How To Use A Rotisserie Burner On A Gas Grill

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Using A Rotisserie Burner On A Gas Grill

How To Use A Rotisserie Burner On A Gas Grill? Rotisserie burners are a sort of equipment that is attached to the ovens cooker. It aids in cooking and roasting food more conveniently. However, do you know that they work great on the gas grill equally?

If you don’t, keep reading this article as it will take a deep dive into all the crucial information you need to know about How to use a rotisserie burner on a gas grill. So, without any further due, let us start the discussion.

All You Need To Know About Using A Rotisserie Burner On A Gas Grill

How To Use A Rotisserie Burner On A Gas Grill

Follow the steps below to use the equipment with ease.

Steps To Use Rotisserie On A Gas Grill

  1. Make sure that what you are cooking is smaller than the length of the rear burner.
  2. If you are using a rear burner with a rotisserie, you need to know the weight of the food you will cook. And the maximum load the rotisserie can handle easily.
  3. After seasoning, roast your meat well and make sure that there are no flappy bits. This act will ensure that whatever you are cooking will be cooked brown.
  4. Before adding the food, slide the stop bushing onto the spit rod but not tighten it. After that, slide the first set of forks, ensuring that they face away from the handle and stop bushing.
  5. Be sure that the weight on your rotisserie is balance before starting the cooking. It makes sure that cooking is suitable.
  6. Always use a drip pan under the rotisserie burner. Place a drip pan on the cooking grids if the food you are cooking will fit. If it is not, remove the grids and place the drip pan on the sear plates. Fill the drip pan at least half mark with anything from the water to wine; even beer or stock will do nicely.
  7. Preheat the grill properly before you start to cook. It will take time, and you need to be patient in freezing weather. Use high temperature for the initial sear temperatures around 425°F. It will brown the outside of your meal beautifully before you turn the rear burner down to cook it thoroughly.
  8. You must remove the warming rack from the grill while using the rear burner.
  9. Take a screwdriver or butter knife to tighten the stop bushing in the proper place when placing the spit onto the grill. The grill is hot. Hence, make sure to follow safety precautions and wear heat-resistant gloves.
  10. Now, place your rotisserie burner on the gas grill and let the food cook according to the recipe you are following.
  11. Congratulations, your meal is all ready to be taken out off the grill to rest before serving. Turn off the grill and serve as desired.

Smart Yet Effective Tips To Follow A Rotisserie Burner On A Gas Grill

  1. Keep the lid on your grill closed as much as you can throughout the cook. It will keep the temperature inside the grill adequately maintained.
  2. Instead of using a wireless thermometer, it is recommended to use a digital thermometer. To check the temperature, turn off the rotisserie motor before checking the temperature so as not to touch the spit rod inside the meat.
  3. Add the sauce in the last 20 to 25 minutes to prevent burning any of the sugars in the sauce. Caramelization is good, but burnt sugar is not better (if you are using it in your recipe).
  4. Always use heat-resistant gloves to remove the spit rod from the grill and the forks and rod from the food once it is inside. Those metal parts are hot stuff! You will need a butter knife or flathead screwdriver to loosen the stop bushing.

Preheat the Grill

  • Before igniting your grill, make sure it’s outside in a well-ventilated location. A gas barbecue should never be used inside.
  • Check to see whether your grill has an igniter button. The majority of modern gas grills do. If it does, push and hold the igniter button while gradually turning on the burner control knob nearest to it.
  • Examine the cooking grates to determine whether the burner tube has gotten hot. A row of little bluish flames should appear. Stop pushing the igniter button as soon as it lights.
  • If the burner does not light after a few seconds, turn off the burner control knob and release the igniter button. Wait around two minutes for the gas you’ve released to disperse before trying again.
  • Repeat for the remaining burners, until they are all fully lighted.
  • If your grill lacks an igniter or the igniter is broken, use a lighter wand or long matches.

Clean and Preheat the Grill

  • Close the cover after turning all of the burners to high heat.
  • Wait 10 to 15 minutes, or until your grill reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit, before lowering the burner settings to medium. The interior temperature of most gas grills is shown via a built-in thermometer in the lid.
  • When the grill reaches temperature, remove the cover and use your stainless steel brush to clear all dirt from the cooking grates. Close the lid and let the grill to heat up a bit more before going at it with the brush if debris from prior grilling sessions isn’t dry and flaking off readily.

How To Clean Rotisserie Burner

After grilling, clean your infrared and rotisserie burners by merely turning the grill too high for about 5 to ten minutes. This step will ensure that all of the bacteria are killed. Now, use water and lemon juice and spray on the grates for cleaning more giant messes. And you are all sorted.


Knowing how to use a rotisserie burner on a gas grill can drive you with many benefits. For instance, the food gets cooked quickly and is tasty to eat simultaneously. 

However, knowing the correct method is mandatory, as discussed in the article above. So make sure to read it first before jumping into the actual scene.