What Is The Best Juicer For Celery in 2024

Top 3 Juicer For Celery

Celery is one of the heart favorites among the individual on a vegan diet, but to take celery juice every time, you need a specific juicer for this purpose. Buying the wrong product not only costs you a lot of money but a waste of time in managing and cleaning. Do you want to know what the best juicer for celery is? Many variants are present that claim to be effective in making a glass of celery juice. Still, they cause problems while operating due to the trucking of celery residual and cleaning it whenever you use it.


Celery is not recommended for vegans due to the potential health benefits, but also it contains many health-benefiting ingredients. If you are on a diet, start taking celery as it is one of the zero-calorie food. Celery is rich in antioxidants and cont fibrous foods. Celery benefits in maintaining a healthier human digestive system. It should be kept in mind that health experts do not recommend overdosage of celery. Taking too much celery in your food may satisfy your appetite, but it can lead to malnutrition as it is considered a zero-calorie food item.

Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Juicer

Boost your immune system and refresh your health with celery juice. Omega MM900HDS is among the best choices among the juicers specifically used for celery, carrots, and apple juices. The cold presser produces refined celery juices, but the low speed does retain all the vitamins and enzymes because of low heat oxidation. The adjustable cap not only makes the appropriate pace at which the juice emerges out of it. The worth mentioning feature is the powerful motor machine as you can use it twice a day with no hassle of dying out. 

You can use the Omega celery juicer without any disturbance as it is very easy to use. The cleaning part is simple, and you finish cleaning all the parts very quickly. It is one of the horizontal juicer machine aids to get maximum nourishment from celery. Use warm water for cleaning purposes. The masticating juicer operates at 80 RPM with a slow speed to intact the vitamins, enzymes, and immunity booster substance. 

Our Verdict

Easy to assemble and use. No need to waste time cutting celery. Just put into Omega MM900HDS juicer, and you are good to go for a very reliable juicing experience. Nothing to worry about cleaning, and all parts made are of supreme quality and durability. 



The pulp is perfectly dried and easy to discard.

Extracts extra juice from the celery in comparison with other alternatives.

Retains food’s original taste and integrity while juicing.

Celery adjustable cap and also fruits and vegetable cap available.

The author of Medical Medium recommends it due to its durability and effective functioning.

Fifteen years of warranty on most of the parts.



You need to put all the parts in the correct orientation before juicing.

Need precautions in handling the rubber parts.

Hurom H101 Compact Juicer For Celery

Are you worried that your juicer takes much space on the kitchen top? Hurom 101 is compact and very easy to clean. The advanced cleaning involved zero scrubbings. The slow squeezing gets all the wanted ingredients into the jug and not with much more effectiveness and elegance. Another good feature is that it not only involves juicing but also helps prepare delicious desserts, nut milk, ice cream, and smoothies. The entire plastic material is prepared according to safety compliance and is made entirely of BPA-free material.

The slow squeezer mode helped to have the natural components of food items without affecting the food item integrity. A rotation of 180 degrees for the pulp outlet available, so strain any leftover juice with ease. The juice is produced in no time with the powerful 43 RPM motor.

Our Verdict

Invest it in your family’s health with a space-saving Hurom H101 juicer with an innovative design. Take no technical expertise in using and also way easier to wash after every time of usage. Slow-speed juicing not only effectively extract 99% of ingredients but also retains the freshness of food items.


No sharp edges, ensuring the safety of the person operating the machine.

Though the motor is powerful, it doesn’t produce enough sound

Compact size and beautiful design

The slow presser with patented technology for food safety compliance.



You may need a user manual for the correct assembly of the juicer.

Require to cut all veggies and fruits into small pieces for juicing.

Breville JE98XL Juicer For Celery

Does your dietitian add a glass of celery juice to your diet chart? Celery contains fibrous content and is considered to be a low-calorie diet. Some vegetables and fruits produce foam, and if you dislike the saliva in your glass, inbuild a froth separator. The juicer function efficiently with the lid on. The extraction system is designed in such a manner that no water remains leftover on it. Is it possible to put the entire apple or pear into the feed chute? The wide feed chute helps in the fast juicing experience and takes your diet journey to the next level.

Our Verdict

Dual speed control, a froth separator, and wide chute, easy to clean and to operate. Dual speed for maintaining the integrity of food items.  Efficient, Elegant, and Smart device to carry out routine juicing journey.


Easy to use and operate.

Affordable among other alternatives

Wide Feed Chute for fast juicing

Inbuilt froth separator to do daily juicing


A little foam may be present among the glass of juice

The pulp produced maybe a little wet

Final thoughts

 Juicing is one of the vital components of a healthy lifestyle due to its health benefits. An individual has their own choice of material for juice depending upon their taste and personal preference. Celery is a commonly used food item due to its low-calorie count and benefits ranging from indigestion and better immunity. The traditional juicers and celery juicers work differently as the ordinary centrifugal juicers didn’t function properly when trying to extract juice from celery.

The omega MM900HDS does work better for celery juice due to more juice yield, easy cleaning, and 15 years of warranty for various parts. It is designed explicitly for cleary lovers and may produce less amount of juice for other food items.



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