How To Put Out A Grill Fire

How To Put Out A Grill Fire

How To Put Out A Grill Fire? At the point when the weather heats up, it is the ideal opportunity to begin the barbecue and appreciate preparing scrumptious food with loved ones. In any case, before the barbecuing season starts, ensure you are ready to assist with keeping your home and family protected.

Mishaps occur, so realize normal ways gas barbecue fires start and how to put out a grill fire in case one begins while you are barbecuing food.

Normal Causes Of Grill Fires

While grills are likely to fire up when the oil begins to gather, it isn’t only your oil plate that you ought to watch out for. Open-air barbecues are in risky areas near the house, deck railings, open air sheds and under porch canopies.

To assist with guaranteeing a protected barbecuing and BBQ experience, place your barbecue somewhere around 10 feet from the home or different constructions. Likewise, ensure there are no checks like a porch shade or tree limbs over the barbecue that could burst into flames while you are barbecuing.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Put Out A Grill Fire

Eruptions from preparing food on the barbecue are normal. Nonetheless, when the flares on your BBQ become huge or spread to adjoining regions, have a fire douser reachable and realize how to use it.

  1. Assuming your gas grill bursts into flames, the main thing you ought to do is an endeavour to wind down the burners. If you can arrive at the handles (on a gas grill), this will assist with preventing extra fuel from taking care of the fire and making a bigger issue.
  2. You can likewise close the grill cover, as an absence of oxygen will assist with facilitating the fire and dial it back.
  3. Use a fire quencher to smother the flares utilizing the P.A.S.S. strategy – pull, point, crush, and clear. When the fire is extinguished, do sure to turn off any burners on the  grill that was still on.

Things To Remember In Case Of A Grill Fire

Above all else, be ready. Have your mobile phone close by if you should make a crisis call (not to take a video!), a quencher, gloves and baking pop (not baking powder), sand or fit salt close to your grill, for good measure.

  • If you can arrive at the handles on your barbecue, turn off the barbecue’s burners. Then, at that point, remove the food and cover the blazes by tossing baking pop, sand or legitimate salt over it.
  • Close the cover and any barbecue vents to additionally keep the fire from oxygen.

Tips To Help Avoid a Grease Fire

  • Completely investigate and clean your grill, and audit the barbecue’s assembling guidelines. Guarantee to clean the barbecue’s surface, meshes and inside. This will help your grill cook better, last longer, and decrease the danger of a fire.
  • Oil in some cases amassed in the firebox region around the burners. Yet, the board configuration should channel oil to the oil plate or dish, now and then warmed oil won’t deplete, lighting a fire. Assuming that this occurs and you can turn off the gas and leave the top open so the oil can consume off.
  • Oxygen powers a fire. Cook with the cover down and leave it down through the cooking time. Opening the cover more than once to check your food during preparation extends the cooking time and squanders fuel.
  • Move the food to a warming rack. Use since a long time ago dealt with utensils to try not to get singed.
  • Then, return each piece, each in turn, back to the focal point of the grill and let the overabundant fat consume off.
  • Then, at that point, place the meat back to the warming rack, and proceed with this cycle for everything until all have been represented.
  • When all pieces have gone through this cycle, the food might be gotten back to the grill to complete the process of cooking, and with careful focus.


To assist with securing your home and family, be ready and practice grill wellbeing. Check your gas lines to ensure there are no gas spills before lighting the grill and keep all your oil plates and grill plates clean by utilizing a grill brush after each use. For insurance in case of a grill fire, have a fire quencher reachable in the occasion a little gas fire breaks out.

You need not to worry about anything after this as now you know how to put out a grill fire. 


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