How To Grill Fresh Brats

How To Grill Fresh Brats

How To Grill Fresh Brats? Imagine the Summer holidays are here, and you are about to get a long vacation to enjoy. What’re your plans for the holidays? If we consider the majority, then most people must have a BBQ event on their to-do list. It’s the priority, especially for foodies, because there is no better way than grilling food and enjoying the crispy brown texture after you get them off the Grill.

If you are a fan of grilling, too, then Brats would be an essential item on your grilled food menu. Otherwise, you must have heard of this dish and are willing to cook it yourself. So if you don’t have an idea from where to start, then this article will be your assistant. We have gathered all the details you need to know to learn the perfect cooking technique for Brats.

What Are Brats and Ways To Grill Brats

Brats  are sausages that are made from meat, veal and pork. This food item has its origins in Germany, where you can find the best-grilled brats  to date. But you can cook it at home if you know the perfect cooking method.

You can easily find brats at the local grocery store or if you are willing to purchase the freshest ones, then head to the local butcher shop.

Using Grill To Cook Brats

Gas grills are best to cook Brats as they allow you to set the right temperature. It’s a lot easier to cook on a gas grill than using a charcoal grill, where keeping the right temperature is the biggest challenge.

Brat  is fragile if we cook them on direct heat, so having a gas grill is best for the task.

The Best Way To Cook and Grill Brats 

Cooking Brats is simpler and quicker. But you have to be a little extra attentive while grilling these sausages. The reason behind it is their soft texture that is most likely to burn if kept on direct flames.

To cook the Brats at their best, arrange two zones of the Grill where you would have direct and indirect heat. Although it’s recommended to cook Brats directly, you would need to place them on direct heat for 1-2 minutes to brown them from outside.

Turn on the gas grill and moisturize it using cooking oil. Moisturizing thoroughly is recommended to prevent sausages from sticking with the Grill.

Starting To Grill

Before you start grilling Brats, there are some prerequisites; all you have to do is gather the essential item you need while grilling. The most important among them is a boiled Brats.

Boiling Brats would cook them perfectly from the inside, and grilling them will be an enhancement of their flavour. To boil them perfectly, place the Brats in a pan filled with the desired liquid in which you are willing to cook them, close the lid and bring them to a simmer.

Grilling Brats At The Right Temperature 

Another thing to consider is grilling the Brats at an optimum temperature. It is critical because the pork sausages are likely to burn from outside and left un-cook from inside if kept at very high heat. So use an instant thermometer and keep the temperature at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You will be lucky with the gas grill as you can adjust the flames by increasing or decreasing the gas supply.

How Long Should Brats Be Boiled Before Grilling

Preheat the grill to a medium-high temperature. Then, combine the brats, onion, and your preferred beer in a big saucepan over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to low and bring to a boil. Simmer for 10 to 12 minutes, or until brats are well cooked.

When It Comes To Brats, How Can You Know When They’re Done

Stick a meat thermometer into the open end of the Bratwurst if you want to check the internal temperature. The temperature should be between 145 and 160 degrees, which is ideal.

Is it possible to have pink amid a brat? Is it okay to eat sausage that has a pink center? It’s All Right to Wear a Little Pink: The USDA Updates Pork Cooking Temperatures: The Two-Way The recommended cooking temperature for pork has been decreased to 145 degrees Fahrenheit by the United States Department of Agriculture. Is it possible to eat raw Bratwurst? Is it possible to eat a bratwurst raw? They’re completed and ready to eat after a little browning in a skillet or on the grill. The hue of raw Bratwurst is pink. Grilling them raw necessitates dexterity since you must properly cook them inside without scorching on the surface.

Is It Possible To Microwave Raw Bratwurst

The Bratwurst will cook rapidly in the microwave, but you won’t be able to change the heat while they’re cooking. Only cook the Bratwurst for 2 minutes to avoid burning on one side. Cook according to the manufacturer’s directions for your microwave. Depending on the microwave, certain cooking times may differ.

How long To Grill Brats

The recommended grill Brats on a gas grill is divided into boiling and grilling. You should cook them for at least 18-20 minutes.

Furthermore, the grilling time on direct flames is 3-4 minutes while rotating them after every 30 seconds.

Steps To Grill and Cook Brats 

  1. Preheat the grill for 5 minutes and measure the temperature at 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Moisturize the Grill using cooking oil.
  3. Place Brats on the Grill for 18-20 minutes and rotate them with the interval of every 5 minutes
  4. Afterwards, cook them on direct heat for 3 minutes
  5. Take them off the grill and serve.

Brats are done when they reach a certain temperature. Cook, rotating links often, over medium-high heat until browned, about 5 minutes. Reduce the heat to a medium-low setting. 12 cup water, carefully added to skillet Cover and cook for 12 minutes, or until internal temperature of the sausage reaches 160°F.

It’s also worth knowing that Is it true that brats are always precooked? Fresh Bratwurst must be thoroughly cooked, but hickory-smoked Bratwurst just requires reheating. The label on the product will state whether reheating or cooking is necessary. You don’t have to boil it in beer or water when you grill a bratwurst.

Is it possible for sausages to be a touch pink? The simple fact is that the pink hue is safe to consume when it comes to sausages. They produce most sausages from minced meat, which gives them a pink tint. This pink tint will also last after the sausages have been cooked.


Grilling is fun no matter what dish you are cooking. All you have to consider is the right recipe to Grill. Maintaining the right temperature is very important while grilling Brats. You must stand alongside the Grill to keep an eye on them. Rotate them frequently so that both sides can grill properly without burning.

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