How To Grill Salmon Burgers From Whole Foods

How To Grill Salmon Burgers From Whole Foods

Grilling is one of the most common techniques to cook food. It is widely preferred due to its qualities and the specific taste it adds to the food items in general. The aroma and taste of food is immensely enhanced when you grill food. There are multiple types of food items which can be cooked on a grill  the food items which can be cooked on a grill include meat, chicken, fish, multiple other seafood items, pork and veggies too. Apart from these grilling burgers is a much common ritual on every restaurant which employs the use of grill.

Before grilling any type of food item on the grill you have to preheat your grill. To preheat your grill you can choose the temperature specified for the food item. Some foods require high heated grill while others work well on medium heated grills too. Preheating the grill allows the food to be cooked in no time or in the exact appropriate time. Moreover, preheated grill cleanses your grill well by melting down the fats from the remnants or previous food you have grilled.

Apart from preheating your grill, you will also have to season your grill well. Seasoning your grill will prevent the food from sticking on the grill. In addition to this, it will also provide a base for grilling the food and will also ensure that the flavours penetrate better in your food.

You are also marinate the food with spices. Avoid using sauces as this can create hindrance when grilling food.

Guide On How To Grill Salmon Burgers From Whole Foods

Grilling salmon burgers from whole food is one of the most common food items which are grilled. Mostly grilling patties whether chicken or meat is one of the most common items which employ the use of grill. There are multiple recipes present to grill salmon burgers from whole foods however, following is one of the most common recipes to grill salmon burgers from whole foods.

·        Ingredients You Will Need To Grill Salmon Burgers From Whole Foods

The ingredients you will need to cook salmon burgers from whole foods include salmon as this will be the base of our burgers. Make sure that the salmon is well diced to make it crispy and crunchy when grilled.

The next ingredient is Greek yogurt. It will bring your burger together and will also provide a tasty and tangy taste to the burgers. In addition to this, it will also give extra protein to your burger bites apart from holding the ingredients together.

You will also need lemon juice of 2 to 3 squeezed lemon. Lemon juice will provide the sour flavour to the burgers and will help enhance the taste of the burgers too. You can also add herbs and spices as they will provide the ideal taste for your salmon burgers. The herbs and spices which you can include are cilantro, parsley, dill and chives.

·        Directions To Grill Salmon Burgers From Whole Foods

To grill the burgers perfectly you will have to follow some directions. Following are the directions which you should follow to yield ideal salmon burgers from whole foods.

First you have to dice salmon into very small pieces. These pieces should be small enough so that they give minced like consistency when put together into patties. Next, combine all the ingredients of a burger into the mixing bowl and put the diced salmon in it too. The ingredients are spices and herbs, lemon juice, and Greek yogurt.

After adding up all the ingredients together in the bowl with the diced salmon, make at least 4 or 5 patties from this mixture using your hands. Keep folding until they gain their full form. After your patties are fully formed put them in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes so that they do not fall apart when you fry them.

Before cooking the patties on the grill, you have to preheat the grill on medium flame for up to 15 minutes. After the grill has preheated well, season the grill with some oil or butter. Now place your patties on the grill and allow them to cook over medium high heat. Your patties will take almost 5 minutes to be completely cooked for each side. Once the side on the grill turns golden brown, flip the patty and allow the opposite side to cook.

After both sides are cooked remove the patty from the grill and place it on the burger bun and top it with some sauce. Place another bun on it and enjoy your salmon burger with salmon burger sauce.

Salmon Burger Sauce

Salmon burger is mostly served with salmon burger sauce. This is because it makes the best combination with the sauce. In addition to this, making the sauce is much easier hence, it will not consume a lot of time when you will cook it.

To cook salmon burger sauce, the ingredients you will need are Greek yogurt, vinegar, herbs and garlic powder.

To make your salmon burger sauce you have to take Greek yogurt according to the quantity of sauce you desire, next you have to add up 1 tablespoon of vinegar. After adding up vinegar, gibe the mixture a good mix. Then add herbs like cilantro, dill and parsley. The herbs should be well chopped. Now add garlic powder of about 1.5 tablespoons. After adding all ingredients, give the yogurt a good mix and then serve with your salmon burgers.


Conclusively, grilling salmon burgers from whole foods is simple and a very convenient recipe. You will have to use simple ingredients to make salmon burgers. In addition to this, if you are a fish lover then this recipe is surely the best choice for you. You can add up spices according to your needs. Moreover, you can also serve the salmon burgers with multiple types of sauces which you prefer. Some people serve these burgers with tartar sauce while some also use barbecue sauce to serve the burgers.

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