How to use Zeny air fryer?

How to use Zeny Air Fryer?

Getting an air fryer is an exciting and overwhelming experience since it can be your best friend during your healthy lifestyle journey. If you just got a new air fryer from Zeny, then you might be wondering how to use it so that your food cooks all the time perfectly.

Don’t worry. Here in this guide, I will tell you some of the best ways to use the Zeny air fryer. So whether you are entirely a novice to air fryers or replacing your old air fryer with Zeny, this guide will help you get the hang of this air fryer.

Zeny Airfryer Usage

The term “air fryer” conjures up images of a difficult-to-operate appliance. But, on the other hand, it is a simple and user-friendly product that lets you cook by just pressing buttons. It is indeed a modern, elegant, and well-functioning machine for healthy cooking.


Speaking of its looks, it has a coffeemaker-like appearance. This is because the display has been transformed into a digital format. A keypad is located beneath the display, which can be used to enter instructions.

Timer and Temperature

The Zeny air fryer shows the time as well as the heat levels. The clock can run for up to a half-hour before shutting down automatically. It has a variable temperature range of 176°F to 400°F. It is a versatile machine that can perfectly and instantly cook any food.

Function Keys

Croissants, cakes, chickens, steaks, beef, salmon, and prawns have short-cut functions that reduce preparation time. Depending on what we’re food you need to cook, you can select the tasks from buttons. You can also modify the functionality by pressing a key.


The fryer comes with a bucket that is easily removable, adjustable,  cleanable. It also has a handle that adds to its convenient use. A pan sits beneath the bucket, collecting the oil and drips.

How to Cook French Fries in Zeny Air Fryer?

Deep-fried French fries are not the same as air-fried French fries because of the cooking method. For air fryer Potato chips, the cooking procedure is distinctive as there will be no oil. However, it is simple to cook them in an air fryer.

The very first stage is to select the potato as well as the French fry blade. After choosing the potatoes  In a sink, thoroughly wash them.

Next, slice the potatoes into the same shape as the onions. If this is not possible, the same size will suffice. Depending on your choices, you can leave the skin on or take it off.

Mix the raw potatoes with salt, pepper, and a little oil in a mixing pan. If desired, rosemary oregano and other mixed herbs can be used for seasoning. One spoonful of butter or oil is enough for an entire bunch of potatoes fries.

Finally, place the potatoes fries in the air fryer basket and heat the oven to 400 degrees F. It will take 15-20 minutes to cook the fries properly. If you want a crispier and crunchy texture, you can fry it for a little longer.

While cooking the fries, it is best to remove the basket and stir it once or twice to cook the fries evenly. Moreover, it would help if you tried some fries from the center to determine whether it is fried or not.

Common Zeny Air Fryer Mistakes

Place the Food Wisely

Every air fryer has a different bucket size. Before placing the food, you should know the size of the bucket and then put the food thoughtfully. For foods with no marination or sauce, you can overlap them. Like French, fires can be tossed in the bucket randomly. But be mindful not to overfill the bucket. Usually, you can fry 2-3 potatoes in the air fryer. Remember not to fill the bucket more than halfway or fill up to the mark on the bucket. For food like breaded okra and salmon, you need to place them in a single, so they do not overlap. If you overlap such type of food, they will not cook properly.

Shake the Basket from Time to time

While air frying food, you must stir them once or twice during the cooking cycles. By shaking the basket, you will make sure that all the food is cooked evenly. The central part of the air fryer is slightly less hot than out, so shaking will give all food even heat, and they will turn out equally crispy and crunchy.

Spray Cooking Oil before Air frying

Technically speaking, you can cook food in an air fryer while not using a single drop of oil, but that is not a good idea. Spraying or brushing cooking oil into the air fryer basket will ensure that food does not stick to the basket. Moreover, you can also mix the oil while seasoning the food, as we mentioned for French fries. Still, if you do not want to use oil, you can use other healthy alternatives like soy sauce or fat-free dressing. This tiny moisture element will help you to get crispy and delicious food every time.

Common Questions about Zeny Air fryer

Does Zeny Air fryer need Preheating?

Preheating the air fryer is the best thing for perfect cooking. You can preheat the Zeny air fryer on 400F for 5 minutes or a little more. Although, if you do not want to preheat, add a minute or two to your food cooking time.

What if I pull out the Basket for Checking Food before the Timer Stops?

You can pull out the basket before the timer stops since it automatically stops the air fryer. Then, when you insert the basket back, it will resume the cooking process without messing the timer.

Do Spraying or Brushing Oil is a must for a Zeny Air Fryer?

Air is used for cooking the food in the air fryer. However, if you don’t use any oil during the cooking process, the food becomes dry. Therefore, it is best to use the appropriate amount of oil or, as mentioned in the recipe.

Bottom Line

The Zeny Air Fryer provides its particular set of recipes. But  That still doesn’t imply that you cannot try your favorite recipes. For example, deep-fried food has adverse side effects, while air-fried food is free from harmful ingredients like oil.

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