Best Fillet Knife for Tuna in 2024

Guide to the Best Fillet Knife for Tuna

Are you a Tuna Fish lover looking for the best fillet knife for Tuna filleting purposes? This article will guide you to the best fillet knives available in the market with their appealing characteristics, pros, and cons. Furthermore, there’ll be a buying guide for fillet knives and many more.

At first, let’s talk about Tuna fishes in general. The size of a Tuna fish is around 10-20 inches and weighs in the range of 3 to 400 pounds on average. But, the weight and size can be more as well. Hence, it’s necessary to comprehend that not every knife is suitable to fillet through a Tuna fish. The sharpness should be of supreme level, and the knife length should be compatible with the size of the fish.

So, in this article, we’re going to list the best fillet knives for Tuna fishes that are compatible with the requirements. Next, we’ll go to the three best fillet knife lists followed by an ultimate buyer’s guide.

Best Fillet Knife for Tuna Product Reviews

Kershaw 9” Curved Fillet Knife

Kershaw’s 9-inch Curved Fillet Knife is the product to consider to fillet Tuna fish. Its large Knife size is beneficial in filleting a giant sea fish.


Following are the features of Kershaw’s exquisite Curved fillet knife.

With the curved edge of this knife product, it serves a lot to the fish filleting purpose. The size of the product is 5.13 X 2.38 X 1.13 inches (Length, Width, and Breadth). The weight is 0.1 kilogram which serves as a great lightweight product. The product comes with a great blade length of 9 inches.

Blade material is stainless steel with a satin finish. This product is mainly known for its durability and quality of the housing materials.


  • Corrosion-resistant blade
  • Long blade size, perfect for a Tuna fish
  • Blade Protector
  • Strong handle, K-texture grip
  • Useful to fillet medium/large size fishes.


  • Rust concerns after prolonged use.

Outdoor Edge ReelFlex Professional Grade Fillet Knife

Outdoor Edge brand has come up with a Fillet Knife with some unique features. Users can use the knife to fillet Tuna fish along with other large fish as well.


As we said, some features of this product are unique.

One of the key features is the lifetime guarantee. The product is built with high-quality materials. The housing material of the knife is supreme quality German Stainless Steel. The blade length is 7.5”, which greatly serves the Tuna filleting purpose. The dimension in L x W x H is 17 x 4.5 x 1.3 inches. The weight is around 5.61 ounces.

The item is available in blue color. The handle material is of supreme quality thermoplastic elastomers.


  • Quality German 4116 stainless steel blade
  • Perfect blade length for large size fish
  • Clip point blade shape
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Non-slip grip


  • No multi-color options

Wusthof 1120360209 Classic IKON Fillet Knife

Wusthof brand has released this classic Fillet Knife with multiple appealing features. It serves well to the big fish filleting purpose.


The product comes with an excellent construction type.

One key feature is the forged construction from a stainless steel block, followed by tempered to 58 degrees HRC. The item dimension is 4.5 x 3 x 2 inches. The forged construction of the product results in a sharper blade. Wusthof designed the product with high-quality guidelines. The knife size is 7 inches, which is great, and the item weighs 1.2 pounds.

The color of the product is black. The product comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Sharper Blade
  • Precision Edge Technology
  • Durable
  • Anti-corrosion material
  • Long Narrow Blade
  • Perfect Ergonomics
  • Durable Handle- Synthetic Material


  • Need to sharpen the product more often.

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Fillet Knife for Tuna

A customer should consider the following things to buy a Fillet Knife for Tuna.

  • Perfect Size

When filleting Tuna is the primary purpose, the size of knives is a must consider. Usually, measures in the range of 7-9 inches are preferable for filleting Tuna Fish. So, keep in mind the size of a fillet knife and choose accordingly.

  • Handle of the Product

When you buy a fillet knife, the handling factor can prove out to be very important. An excellent quality handle will result in easy control over a filleting operation. Fillet Knives with ergonomic handles are the best to choose. Hence, choose accordingly.

  • Spare Blades

While your product is great to go with, you might want to choose products that come with spare parts or blades. If a knife gets dull after prolonged use, then you can always replace it with extra blades. Hence, products that come with spare blades are the best.

  • Durability

There are lots of fillet knife products that come with an excellent construction feature. Those products are durable and will operate without problems for a long time. Fillet Knives with quality stainless steel blades are much durable than the other products.

Final Thoughts

So, this article gives the best fillet knife list for Tuna fish. Furthermore, we also provided a buyer’s guide for user convenience. Overall, by following the products list and buyer’s guide, you can easily choose the best fillet knife for Tuna filleting.

Keep in mind your preferences and requirements. Good research always leads a user to an ultimate durable fillet knife product for Tuna or any large sea fish. A durable product with the perfect knife size, handle, and availability of spare parts will never disappoint in the long run.

In the end, we’d like to state that there is no shortage of quality fillet knife products that meet the industry standard. Choose products with a bit of care and knowledge in mind to avoid a low-quality product. For further convenience, check the video below to assist you in finding the best fillet knife product for Tuna.


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