Pit Boss Classic 700 Reviews


Wood pellet grills are increasingly popular amongst outdoor grilling chefs. If you are looking for a way to spice up your outdoor grilling without the need for the traditional smoke pit, a wood pellet grill may be the solution. Most wood pit grills are made in the same design that includes an automated auger and hopper. Most of them come with an electric igniter and a fan that keeps the fire going by driving smoke and hot air into the main cooking chamber.

The greatest disadvantage of wood pellet grills is that they use indirect heat exclusively. This means that you cannot use these grills for searing your patties and steak. If you prefer seeing grill marks on your food, you require improvising when using this type of grill.

The pit boss classic 700 is claimed to be the solution to these issues. It comes with a standard flame broiler that is relatively easy to operate. If you are considering this as your preferred wood pellet grill, here is everything you need to know before making your purchase.

The built

The body of the frill and that of the diffuser plates is constructed from heavy-gauge steel with porcelain-coated grid racks. There are no blemishes on the finishing, making it a state of the art grill for your patio or garden.

The performance

With this pellet grill, you will not need to invest in a traditional stove. The size of the pit boss classic can make several course meals, giving each food the tasty Smokey flavor. With this grill, you can produce the best-grilled foods right at home. The top rack can easily be pulled out if you need to grill foods that are longer in size.

This grill has the ability to reach 500 degrees, making it the perfect rills homemade pizzas. The flame broiler is the feature that sets this grill apart. It makes it possible for you to use direct heat as you would with a traditional gas or charcoal grill. This allows you to use direct heat to cook your foods, which is uncommon with these types of grills.

The grilling zone

The main grill grate on the pit boss 700 measures 27×19 inches to create a 523 square inches cooking space. You can use the upper rack as a warming rack for ready foods as you continue to grill the rest. Combining the two racks will give you 700 square inches of cooking space.

Easy temperature control

The pit boss classic 700 comes with a digital temperature control board. It allows you to easily adjust the cooking temperature and control the burn length for your foods. This is the perfect idea for a novice grill master experimenting with different foods and cooking styles. It also presents the perfect opportunity to grill seafood, behemoth burgers, and port shoulders, which can be temperature sensitive.

The pit boss temperature gauges are very accurate, making them reliable. The gauged are on different parts of the grill and are affected differently by hot air steam around the grill.

Indirect and direct broiling

Unlike other pallet smoker grills, the pit boss classic 700 comes with a broiler plate. This can effortlessly slide directly onto a flame for searing or it can be placed above another pallet for indirect searing. It also comes with an extra broiling rack at your disposal. This gives you the chance to smoke some of your foods.

 The cooking grates

The pit box classic 700 comes with durable cooking grids made from cast iron. This ensures you can use them to grill your food for many years, without worrying about wear and tear. Cast iron is also perfect for even heat distribution and can retain heat. This is the best way to ensure your food cooks evenly. These grates are also heavy-duty and porcelain-coated for even better heat management.

A cleanout chute for pallets

The most frustrating part of pellet grills is the tedious task of cleaning out the hopper from the unused pallet. The classic 700 comes with a convenient pallet cleanout chute that works to make the cleanup process easier for you. All you need to do is open the chute door to pour out the pallets conveniently. This is a great feature if you need to store the unused pallets or change the flavor on your wood when grilling different meat cuts.

Ease cleaning

The classic 700 from Pit boss is relatively easy to clean. You simply need to empty the dripping cup and gently use a grill brush to crab the grates. If the grates are messy, you can dismantle them and soak in soapy water. The porcelain coating protects them from rust and corrosion. It is important to pay extra attention to the side plate operating the broiler. Ensure you clean out the grease drippings around it to ensure nothing is left trapped. It is recommended that you clean your pit boss classic 700 after each use.

If you do not plan to use the searing zone, you can cover the diffuser plate with aluminum foil to make the cleanup process easier. This is especially important if you want to smoke meat.

Cooking on the classic 700

You can cook several foods taking advantage of the searing method with the low and slow operation. The versatility to use different cooking methods on one grill is what makes this one of the best pellet grills in the market.

For pallet consumption, the classiz700 will use about one pound of pallet for every hour is cooks on temperatures below 250 degrees. It uses two pounds of pallets every 2 hours is cooking at high temperatures.


If you are looking for an easy to use pallet grill that offers cooking versatility at a reasonable price range, the pit boss classic 700 is the best choice. The manufacturer has ensured that they deliver high-quality pellet grill with great performance at an affordable price, which is why Pit Boss is a loved brand by many home grill masters. If you are looking to venture into the world of pallet smoking and grilling, this can be the perfect grill to invest in.



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