How Long to Cook City Chicken in Air Fryer?

The dish called “city chicken” enjoys widespread popularity in the United States, despite its misleading name because it actually contains no chicken. You can explore its intriguing history elsewhere; however, this discussion focuses on the culinary aspect. Find instructions below on the duration and methods for preparing city chicken using an air fryer. We will guide you through the steps for cooking city chicken in an air fryer.

Although you can cook the City Chicken in an oven or stovetop, an air fryer will serve you with the best interest. Air fryer can offer you a healthier recipe without using much of the oil. Moreover, cooking the city chicken in the air fryer is faster and require the least efforts. Let’s see cooking information and the steps you need to follow.

The Interesting History of City Chicken

There is an interesting history behind the city chicken. If you have no prior knowledge about this, you will be shocked to know that city chicken actually doesn’t include any chicken. During the late 1800s, the poultry was pretty expensive in the big cities of USA especially in North Eastern and North Central parts.

That was because the poultry transportation was hard from the counties. Besides, it was easy to transport the other livestock like beef and veal and they were also available locally. As a result, they were more affordable. Missing the taste of the chicken legs, people threaded the available meats in skewers and cooked them. They looked like chicken legs and this where the name came from.

So, How Long to Cook City Chicken in Air Fryer?

The city chicken in the air fryer requires around 12 minutes to cook. Compared to the other ways of cooking, the air fryer requires a lot less time. Note that the cooking duration may vary based on the variation of meat you are using. Moreover, it can vary based on the model of your air fryer. Some air fryers may cook the chicken quickly while some other may require extra times.

You can set the time to 12 minutes and begin checking after 10 minutes. Then you can adjust the cooking duration based on how much they have cooked. Try to remember the cooking time of the successful outcome during first few batches. This way, you can find out how much they really take in your air fryer and utilize the time while cooking later.

How to Cook City Chicken in Air Fryer?

Well, cooking the city chicken is extremely easy when you use an air fryer for the recipe. In this article, we will show you all the steps you need to follow. Ingredients include the preferred meats, eggs, onion powder, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, pepper, paprika, Italian seasonings, salt, and others. Now let’s see how to do this.

Step 1: Preparation

Cut the means into cubs to make them like kebab pieces. Then use wooden skewers to hold them. You need to select the right size of the skewers that fits the basket. Now we will make the breading by mixing the flour, cheese, and all other spices in a bowl. Use a different swallow bowl to beat the eggs. Deep the skewers with the meat in the eggs and then in the breading to create a perfect coating.

Once you have made the ingredients ready, turn on the air fryer. Make sure you have put it in a flat surface and away from any blockage. Preheat with empty basket if you want. The temp and time for preheating will be 375 F and 2 to 3 minutes. If you don’t want preheating, move to the next step.

Step 2: Add Food in the Basket

Now you slide out the air fryer basket and put the skewers in the basket. If possible, hold hang them in the basket for better cooking. Else, you can add them in the bottom of the air fryer basket. They need to be positioned a single layer with gaps in between for proper cooking.

Make sure that you are not adding a lot of them at once which can cause inconsistent outcome. You may require cooking in smaller batches if there are a lot of the city chicken to prepare.

Step 3: Adjust the Duration and Temperature

The suitable cooking duration and temperature for the cooking need to be set before initiating the cooking. The temperature will be 390 F. If you have preheated the air fryer, you don’t need to change the temp. And, the cooking period will be around 12 minutes. Make use of the timer and temp knob/dial to change and adjust the time and temp. Now you can begin the cooking. If it requires pressing any button, do this.

Once you have let the city chicken cooked for halftime, you can rotate them. This is not mandatory. Then allow them to cook for the remaining time. Once you are close to the cooking duration, begin checking the meats by sliding out the basket. Adjust the cooking duration if it requires. The time may vary based on the air fryer unit you ar using. So, it’s important to check frequently to take off the meals in the right time.

Step 4: Completing the Cooking

Once you feel that the city chickens have cooked to perfection, you can stop the cooking. Slide off the air fryer basket by sensibly by holding it from the handle. Leave it on a heat-resistant surface for a few minutes to cool down. You shouldn’t touch the foods or the basket or the pan of the air fryer during this period. As they will be hot, you may end up scorching your finger.

Once they have cooled down a bit, use non-metal tongs to take off the meats from basket. That’s it; you have made it. Now you can serve the warm and delicious city chicken kebabs with preferred side dishes or dipping.


The city chicken is a low-carb meal that is very easy to prepare using an air fryer. It will also be an excellent addition in your keto diet. We hope you can easily prepare the city chicken from now on following the above guide.

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