How To Cook Steaks On George Foreman Grill

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How To Cook Steaks On George Foreman Grill

How To Cook Steaks On George Foreman Grill? It’s summer vacation, and what have you planned to do? If you ask this question to a family person, then most of the answers will be calling for a family get-together, grilling food in the backyard, and enjoying talking and making memories. 

Grilling is one of the common practices in households where people love a bar b q musk from the food. It enhances the flavors, and the food tastes extraordinary. Grilling food brings a crispy touch to the dish and when it includes grilling steaks. Then there is no better way to cook it. Frankly speaking, stakes are only to be grilled!

Grilling is an ever easier task in today’s world. You can enjoy grilled food even if it’s raining outside and your backyard won’t allow you to arrange a bar b q event, thanks to the George Foreman grill machines. They are compact machines that grill the food using electricity so you can operate them indoors. 

So, suppose you are excited to grill the best steaks on the George Foreman grill and looking for instructions to grill steak perfectly. In that case, this article is a must-read for you as it includes an introduction to George foreman grills and some simple but appropriate steps that will help you cook the tastiest steaks ever. 

What Exactly Is The George Foreman Grill

A George Foreman grill is an indoor electric appliance that is used to cook food. This type of grill does not add fat to the food. Instead, the George Foreman grill reduces the amount of melted fat that is present around the meat. It not only reduces the fat but also adds flavour to the meat or steaks. 

Which Parts Of Animals Are Used For Steaks 

As we know, steaks are cuts of meat. So, it can take any animal, such as a cow, fish, poultry, etc. Steaks are those that are taken against the grain of the meat of an animal.  

Different Types Of Steaks 

There are different types of steaks that are taken from different animals, such as 

Sirloin steak 

Tenderloin steak   

T bone steak  

Ribeye steak  

Rump steak  

All these steaks come from the back rear part of a cow. All these steaks are collectively called “fillet steaks.” On the other hand, skirt and flank steaks come from tactually parallel to the meat. Actually, these aren’t steaks because they do not come from the centre of the meat. The meat of these cuts is tougher than the other steaks.  

What Are George Foreman Grills 

Whenever you talk about the best grills to cook food, the George Foreman grills are a must-to-take name. They are among the most popular grill manufacturing companies. George Foreman grills are double plates that cook the food evenly without leaving any side uncooked. A double grill consisted of two grills that pressed the food and heated it from both sides. The results are double-sided grilled food.

The George foreman grills have a sloped shape that is made for a purpose. These slopes allow excessive fat to slide down the grills while you’re cooking steaks. It’s not just helpful in increasing the taste but beneficial for your health too. The excessive fats that are harmful to your body are drained down the grill. There are plenty of other effective elements present in the meat but using the George Foreman grills, you can make the meat-free from those health-affecting elements. 

Knowing all the benefits that George foreman grills bring into your life, it’s time to grill some healthy steak in it. 

How To Grill A Steak In George Foreman grills 

Following are the best instructions to grill the tastiest steak in George foreman grills:

  1. Firstly, preheat the George foreman grill for several minutes. Don’t throw the steak immediately after plugging in the grill machine. There is always a preheat time if you are using an electric grill machine.
  2. Then, add some oil to the grill to make it a little bit moisturized. You can use an oiling brush to moisturize the grill properly. It will help in bringing a juicy flavor to the steak once it’s prepared. The oiled grill will also cook the steak appropriately. 
  3. Place the marinated steak slices on the grill and close it to start the cooking process. Consider the grilling time for 4-6 minutes for a slim steak and 7-9 minutes for a medium-sized steak. You can also check the steak by opening the grill mid-time to see if it’s cooking properly. The electric grills are not as hot as an outside grill. So it may take a little longer to cook the food in it. 
  4. Afterward, open the grill and take out the perfectly grilled steak.

Things To Consider To Cook Steaks On George Foreman Grill

This is the basic instruction of using the George Foreman grill for cooking your steak. Now it’s up to you how well you marinate the steak because it plays a vital part in giving the taste to your steak. 

While cooking steak, you must consider that you don’t use thicker pieces to meat as it might leave its inner part uncooked. If you are using George foreman grills, the steak piece should be 0.5 to 0.75 inches thick. 

Beat the meat using an appropriate hammer that is flat at one side and teeth shaped from the other. It will help in enhancing the steak taste to the next level. 


Steaks are a delicious dish for non veg people, and grilling it is the best idea. George foreman grills have made it easy to grill the steaks indoors without inserting efforts to fire up the coal and spend a long time cleaning it after the party ends. All you have to do is plug in the socket and heat the grill. Cleaning it is also as simple as washing dishes. 

So, the sirloin steaks that are cooked on the George Foreman grill are delicious. The closed lid of the grill reduces the fat of the sirloin steak and makes it flavorful. In conclusion, you will find a helpful guide for cooking steaks on a George Foreman grill. 


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