How To Use A Grill Press

How To Use A Grill Press

Grilling food is one of the most common options to cook food. Apart from cooking food, some foods taste much better only grilled hence, grilling food is one of the most common methods to cook food such as steak, steaming vegetables and other foods too.

There are ways to use the grill and grill press is one of those methods to cook food. You can use your grill on a large as well as on a small scale too to cook foods such as steak, have a barbecue party and also steam vegetables. Apart from these, you can also grill hot dogs, sausages, cook fish and make sandwiches on your grill.

Grilling food is surely easy but it does require certain expertise to grill food. This is because all the foods are not easy to grill. You should take care of your grill timely this includes seasoning the grill, washing it and lubricating it, removing the residues and the contaminants.

Apart from maintaining the general care of your grill, you should also ensure that the food cooked on the grill is properly cooked. One of the most important factors which accounts for cooking of the food on the grill is the internal temperature of the food being cooked. To be sure that the grilled food is completely cooked, you have to check for the internal temperature of the food.

Steps On How To Use A Grill Press

While you grill food, using a grill press is one of the methods to grill your food faster and also will make your food tastier and tender. To understand the step-by-step process of using the grill press, we can take the example of making a patty using a grill press. Following are the steps which you can follow while using a grill press.

  • Preheating The Grill Press

Preheating the grill press is one of the initial steps to use the grill press. Preheating the grill press has many advantages. It will sear your burgers from both sides. In addition to this, it will also allow the food to cook faster and tastier too. To preheat your grill press, place your grill press on the grill grates for 5 to 10 minutes. You can use a towel or rubber gloves to handle the grill press.

  • Place Your Meat On The Grill

While your grill press is being heated on the grill, place the beef patties on the grill. Ensure to place your burgers on some distance from the other burgers as they can stick while they cook.

  • Use Grill Press

In this step, you will use the grill press. To do so, pick up the preheated grill press with either towel or use rubber gloves. Hold the grill press and place it on top of the beef patty. Keep pressing the patty by the pressure you apply on the grill press. As you apply the pressure using the grill press, the burger patties will spread out evenly and will sear from both sides.

  • Lift The Grill Press

Now lift the grill press and check the crust of the patty. If you need more crisper crust then use can use the grill press again. You can also flip the burgers and the use the grill press on the other side as well. However, using the grill press for too long on your burger patties can burn the crust down or make the burgers less juicy.

  • Remove The Grill Press

Now you can remove the grill press after searing both sides of your burger patties. You can now serve the patties topped on the burger.

How To Clean The Grill Press

You don’t have to use your grill press just once  rather you have to use it time and again. Hence, you have to maintain your grill press. As the grill press is itself made up of cast iron hence, you have to ensure that you clean it and season it too.

Following are the steps you can follow to clean the grill press.

  • Wash The Grill Press

After you are done using your grill press, wash the grill press with warm water. You can wash the handle as well and the press as well. Do not use the soap or detergent to clean or wash your grill press as this can cause the material to rust.

  • Dry The Grill Press

After you are done with washing your grill, next you have to dry it completely. To do so, you can use the towel as leaving the water droplets can lead to rusting and rust marks on the grill press  if you experience certain food residues on the press even washing then you can use kosher salt to scrub the residues on the grill press.

  • Re-seasoning The Grill Press

As seasoning the grill holds much importance similarly seasoning the grilling press is important too. Using an non-seasoned grill is not preferred as it will create friction between the food and the grill press. This will ultimately allow the food crust to stick on the surface of the grill press.

In addition to this, unseasoned grill press is a home to rust and corrosion as well. Seasoning the grill press allows the food to taste better, healthier and even crunchier. Hence, do not leave your grill press unseasoned after you are done washing and cleaning it.

There are many options you can use to season your grill press. The materials you use to season your grill can all be used to season your grill press. These include grapeseed oil, soybean oil, animal and butter fat. Ensure to use oil which has high smoking point and is also easily available.


Conclusively, using grill press is not difficult. It is quite simple and easy and is used just like normal iron or press. You just have to make sure that your grill press is well seasoned. In addition to this, while using the grill press allow it to preheat on the grill itself or on the stove. This will allow the food to cook faster and better.


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