How To Remove Ram Emblem From Grill

Removing Ram Emblem From Grill

How To Remove Ram Emblem From Grill? Do you plan on replacing the grill of your Ram Emblem? We’ll show you how to remove the Ram Emblem from the grill. There are some differences between the grills on the 2009-2012 Ram pickups and those on the 2013-2019 RAM pickups. However, both grills can be removed the same way. 

Tools You Need To Remove Ram Emblem From Grill

You will need the following tools before you begin to remove the grills:


Plastic paint scraper.

Heat gun.

50lb fishing line.

Dodge Ram Front Grill Emblem – How To Remove

It is necessary to remove the hood from the plastic cover that covers the grill and lights by pulling on each pushpin until they are removed. As soon as the screws on top of the grill are undone, pull on the bottom of the grill to release the clips. You will need to push all four clips simultaneously and remove the tape to lift off and remove the emblem

Rear Dodge Ram Emblem – How To Remove

Similar to the front emblem, the rear emblem is secured with two prongs and adhesive. The steps below will guide you on how to remove the rear Ram emblem.

First Option

Step 1. To loosen the adhesive, take the heat gun and apply mild, even heat for a few seconds. You may need to apply heat for a few minutes.

Step 2. To remove the emblem, you will need to pry it up with your plastic paint scraper. You should be able to pop out the prongs of the emblem.

Step 3. Peel off the remaining adhesive while the emblem is still warm so that it can be removed. To achieve the best results, we recommend beginning at the top corner and pulling up instead of out or down.

Second Option

Step 1. You will need to take about two to three feet of 50 pound fishing line and slide it under the edge of the emblem.

Step 2. Slide the fishing line back and forth under the emblem in a sawing motion, keeping the fishing line taught as you do so.

Step 3. It may be necessary to use a plastic paint scraper during this process to loosen and gently pry the emblem off. Take care not to scratch anything during this process.

Step 4. As soon as the emblem has been released, peel off any extra adhesive.

Plastic Valance Panel – How To Remove

A black plastic panel will cover the gap between the grill and the radiator when you open the hood. It’s the valance panel. To remove the panel, take out all the plastic push pins with a flathead screwdriver. Carefully dislodge all the push pins to avoid breaking them.

4 Bolts – How To Remove

When you remove the plastic valance panel, you can see where the grill is attached to the grill support beam. The grill is attached to the beam with four 10mm bolts. Remove all of them.

The Grill – How To Remove

After removing the bolts, the grill looks like it may fall off. Don’t lift the grill from the top. The speed clips on the bottom of the grill will break if you do that.

Instead, you should reach behind the grill. Press on one lower corner until it comes free. Pull the grill from the loose side and then swing it sideways like a door. Now the grill should be free.

Ram Grill Inserts – How to Remove Them

The grill inserts can be removed pretty easily, but require a little finesse. This requires flexing plastic tabs, so the grill should be at room temperature when you do this. Here are the steps to remove the inserts:

Turn the grill upside down on a soft surface.

A plastic retaining ring runs around the perimeter of the grill. Remove several 8mm bolts. Lift off the retaining ring.

Around each grill insert, you will find several plastic connector tabs. Pull the release tab back and lift the insert.

Tips & Advice For Ram Emblem

If there is any adhesive left, you can remove it with an adhesive/grease remover like Prep-All and a microfiber towel. Spray the towel with the solution and use light pressure and circular motions to achieve the best results.

It could take longer than expected to complete this process. Please be patient so you don’t ruin the paint.


For added protection, you can wrap the scraper in a thin rag or plastic bag if you are concerned about scratching the paint on your truck. Before doing this, you may want to loosen an edge of the emblem. Tying the ends of the fishing line around pencils or other objects can make the task easier if you are using the fishing line method.


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