How Long To Grill Hot Dogs At 400

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Do You Love to Have Hot Dogs On a Hot Summer Morning?

On a hot summer day, there is nothing more delicious than biting into a luscious grilled hot dog. Hot dogs, like sunglasses and lemonade, are as much a part of July 4th and Memorial Day celebrations, summer vacation, and neighborhood gatherings.

Fortunately, hot dogs are as simple to make as they are celebratory, and they can be made all year. For great results, they may be cooked in a skillet, boiled, or even microwaved, but grilled hot dogs are delightful and a popular alternative for feeding your family or a crowd! Knowing how to cook hot dogs to perfection the next time you’re on grill duty will elevate this traditional sausage from excellent to amazing.

Hot Dogs at The Perfect Temperature

Because hot dogs are already cooked and smoked, they don’t require as much time on the grill as raw proteins like pork chops, steak, or ribs. Because hot dogs don’t need to be cooked for long, it’s critical to nail your cooking temperature when grilling them so they don’t burn.

Preheat your grill at a lower temperature than you would generally expect. All-beef hot dogs taste best when cooked on medium-low heat, or between 250° and 325°F. Keep in mind that you’re only reheating your hot dogs and coloring them golden brown. If you cook them too hot, they may burst or scorch; if you cook them too cool, they will just steam without developing color.

Setting your grill at a low temperature is a good start, but you must still ensure that your hot dogs are not overexposed to the flame. For the majority of their cooking, keep your hot dogs away from direct heat and away from hot areas.

How Long Should Hot Dogs Be Cooked

Hot dogs cook in a matter of minutes on the grill. A hot dog should take no more than 10 minutes to heat thoroughly, and it may take as less as five.

The thinner your hot dogs, the less time they need on the grill. The majority of standard-sized beef franks require four to eight minutes on the grill. Some individuals like to leave their hot dogs on the grill for only a few minutes before transferring them to a warming rack to finish cooking.

When hot dogs achieve an interior temperature of at least 140°F, they are ready. When grilling, it’s usually a good idea to keep an instant-read thermometer nearby. This is an excellent method for avoiding the dreaded cold-in-the-middle hot dogs.

How to Cook Hot Dogs on a Grill

Things You Will Need

  • Grill (gas or charcoal)
  • Charcoal or propane
  • Use a grill brush or a wad of aluminum foil to clean the grill.
  • Tongs for grilling
  • grill spray with nonstick coating
  • natural beef frankfurters
  • Buns, ordinary or garlic melted butter, and a pastry brush

Directions to Follow

Step 1:Get Your Grill Ready

The first step to grilling the ideal beef frank is to make sure your grill is ready to go, whether you’re using a gas or charcoal grill. Confirm that it’s clean of leftovers from last season’s meal, and if it isn’t, get a grill brush and begin scrubbing. (Alternatively, a wad of aluminum foil might be used.) Once you’ve cleared the decks, make sure you have enough propane or charcoal on hand. Bring your tongs and your beef franks to the table. It’s time to play!

Step 2-Apply Spray To The Grates

Spray the grates with nonstick grill spray before turning on the grill. With a few of rapid blasts, treat it like any other cooking surface. Your franks will be less likely to adhere to the surface, making them simpler to turn—and your grill will be easier to clean.

Step 3-Turn On The Heat

Your grill, like a well-trained athlete, needs a good warm-up to function at its best. Preheat the grill before adding the franks. Preheat the gas stove on high for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 4-Keep Them Moving

Using barbecue tongs, arrange your beef franks perpendicular to the grill grates over indirect heat (or a location near to/not directly over the flames). Roll the beef frank over and broil each side until the ends of the frank begin to separate. There is no secret number for grilling the ideal frank because the outside conditions, grill style, and size all influence how long it takes.

Step 5-Bake Your Buns

Spread melted butter onto your hot dog bun two to three minutes before your beef franks are fully cooked. Place your bun face down on the grill, perpendicular to the grill grates, over indirect heat. 1 minute of toasting As soon as your minute is up, remove the bun. Leaving the bun on the grill for too long can cause the bread to dry out.

Step 6-Dress Up The Hot Dog

Your franks will seem rather bare when they come off the grill. Add some yummy toppings to them. While your grill is heating up, prepare your tray of natural ketchup, yellow mustard, relish, and chopped onion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the ideal temperature to cook hot dogs?

Ans: As we know that hot dogs are already cooked and smoked so they do not need much time to grill like steaks, ribs, or any other meat. Just preheat the grill medium-low or between 250 degrees Fahrenheit to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, remember that you just have to give a golden brown color to them.

Q2: How can we find a hot spot on the grill?

Ans: Use time-tested toast technique: Just heat your grill to medium and cover it with slices of bread. As the bread will toast, you can know which part of the grill is the hottest (as the bread will be dark brown from that side) and which parts are the coolest (as the bread will be light brown) for the hot dogs.

To Wrap it Up

Place your nicely cooked beef frank in its bread, then top with your favorite sauces. You’re now ready to enjoy a 100% beef frank—and a peaceful day.