How To Grill Frozen Corn

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Grilling Frozen Corn

How To Grill Frozen Corn? Fresh corn on the cob is simply the best side dish for any barbecue or cookout. Corn cooked on the grill has a smokey flavor that compliments the natural sweetness of this summertime staple.

Corn that has been grilled has a sweeter, buttery flavor than corn that has been steamed or canned. Maybe you’re hungry but haven’t made it to the grocery store or farmer’s market yet. Fortunately, your freezer is completely stocked. Does your journey to the outdoor grill, on the other hand, change when you’re cooking frozen corn?

The method is significantly different, but the ultimate result is equally delicious, especially when seasoned with butter, salt, pepper, and other ingredients. We’ll show you how to make the greatest grilled frozen corn on the cob point by point.

How To Grill Frozen Maize On The Cob

So you want grilled corn, but the produce aisle is completely bare. You make your way to the freezer department, but where do you go from there? The majority of what you’ll find at the grocery is sweet corn on the cob, which is perfect for grilling on the stove. For obvious reasons, loose kernels don’t do well on the grill, so if you insist on grilling corn, avoid the bags of frozen corn and opt for corn on the cob instead.

When you arrive home with this lovely, golden delight, the best method to grill it is to wrap it in aluminum foil while it’s still frozen. It’s easier to clean up if you wrap it in foil and cook it that way. In addition, wonderful steam develops up to draw out the corn’s natural sweetness. Another advantage of wrapping frozen corn cobs in foil is that it takes almost little time to prepare.

The next further step is to prepare your grill and then cook the corn for about 25 minutes over medium heat, rotating occasionally. If the corn on the cob is frozen, it has already been blanched, which means it is partially cooked, so don’t overcook it.

Take the corn on the cob carefully from the foil and season with melted butter, garlic salt, parmesan cheese, or pepper to taste for a flavorful summer dinner.

If you don’t want to use foil and instead cook the corn straight on the grill, take it off around the 10-minute mark to avoid overcooking. Because there is no foil to protect it, it spends less time on the stove.

What Do You Think Of Foil To Grill Frozen Corn

For a variety of reasons, foil is an excellent choice for cooking corn on the cob. To begin with, the material can endure the tremendous heat produced by your grill, preventing the corn ears from burning. Additionally, foil creates a steaming system for the corn, allowing it to cook properly and yield excellent, soft grilled corn on the cob. The disadvantage is that you’ll have to write that it takes longer in your recipe notes.

You can add corn directly to the grill grate if you’re out of foil or prefer a more direct way to grill corn. To keep your grate or corn from sticking, drizzle it with olive oil. Before and after it hits the grates, season it with salt and pepper to taste. Just remember to shorten the cooking time and cover the bread with butter and other goodies before eating into it.

More About To know

Corns are a comfort food during every season. During winters people love to have corns during their morning jogging and also their night walk while during summers corns are serve as a street style food. Apart from being served alone, corns are also serve as a side dish with many main courses. They are add to soups, they are serve with steaks and stews and are also one of the significant components of Chinese and Italian food.

Grilling corns require certain expertise as they tend to grill slow but burn fast hence, you have to keep on rotating the corn every now and then to make it completely grill and eradicate the hard and chewy texture at the same time. To make sure that your corn are tender yet edible you can follow certain tips or take some precautions. You can wrap up your corn half in to the aluminium foils. This will create a slight barrier between the flame and the foil. It will prevent the corn from getting burn while will also allow the heat transfer. In addition to this, always grill your corn with some butter or oil. Using olive oil or vegetable oil is prefer while butter is prefer over oil as butter tastes better with corn.

Getting Frozen Corn Ready To Grill

Fortunately for us, freezing corn on the cob doesn’t necessitate much preparation before it hits the grill. Before wrapping your corn on the cob, coat it with your preferred toppings.

Popular flavor enhancers for corn on the cob include lemon pepper, butter, kosher salt, chili powder, and lime juice. Try plain butter with salt and pepper if you prefer to cook yours with something lighter.

Wrap the maize on the cob in tin foil and grill it till cook over medium-high heat when you’ve finished seasoning it. With just this grill recipe, meal preparation is simple and quick.


We sometimes want to swap out the burner or pan for a grill grate to get that unique flavor and texture that only grilled food can provide. With corn, you can drop the cobs on the grill and have a delicious side dish.

Grilling corn is a simple meal that can be enjoy at any time, even if your cobs are frozen. It’ll be much better if you add black pepper, butter, or salt to balance out the sweetness of the corn.

If your corn is frozen, keep an eye on the cooking time due to blanching, and you’ll have delicious grill corn in no time.

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