How To Season A New Flat Top Grill

How To Season A New Flat Top Grill

How To Season A New Flat Top Grill? Cast iron is a porous metal that rusts fast when exposed to air and moisture. As a result, if you don’t season your cast iron flat top grill, meals will stick easily, and the griddle will show signs of corrosion after a few days of grilling if you don’t season it.

Of course, you don’t want to rust your flat top, but you also want to keep it in good shape. Right? As a result, it’s critical to season your cast iron flat top grill immediately after purchase and at least once a month if you use it regularly for cooking.

Materials To Season A New Flat Top Grill

  • Oil for Cooking (Preferably Olive Oil)
  • Scraper for the Grill
  • Tongs for grilling
  • Tissue paper

Directions To Season A New Flat Top Grill

  • Scrub the griddle surface.

Begin by cleaning the grill’s surface clean. If you’ve just purchased the griddle, all you need to do is wash it off with moistened paper towels to remove any remaining oils from the manufacturing process. However, if you’ve never cooked on a grill before, use a scraper to remove any food particles. It will clean your grill of any residual food.

  • Start the grill.

Preheat your ideal griddle to high and let the cooking surface heat up. As it warms up, the color of the flattop will deepen. Most griddles will be ready in five to ten minutes.

  • Apply a tiny layer of cooking oil on a paper towel.

When the grill is hot, use a paper towel to apply cooking oil evenly across the whole surface. Always use a large amount of it.

The excess will be burnt off during seasoning. After the grill has been thoroughly covered, wait until the oil begins to burn. When the oil runs out, reapply and disseminate additional oil. To clean a hot surface, use grill tongs to hold the paper towel.

Burn off any excess oil with paper towels. Due to the permeable nature of cast iron, you may need to repeat the operation three or four times before the grill achieves a perceptible sheen. It means it has been seasoned and is ready to cook. So to prevent rust and degradation, season your grill before preserving it.

Seasoning A High Carbon Steel Griddle Top

The optimal mix of cast iron and stainless steel griddle is high carbon steel. It combines the thermal retention and non stick properties of cast iron with the high heat and speedy cooking capabilities of stainless steel. What greater mix could there be?

Seasoning is required for high carbon steel flat tops, as opposed to stainless steel flat tops. If you don’t season your griddle on a regular basis, rust and filth will accumulate on the surface. You’ll also notice that food sticks to the pan, making cooking difficult.

Fortunately, seasoning a high carbon steel griddle top is a simple procedure. Follow the steps in this brief instruction on how to season a flat top grill to maintain your new barbecue in peak form.

Materials To Season A New Flat Top Grill

  • Oil for Cooking (Preferably Olive Oil)
  • Scraper for the Grill
  • Tongs for grilling
  • Toilet paper

Anyone who grills meat knows that there are two very different ways to cook it. With a grill with vents open, the surface of the steak or tenderloin will be seared and retain more moisture. If you turn the vents closed while cooking, the surface of the meat will brown faster, but it will also dry out more.

It’s easy to see that grilled meats can be cooked in many different ways. It becomes even more complicated when you factor in how much direct heat is coming from your grill. The amount of time it takes for something to cook depends on how hot your grill is and how well-rested your meat is before placing it on the grill.

There are many things to consider when grilling food, like whether or not to close the vents. But don’t worry! We’ve got some helpful tips below so you can make sure your next barbecue is sizzling!

Directions To Season A New Flat Top Grill

  • Clean the Cooking Surface

Wipe off the griddle’s surface with moist paper towels, or use your kitchen towel. Scrape any cooking remains from the grill with a griddle scraper before cleaning.

On the grilling surface, no cleaning products should be used. These can corrode the metal and pollute your food. Only use dish soap if you feel the griddle surface requires a thorough cleaning.

Cooking is an art, and so are the equipment and gears!

  • Start the grill.

Once the surface is clean and debris-free, it’s time to start the seasoning process. After turning your grill to its maximum setting, please wait for the surface to brown.

In most cases, this will take between 5 and 10 minutes. When the griddle’s color begins to change, it’s time to add additional frying oil.

  • Brush some oil on the grill.

Cooking oil produces a nonstick surface and preserves the high carbon steel of your grill. Although any oil can be used, one with a high smoke point is preferred. Grillers frequently use grapeseed oil and olive oil. Now, using paper towels, apply oil to the whole stove surface.

  • Cook until the oil begins to smoke

While the grill is on high, wait for the vegetable oil to smoke. At this stage, the grilled surface will deepen and take on a natural sheen. once the bulk of the oil has burnt off, it is time to repeat the procedure.

  • Continue with the operation.

Continue to thinly cover the grill’s surface layer with vegetable oil and paper towels, and burn off any surplus or too much oil. Two or three rounds are generally adequate for the initial seasoning. The essential oils in your foods will then maintain your grill in great shape. If the griddle is too hot to use directly, collect paper towels and hold them with grill tongs before pouring oil.


Furthermore, after following the processes in this instruction on how to season a flat top grill, your high carbon steel grill will be completely seasoned and ready for your favorite ingredients.


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