Best Juicer For Retaining Nutrients in 2024

Your presence on this page shows that you are not new to juicing world. Even if not, let me explain the topic a bit in detail. Being new to set on juicing, one only looks for a juicer. Later, it reveals that different juicers deliver different nutritional output based on their processing.

There are a couple of factors involved in juicing process that can affect the retention of nutrients and other healthy enzymes in your delicious drink, that’s why people look for the best juicer for retaining nutrients. Such as the oxidization, and heat introduction to the drink, and a sharp cutting can destroy most of the nutrition threads of the food. It is what the experts believe like.

Best Juicer For Retaining Nutrients Review

Masticating juicers aka slow juicers are based on an auger squeezing system, that uses to run at a slower speed e.g. 60 rpm to maximum 100 rpm, deals with the nutrition threads of the food gently, and keep them intact.

Moreover, the juice obtained from slow juicers is preservable for up to 72 hours. It’s because a slow juicer does not introduce heat to your juice by getting hot. Similarly, there is no air involved in the process so the lesser oxidization keeps the drink fresh for long. While the life of a drink obtained from a fast juicer is not more than 10 hours.

But there is a catch. Do not expect a glass of fresh juice in seconds. It will take a little more time for its gentle slow processing.

We have reviewed some of the top options available to find the best juicer for retaining nutrients and the following comparison we have compiled for you.

Omega J8006HDS Dual-Stage Masticating Juicer

Undoubtedly, Omega is the top leading brand in the category of slow juicer which is known for providing healthier juices and maximum yield.  There are several models which have earned the unshaken trust of customers. Our first pick is that we find the best in all aspects such as performance, beauty, and budget, etc.


Omega J8006HDS is a cold press type juicer that runs at a speed of 80rpm. The processing involves the lowest heat generation and oxidation so that the nutrition threads remain intact in your drink and it also remains fresh for a longer time. Cold press is the best process to obtain juices enriched with antioxidants and healthy enzymes.

Amazingly, the model is perfect for juicing radish, beets, carrots, pine tree needles, cabbages, spinach, and all the fruits. If you are concerned with the natural flavor of the juices, the model serves you the best.

Moreover, you can take this all-in-one machine to several other uses such as mincing herbs, grinding coffee beans, making nut and buttermilks, or the frozen deserts.

Similarly, the model ensures obtaining a higher yield from the food. The drier pulp coming out of the machine shows that even the last drop has been extracted from it. You can keep juicing for longer because the automatic pulp ejection system

Above all, it comes to you with 15 years of parts and performance coverage. You can buy this silent mastication cold press type juicer without worrying about your investment.



  • Available only in one color combination

Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

There is another wonderful model from Omega again. The shiny silver and elegant black color combination make it eye-catching while sitting on your kitchen top.  This is another best from Omega with a few improvements and comes to you with 15 years of parts and performance coverage to secure your investment for a lifelong period.


The model allows you to prepare soy/nut milk, nut butter, pasta, baby foods, and even a variety of snacks in addition to a healthy juice for your whole family. It is duly called a premium nutrition system.

Amazingly, without suction cup feet, it rests firmly on the counter while juicing and provides you a hassle-free, cleaner juicing environment. It will not leave the ground if you do not push it hard.

The auger system assembled in a tight chamber grinds the food and presses it well to extract up to the last drop of juice from it. It lets nothing go without being squeezed even the most difficult items like wheatgrass and other greens.

It can handle all the fruits and veggies equally. It is very easy to attach and detach the parts for rapid cleaning.



  • Needs more prep time
  • Be careful, transparent screen is breakable

Kuvings BPA-Free Whole Slow Juicer Red B6000P

Shouldn’t we add something more colorful in the last? Although the model is available in other colors also, yet its red variant will add a lot to the look of your kitchen.


It’s a superlative slow juicer presented by a German manufacturer known for innovation. The model runs as slow as 60 rpm and its silent processing retains the healthy enzymes to provide a healthier drink.

The model is engineered to deal with all types of veggies, fruits, and other leafy greens. You can use it to prepare nut milk and frozen desserts also. To make your favorite frozen sorbet, the model feature a blank strainer therein.

Moreover, the model comes to you with a strainer cleaning tool and cleaning brush, which cleans a breeze.

If you are looking for a beautiful cold press type juicer machine that is capable of retaining the nutritions to the maximum, this one is for you.



  • Pricier Option

Final Thoughts

If you are into daily juicing and are also concerned about the nutritional value of what you are intaking, the things you need to know are that although fast juicing saves your time, there are many catches in it. For example, the powerful operation generates more heat and air introduction to the drink, which affects the freshness length of the drink. Similarly, the sharp crushing can ruin the nutritional thread of the food. Though it does not mean that the drink is no more healthy. The prior one is just more healthy.


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