How To Grill Turkey Burgers Without Falling Apart

Grilling Turkey Burgers Without Falling Apart

How To Grill Turkey Burgers Without Falling Apart? When you’re looking for a healthy alternative to beef, turkey burgers are a great choice. They have less fat and calories while yet being high in protein and flavour. Because turkey burgers are lower in fat, it’s critical to cook them to a food-safe temperature, not a little above, if you want them to be as luscious and moist as possible.

The following steps will help you making turkey burgers that won’t fall apart

  1. Add an egg to the mix to help it stick together To Grill Turkey Burgers Without Falling Apart

Ground turkey does not have enough fat to glue the ingredients together. One strategy to keep turkey burgers from coming apart is to include an egg in them. It serves as a binding agent. More ingredients, such as spring onions, can be added, and the turkey burger mixture will still remain together.

To ensure the meat adheres together without the egg dominating the turkey burger’s flavors, most people suggest using one egg yolk per pound of turkey meat. Egg whites can also be combined with finely sliced onion. Make sure the water in the onions is strained off, so the turkey patties keep their shape. 

  1. Increase The Thickness Of The Patties

If you’re used to 12-inch patties from the conventional burger recipe, you won’t be able to make turkey burgers of that size. 34-inch-thick patties are a good option. The patties will not fall apart if you flip the burgers at this size. It also aids low-heat cooking by allowing the burgers to cook through to the inside.

  1. Allow It To Cool

Chilling turkey burgers for at least an hour before cooking is another approach to make them hold together. Burgers do not fall apart as a result of this, and they maintain their shape while cooking.

The colder your turkey burger is, the better chance it has of sticking together. While some people recommend freezing them, this isn’t necessary because you’ll need to defrost them fully before using them.

  1. Cooking

Before chilling the burgers, mix and shape them, then arrange them on wax paper and place them in the refrigerator.

You can incorporate cheese in many foods including sandwiches, burgers, steaks, pastas and other food too. Now when there have been many innovations in the dishes around us, cheese is also used in desserts with cream in the form of cream cheese.

You can make many dishes from cheese however; grilled cheese is much different than the ordinary cheese itself. It is one of the signature ingredients in many dishes. Amongst those dishes grilled cheese sandwiches, grilled cheese burgers, and grilled cheese alfredo pasta are the most common.

  1. Mix In The Breadcrumbs

When it comes to keeping turkey burgers together, breadcrumbs are sometimes the best option. Before shaping the turkey burger patties, add an egg yolk and dry bread crumbs to the turkey mixture.

Breadcrumbs soak up moisture and combine with the egg to form glue. This combo keeps your patties together while grilling for juicy turkey burgers.

  1. As Little As Possible, Handle The Turkey Patties To Grill Turkey Burgers Without Falling Apart

Don’t overdo it when it comes to forming your turkey burger patties. It only takes a few motions, and seasonings can be added after the burgers are formed. Burgers should be less likely to come apart as a result of this.

Salting the meat before shaping the burgers takes moisture out of it. You’ll end up with a dry burger as a result.

  1. Don’t Flip Turkey Burgers Too Many Times To Grill Turkey Burgers Without Falling Apart

When your turkey burger is cooking, it is most likely to come apart. That’s why you shouldn’t try to flip it. Before turning, fry each side for roughly 5-6 minutes. Because turkey burgers must be cooked all the way through, we recommend 5-6 minutes.

In a turkey burger, no pink meat should be left. Invest in a meat temperature probe if you can’t tell if the burger is done. The temperature inside the oven should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Spray The Grill Grates With Non-Stick Cooking Spray To Grill Turkey Burgers Without Falling Apart

Spray the grates with non-stick cooking spray before turning on the grill. It aids in the prevention of burgers sticking to the grill. Sticking frequently results in smashed burgers.

There are a few other techniques to make your barbecue non-stick:

  • Rub the sliced side of a half-onion on the hot grill grates
  • Seasoning, the grill grates with a paper towel, dipped in oil
  1. Stay Away From Liquid Flavorings

When combining the ingredients with the meat, many people use BBQ sauce and Worcestershire sauce. However, this only causes the turkey burgers to fall apart. Instead, try spice combinations before frying the patties and sauce while they’re cooking or afterward. How To Grill Turkey Burgers Without Falling Apart?

Using A Grilling Mat Is A Good Idea

A grilling mat is a good purchase if you barbeque frequently. It allows you to achieve the perfect char without having to worry about flare-ups or flames. It’s also useful for keeping turkey patties from falling through the grill. Find out more about the grilling mat.

Why Do Turkey Burgers Disintegrate

  • Turkey Is Low-Fat Meat

The fact that turkey is lean is the fundamental reason why turkey burgers come apart. It does not contain the same amount of fat as beef. It dries out and crumbles as a result of this. How To Grill Turkey Burgers Without Falling Apart?

There’s A Problem With The Grill; It’s Too Hot

Because lean meat, such as turkey, lacks the fat that binds red meat together, it is more likely to stick to the grill.


We hope we’ve answered your question regarding how to grill turkey burgers without their breaking apart by now. Our advice will help you make juicy turkey burgers without the embarrassment of patties dropping through the grill grates.

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