How To Make Juice Of Beetroot

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Are You Aware of the Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice?

Beetroot, a beautiful food, aids in the maintenance of healthy cardiovascular health. Beetroot juice has been clinically proved to help decrease excessive blood pressure and thereby avoid cardiovascular diseases. Apart from this most noticeable benefit, it has a plethora of additional advantages, placing it among the healthiest juice recipes. It’s a straightforward combination of red beets, apples, and celery.

How to Make Beetroot Juice

Ingredients Required 

  • 1 tbsp. red beetroot
  • 1 apple, big (or 2 small apples)
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 or 2 carrots
  • 1/2 lime or lemon
  • 1/2 inch tiny piece peeled ginger

Directions to Follow

  • Wash and pat dry all veggies and fruits under running water.
  • Peel the beetroot and cut it into long pieces. Remove the core from the apple and cut it into long pieces. Carrots should be peeled and chopped into long pieces. Cut the celery into long strips.
  • Turn on the juicer and place a glass or container beneath the nozzle.
  • Except for the lemon, juice all of the ingredients (beetroot, apple, carrot, celery, ginger) in a juicer.
  • Squeeze half a lemon into the prepared juice and thoroughly mix. Pour it into a cold serving glass and serve immediately. Drink it right away.


  • For the greatest taste juice, use fresh and delicate beets.
  • If you like, you may omit the carrots.
  • You may easily double the recipe.
  • Consume the juice soon after it has been prepared.

Tips And Variations in Recipe

  • Select a small, firm beetroot. We also used sweet apples, but you may use any variety of apples you like.
  • Pure beetroot juice is quite powerful; always combine it with another fruit or vegetable juice to reduce the possibility of negative effects.
  • If you’re using organic vegetables and fruits, avoid peeling them.
  • One pound of beets equals around 5 medium beets or 3 large beets.
  • You do not need to peel your beets before juicing them; simply clean and wash them well.
  • This recipe may simply be doubled to create extra juice.
  • This dish may be made with either a juicer or a blender. In the recipe card below, I’ve provided instructions for both approaches.
  • Beets are sometimes called Beetroot, but they are referring to the same root vegetable.

Why You Need This Recipe

  • Instead of buying pricey pre-made beet juice drinks, create your own!
  • For this homemade juice recipe, use basic vegetables.
  • All of the components in this DIY Beetroot Juice recipe are beneficial to your health. Beets have been examined for their function in detoxification, cardiovascular health, and athletic performance.

What Other Fruits Or Vegetables Pair Nicely With Beets

  • ABC juice can also include carrots and apples in addition to beets. It is one of the most delicious and healthful pairings.
  • You may also simply add carrots or apples.
  • Fresh ginger may be peeled and chopped. A modest amount is sufficient.
  • Along with the beets, 1 tiny orange can be added.

Health Benefits Of Beet Juice

Here are a few reasons why you should be juicing beets at home. The advantages of homemade juices are vast, and if you’re still apprehensive to eat beets, also known as beetroot, start small by creating this beet juice recipe as soon as possible.

  • Blood pressure can be reduced by eating beets (beetroot). (According to, more than 100 million Americans have high blood pressure, and the WHO estimates that 1.13 billion people worldwide have this illness.) Whether or whether you have HBP, a glass of homemade beet juice may still be enjoyed for its general health advantages!
  • Because it is low in calories, beetroot can aid with weight loss. You may easily juice them, like we are doing today, or add them to smoothies with your other favorite fruits and vegetables. At the same time, beets make fantastic salad components; my shredded beet salad or beetroot and feta cheese salad are both outstanding dishes to try!
  • Body Detox: Beet juice is great for helping the body clear itself of impurities! This is why some individuals use it to detox or cleanse their bodies. Personally, every time I undertake a 5-day detox/cleanse, I usually incorporate beet juice.
  • For starters, I always trust beets to get me going in the morning! It’s no secret that beets may aid with digestive health; ditch the stool softener; beetroot is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can we serve beetroot juice?

Ans: You can serve beetroot juice in the breakfast and get rid of traditional orange and apple juices.  It will help you to lower high blood pressure and also it is a recommended drink for high blood pressure patients. Drink it regularly so you can be away from any cardiovascular problems.

Q2: Can we drink beetroot juice every day?

Ans: Yes you can only if you do not have any troublesome side effects such as digestion problems. Also, consult it from doctors first. You may also want to monitor your blood pressure if you are drinking beet juice to lower blood pressure.

Q3: What are the benefits of beet juice?

Most vegetable juices have the benefit of having a high antioxidant and vitamin content, especially when consumed immediately after making the juice. The benefit of juicing is that you don’t have to digest all of the fiber from the juice.

Q4: What is the best way to make a homemade beet juice recipe?

The best way to make beet juice at home is either using the blender or the slow masticating juicer. At the same time, I think that the best way to make beet juice is to use a blender. Let’s call it the old-fashioned way – blend it, sieve it, drink it!

Q5: What to add to beet juice to make it taste better?

I typically add an apple to my homemade beet juice recipe to make it taste better! Apples are great sweeteners. If you are planning on juicing beet and carrot, then there could be no need for apples. When you add an apple to beet juice, it naturally sweetens it and makes the juice tastes better.

To Wrap it All Up

Finally, even though I have both a blender and a juicer, I prefer to make this juice in the blender. But, in truth, it doesn’t matter how you create it; what matters is that you make it!