance.

Take a blending jug, put in the cucumber slices or slices into it. Peel the cucumber before mincing it into pieces.

Now put in salt as per flavor approximately ¼ teaspoons.

Add a limited number of lemon drops to it.

Clasping a limited number of lemon drops into the jug

Add limited ice cubes. Enclose the lid and provide a good blend for 2 to 3 minutes.

Put in some frost cubes to the cucumber juice.

Distress the optional juice. Take a serving cup, pour, and serve iced with cucumber cuts in it. Sapping is one’s intention but generally, it is not expected.

Straining blended juice in a container.

Similarly, check out distinct weight loss-related mixtures such as saltwater flush.


  • 1 fresh cucumber
  • Salt as per taste
  • ½ lemon
  • 4-5 ice cubes


Peeling of Cucumber

Firstly, grab a fresh cucumber peel it entirely with the assistance of a peeler.

Flavor a part of the cucumber and if it is harsh discard the cucumber and utilize another new cucumber that is palatable and not bitter.

The cucumber that is utilized must never be bitter.

Make tiny pieces of the cucumber with the support of a knife.

Making the Juice

  • Take a blending jug; put the cucumber cuts into it.
  • Put in salt as per flavor approximately ¼ teaspoons.
  • Put in a limited number of lemon drops to it.
  • Put in some ice cubes.
  • Wrap the lid and give a decent blend for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Take a serving cup.
  • Shift the juice into the glass.
  • Coat with cucumber pieces or mint leaves.
  • Serve chilled.


Do not drain the juice and serve it immediately without straining.

Black salt too can be strengthened for a decent taste.

Moreover mint leaves too can be put in and it is discretionary and one’s intention.

Do not put sugar in the drink.

Absorbing it weekly doubly brings much relaxation to the abdomen and assists in losing weight.

Do not stock the drink in the refrigerator nor reserve it for days. It has to be absorbed fresh and never stored. Stocking changes its flavor and makes it inedible.


If the cucumbers are small ones and new and organic then it is reasonable to make the beverage without peeling. If the coat of the large cucumber skin is harsh or tasteless, it is nice to shave and make the juice.

Only make slices strengthen water and some mint flees for mint taste, ice cubes, a bit of salt, and mix well. It affects a exhilarate coolant that is nice to eat during summer.

Beauty Uses

Cucumber impedes hair loss and there are outstanding packs available in markets for hair but ever seek doctor’s assistance before utilizing any of the packs for hair.

Cucumbers are a blessing ingredient to chill the eyes and spotting cucumber cuts around the eyes not just reassures the eyes but also benefits in lightening the region around the eyes.

Cotton balls can be plunged in plain cucumber juice and spotted on the eye vicinity which is extremely calming and soothing for the eyes.

It similarly works to eliminate or lighten dark haloes as much as possible.

Usage in Recipes

Cucumber is ever utilized in salads, raita recipes, and here I am utilizing it to prepare a juice or drink out of it which is absorbed once in a period helps in ethical weight control.

Utilize it to make several other variants of exciting drinks and reasonable to eat it like a salad by drizzling some salt all over it before absorbing.

Cucumber juice prepared here is very cold, light, refreshing, and barely tangy due to lemon drops put in it. It is a healthful juice without sugar and with active ingredients to it.

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Add Lemon to improve the taste and make it extra refreshing. Cucumber cools down our physique and especially in these drying summers, it is a must-eat fruit and vegetables which have ample water content and are hydrating like watermelon beverage and cucumber.

What Is a Reasonable Time To Drink This Juice?

It is invariably a better suggestion to expend during the daytime early breakfast that is on a vacant stomach. I expected one can even sip before any banquets as it keeps us hydrated and similarly is an incredible drink to keep the tummy cool.

Side Effects of Cucumber

It is occasionally known to cause cold but not for everyone because of its chilling properties.

How To Stock This Juice?

My guidance is to consume the drink as fresh as feasible and stock it for 1 day but it can be stocked in a bottle for 2 to 3 days in the fridge. Having a new form of liquid is best particularly if it homemade as it forfeits all its nutrients if stocked for a long time.