How to Steam with Air Fryer?

How to Steam with Air Fryer?

Air fryer air fryer air fryer? Why is everyone talking about the air fryers? This is the question that must pop up in every reader’s mind who likes to read cooking articles and is interested iliterature. Let me clear this once and for all that is not just a false hype in praise of air fryers. It seems like a magical creature that has almost every solution to your problem. From the time-saving feature to cooking almost everything, air fryers have proven to be the need of every kitchen countertop.

Nowadays, people are widely using air fryers for oil-free frying, roasting, toasting, etc. You must be thinking that I didn’t mention steaming in the CAN DOs list of the air fryers. Well, due to its functionality, an air fryer is unable to perform the function of steaming. Yes, at least there is one thing we have found that an air fryer CAN’T DO. To understand why an air fryer can’t do stemming, we have to understand the basic functionality of the air fryer.

Essential components of an Air Fryer:

An air fryer is just like a convection oven. It is designed to replace the deep fryer. It is designed to use a minimal amount of oil and crisp the food in less time than any other appliance. Its principal function is the circulation of hot air inside the air fryer that revolves around the food, making it crispier and crunchier. An air fryer consists of the following components:

  1. A heating element that causes the circulation of hot air. It is located on the top of the air fryer.
  2. A fan that spreads the air in all directions. It is also located on the top side.
  3. A pull-out basket or tray is located on the bottom of the fryer.

Without these essential three components, an air fryer cannot do what it is destined to do.

How does an Air Fryer do its job?

When an air fryer is provided with electricity, the heating element begins its work. First, it started producing heat inside the chamber. It only takes 1-2 minutes, making the air fryer the most rapid heating gadget. The fan then distributes the hot air evenly all over the food placed inside the air fryer. This is where the air fryer makes the food crispier by drying out its exterior moisture.

Why can’t  an Air Fryer perform Streaming?

Since I have explained the functionality of an air fryer is simple words to make it understandable for a layman. It is pretty easy to understand that the whole structure of the air fryer doesn’t have space for even a drop of water. Also, as the air fryer is an electric device, adding water to cause steam would be a destructive move. So it’s a clear no that you can’t put water to steam the food items in a fryer.

Is a Steam Oven a Replica of an Air Fryer?

It is a misconception that a steam oven works exactly like an air fryer. They are different appliances, and they work precisely opposite each other. Here is how an air fryer and steam oven are different

What’s the difference between Steamed and Air-Fried Food?

People often use steamers to steam vegetables, fruits, and recipes like dumplings that need steaming. But if you are using an air fryer to achieve the same results, you are misguided. As the two gadgets work differently, the food coming out of them will also differ in texture and taste. Les has a comparative analysis about the food being steamed and air fried.

How can we use an Air Fryer for Cooking Vegetables?

From the above discussion, it is now quite clear that an air fryer can steam vegetables or fruits. But you must be curious to know how you can use an air fryer for cooking vegetables. There are many ways you can use an air fryer for vegetables and fruits. These are:

Bottom line

After all the discussion and explanation, I hope that it’s now clear that you can’t use an air fryer for steaming. So if you are craving dumplings, this time try crispy dumplings in an air fryer instead of steamed ones and you won’t regret experimenting, trust me.

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