How To Light A Grill With A Broken Ignitor 

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Lighting A Grill With A Broken Ignitor 

How To Light A Grill With A Broken Ignitor ? The gas grill is considered one of the safest options if compared to the charcoal grills. All you have to do is fill the tank with the gas, and you are all set to cook yummy grilled food for the rest of the winter.

In simple words using ignitors is the most basic way to turn on the gas grill. However, sometimes you forget to buy an ignitor, or your ignitor is broken, and now you are confused about how to light the grill with a broken ignitor. Well, don’t worry, in this blog, we have covered some other ways to light the gas grill so the party doesn’t stop.

How To Light A Gas Grill With A Broken Ignitor

Altogether there are three ways in which you can light up your grill with a broken ignitor. We will explain each of them briefly so you can easily understand all the methods. So, without any further delay, let’s see what the ways are.

The Most Likely Way With A Broken Ignitor 

You will be able to recycle your grill only if you break it down yourself in several locations. Many grills are also stealth electronics, which are domestic devices that contain electrical components that must be handled with care. Ignition wires, thermometers, electric controllers, and batteries are all examples of e-waste that should not be discarded.

If your city recycles plastics, plastic side shelving with a recycling emblem and plastic wheels are recyclable. However, don’t put these items in your curbside recycling container. Contact your local trash management provider to find out where you may recycle these plastics. The majority of other plastic components, such as knobs and handles, are useless. Currently, the gas hose is likewise unrecyclable.

Gas valves are typically made of recyclable materials such as brass or aluminium. Metal casters, grill lids, shelves, and grill bodies are often recyclable as scrap metal. Even if they are rusty, this is true.

Conscious Disposal

It might be difficult to disassemble a grill into component pieces for recycling. However, the endeavour raises awareness of the resources used in ordinary home objects. After you’ve made that effort, you’ll be more likely to reconsider replacing something that still has life in it.

BBQ Grill With A Broken Ignitor 

Here’s what you should do with the old one. First, try Craigslist or a local Facebook or Nextdoor group to sell or give it away. Your local “Buy Nothing” club is an excellent place to donate unused items. Even if your grill is no longer usable, someone may be interested in picking it up and recycling it as scrap metal.

Old Propane Grill With A Broken Ignitor 

Take the propane tank out of the grill. A propane tank, unlike typical waste, cannot be thrown away since it is very combustible. Instead, arrange for a pickup from a local recycling facility that takes old propane tanks or drop it off at a junkyard that deals with this sort of gear.

Lighting Up The Grill Manually

Below the given steps, you can quickly light up your grill manually.

  • Gently open up the grill and turn off all the knobs by twisting them in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Turn on the gas supply.
  • Light a match stick and use it in the place of the ignitor.
  • Control the flame of the burner with the knobs.
  • If you see no burner is ignited in the next five seconds, turn off all the knobs again and wait until the early thing gets cold again.

Note: never turn or twist the grill before starting the grill.

 Using The Broken Ignitor

A broken ignitor can still work if you try a dangerous little process. However, if you handle this process by taking all the preventive measures, you can quickly light up your ignitor without any loss.

The first thing you have to do is remove the lid from the grill to let the left-out gas fumes go out.

If you don’t follow this step, there is probably a chance of explosion.

Let the lid of the grill open for a few minutes if you left the gas open accidentally. Let it disperse in the air perfectly.

Steps To Light A Grill With A Broken Ignitor 

  • Grill should firstly be connected to the gas if it is required. Most of the time, we connect our grills to the cylinders that are placed beneath the grill. Make sure you tightly tie the gas intake lines to the grill.
  • Turn on the gas by twisting the gas knob. Let the gas flow through the lines.
  • Afterwards, you can make the settings of the regulator to their highest.
  • Lastly, push the ignitor; even a tiny flame can light up the grill quickly.

How To Troubleshooting The Grill To Light A Grill With A Broken Ignitor 

The second method can be a permanent solution to your problem. It involves diagnosing the problem and then finding the best explanation for it. Your ignitor will never get

The first thing you have to do is check any leakages in propane and gas lines. If your gas gets finished, your supply line is automatically turned off, then if your grill doesn’t start, that doesn’t mean the ignitor is broken.

Therefore, always fill the tank and keep a check on the supply lines. If there are any faults in supply lines, get them repaired as soon as possible. Faulty lines can result in an explosion or wastage of the gas.

Why It Is Essential To Check If The Grill Is Faulty Or Not 

You have to replace the grill parts if there is any wear and tear. If any of the spare parts of the grill contains faults, it will not burn properly, and it bakes things wrong.

To replace the faulty parts, you need a professional engineer, and you also need to brand new spare parts. If you want to install it yourself, you have to understand the grill and see how its mechanism works properly.

Any try to replace the parts without proper knowledge can lead to a bad result. Therefore you are always recommended to hire a professional for this task. However, if you are in an emergency to bake anything and can’t wait for the professional, you can watch some YouTube videos and take proper preventive measures.


Understanding how to light a grill with a broken ignitor is an excellent skill. So, are you are ready for the party and your grill ignitor tries to mess with it, come with a good plan.

We have provided you with a piece of complete information about how to light your grill with a broken ignitor. Now it’s your turn to use the knowledge in the best possible way. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks related to grill ignitors.


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