Who Makes the Best Fillet Knives in 2024

Guide to Who Makes the Best Fillet Knives

Are you wondering, “Who makes the best fillet knives?” then this article will help you find the best brands and their fillet knife products. Fillet knives have an instrumental role in fast & precise filleting operations over the years.

Although with the help of a traditional kitchen knife, we can slice meat, vegetables, or bone a fish, fillet knives have their way of operational level. There are conventional and electric fillet knives in the market. Electric knives work faster and with precision.

Anyways, in this article, we’re going to give the three best fillet knife products of different brands. The article will provide the features, pros, cons, and detailed information of the fillet knives and the brand names. We’ll also offer a buyer’s guide for added convenience. Following our products list and the buyer’s guide, a customer can quickly fulfill his fillet knife shopping purpose.

Find out Who Makes the Best Fillet Knives (Brand & Product Reviews)

We’ll mention three products of the brands’ Mercer Culinary, BUBBA, and American Angler.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Narrow Fillet Knife

Mercer Culinary has two fillet knives, the narrow fillet knife and the other is flexible fillet knife.


Following are the characteristics of Mercer’s Culinary Narrow Fillet Knife

The knife comes with a knife size of 8.5 inches and narrows in shape. The blade edge is plain, and the construction material is stainless steel. The size of the product is 13 x 4 x 1 inches and weighs 4.6 ounces. The model number is M28360.

The blade is of high-quality carbon steel. The product has a reputation for safe operation, provides a non-slip handle.



  • Spare parts not available

BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

BUBBA has multiple versions of traditional and electric fillet knives. However, we’ll talk about their top-notch Cordless Electric Fillet Knife


Among the key features, the one to mention at first is the long 8.5-inches handle length

The 8.5-inches handle length is helpful to fillet any size of fish. The product weighs 3 pounds and has a dimension of 1 x 1 x 1 inch. Multiple sizes of blades are available with the product. The available sizes are- 7 and 9-inches Flex blades, nine and 12-inches stiff blades.

All of the blades are of stainless steel material.


  • Ergonomic Trigger
  • Battery-life indicator
  • Handle grip security
  • Fillet Gloves are available


  • Battery issues

American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

American Angler has released this fillet knife product with various blades, a hand glove, and an exquisite storage case.


Among the key features, the one to mention at first is the long 8.5-inches handle length.

With a weight of 3 pounds and a size of 14 x 5.5 x 3.75 inches, the product comes with a straight-back shape stainless steel blade.

All of the blades are of stainless steel material.


  • 2x Torque Generator Motor
  • Compatible with boning and filleting
  • Precise technology airflow design
  • Replaceable blades
  • Heavy-Duty EFK


  • Needs often sharpening

Guide for Finding Who Makes the Best Fillet Knife

When you want to know about the best brands that make the best fillet knives, consider the following criteria.

  • Options

Best brands design their products with multiple options that help the filleting purpose. Some brands create their product in a way that allows filleting any size of fish, boning any animal, and more. Furthermore, fillet knives are best when they come with some extra accessories.

  • Design

The design of a fillet knife should be proportional, so it’s easier to handle and attractive to customers. Many fillet knives have a lightweight design and easily portable for a fishing trip.

  • Quality of the Product

The best fillet knives have high-quality construction materials. The blades will be of stainless steel or high-carbon stainless steel. The handle will grip well, and the edges will hold sharpness even after 100s of filleting operations.

  • Spare Parts

It’s always great to have some spare parts with a fillet knife product. Instead of buying new blades, it’s more accessible to interchange blades with spare ones. Some brands offer spare batteries for electric knives and also extra handles.

  • Safety

Best brands design their products keeping in mind the safety factor of users. For safety, a handle should grip well. Also, the filleting operation should be easy going with the ultimate precision. Many fillet knife products in the market have a simple operation process, providing much delight for customers.

Final Thoughts

The quality of a fillet knife product matters a lot to a customer. The best brands always make their product keeping the quality factor in mind. Furthermore, safety is another essential factor in the fillet knife industry. A top-notch product with a safe operational level is the main thing to consider for a fillet knife.

Customers should check if their preferences comply with the quality of the product. Some products might provide the necessary needs of a customer, but not the quality of the product. Hence, values and individual preferences should go hand in hand.

So, in this article, we’ve given a list of three fillet knife products from three different brands that have the best features complying with the industry standards and customer preferences. A guide is also there for the convenience of understanding the criteria of a high-quality fillet knife. Check the video below to know more about fillet knives in general.

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