How Long to Cook Cheese Sticks in Air Fryer

Cheese Sticks are a beloved snack among children and many adults find them irresistible as well. What’s remarkable about this dish is its quick and simple preparation process. Just remove it from the freezer and pop it in the oven. In just a matter of minutes, this tasty treat will be ready to enjoy. Utilizing an air fryer allows for an effortless cooking experience.

How to Cook Cheese Sticks in Air Fryer? How to cook cheese sticks on Air fryer? We know you want to know the answer to these questions. In this article, we will discuss everything you want to know about the preparation of the cheese sticks in the air fryer.

Cooking Duration of Cheese Sticks in Air Fryer

You will be glad to know that it takes only around six to eight minutes to prepare the cheese sticks in the air fryer. Note that the duration can vary depending on the type of cheese used in the stick, the temperature, and some other factors. It may also require a little more or less time based on the capability of the air fryer. The time is comparatively low when compared to the usual process of preparing the sticks.

Typically, it is not required to thaw the cheese sticks while preparing. So, you will not require waiting additional time for the cooking process.

How to Cook Cheese Sticks in Air Fryer?

The air fryer not only prepares the cheese sticks quickly it also helps to make the sticks far better and crispy. Once you try the cheese sticks cooked in the air fryer, you will never prepare them through the oven or any other method. However, you need to know the writing procedure of preparing it for the best result. Here is how to cook cheese sticks in the air fryer.

Step 1: Turn on the Air Fryer

Connect the air fryer to an electric outlet. Turn on the machine by pressing the on/off button.  Now set the right temperature for the air fryer, which is around 180 degrees C or 360-degree F.

Step 2: Add Cheese Sticks on Air Fryer Bucket

The next thing you require doing is to add the cheese sticks to the air fryer bucket. Note that you will not require waiting to thaw them. It is recommended to cook the cheese sticks right away after bringing out them from the freezer. This cut the waiting time while also ensuring a crispy outcome.

Step 3: Add Oil if You Prefer

Now put the cheese sticks in an even layer on the air fryer. If there are many, it is not recommended to put them all once. Instead, cook them in smaller batches in an even layer. This will ensure better and crispy cooking. You can add oil or proceed without it. It is recommended not to add the oil as they arrive as precooked and there are already some oils in the crust.

Step 4: Time to Cook

Once you have completed the above steps, there is nothing much you will require doing. Wait for the required time to cook. Note that you will require baking every side for only 3 to 4 minutes. After three minutes, you can turn the stick and bake for around three to four minutes.

That’s it; you are done. Now you can enjoy the crispy, warm, and delicious cheese sticks with your favorite dips. Note that you may require customizing the above procedure a bit to get the best performance. You may also refer to the user manual that arrives with your air fryer for further information.

How to Reheat Cheese Sticks or Mozzarella Sticks in Air Fryer

The leftover of your cheese sticks or mozzarella stick is something you should never throw away. You can simply put them in the freezer and reheat them in the air fryer easily to eat anytime. Even better, the air fryer can bring back the same texture, crispness, and taste of the sticks as the fresh one.

Here is how to utilize your air fryer to reheat the cheese sticks or mozzarella sticks in an air fryer.

  1. Begin with turning on and heating the air fryer. The recommended temperature to reheat is around 400 degrees F.
  2. Now add the cheese sticks to the air fryer. Like earlier, you should put them in a single layer and you shouldn’t add them to one another.
  3. Now let them become hot for around eight minutes. Or, wait until the cheese melts. Cook one side of the stick for four minutes and then turn to another side and cook it for around more four minutes.

This method will work efficiently for both frozen mozzarella and cheese sticks. Note that there can be reheat mode in some of the air fryers. You can utilize the mode for a better result while reheating the cheese or mozzarella sticks.

Can you Reheat the mozzarella Cheese?

Yes, you can reheat the mozzarella cheese in the same way as the cheese sticks. The procedure is completely the same. Make sure to put them in the refrigerator in the right way to get the best test. The proper storage should prevent moisture and air to preserve the crispiness and flavor.

Air frying the mozzarella cheese gives you a crispy outside while the inside stays filled with moisture and juicy.  If you don’t have an air fryer, you can utilize an oven for reheating. This will take a bit more time but the result will almost the same. Note that it is not recommended to reheat the mozzarella sticks in the microwave as it doesn’t assure you the same performance.


Cheese sticks are one of the tastiest snacks out there. But preparing it on the regular stovetop or the oven can be time-consuming and sometimes messy. Utilizing the air fryer can help you to prepare the cheese sticks with the least effort. We hope you will find the above guide useful to cook or reheat the cheese sticks in the air fryer.

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