Why Air Fryers Are Stupid

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Recently there have been a lot of discussions about the air fryer recently. Are air fryers stupid? Keep going through the article to find out.

The small kitchen appliance market is growing rapidly nowadays because of the added benefits. Amongst them, the air fryer is the most popular. The small device enables you to cook food impressively well within the shortest time. However, the most talked-about benefit of the air fryer is its capability to cook food with little or no oil. As a result, it can keep your food healthy compared to the other cooking appliances.

But are they really useful? In the below part of the article, we will try to discuss briefly the topic. Keep reading the below paragraphs.

How Air Fryers Work

Air fryers use a totally different technology for cooking food. The same technology is shared by the convection ovens. It is called rapid air circulation technology. The mechanism of the air fryer includes some fans with heating elements that work together to produce and circulate the heat. When you put something inside the air fryer and turn on the device, the heating elements start producing the heat.

The device cooks the food in a closed compartment so that the heat cannot be exposed. There is a basket in the air fryer that holds the food while cooking. You can easily slide out or slide in the basket as needed while cooking.

On the other hand, the fans inside the machine also start rotating to circulate the heat. With the help of the fans, the heat is circulated around the food which heats the food by which the food gets cooked. As the heat affect the food from all side, they get cooked perfectly and requires less time to be ready.

With such a unique cooking procedure, the air fryer allows you to cook the food at a quicker order while also not requiring oil.

Air Fryers Are Stupid?

When we put aside the benefits of the air fryer, there are some disadvantages of the device too. Usually, people don’t talk about the drawbacks of the device that much. In the below part of the article, we will let you know about some of the drawbacks of the air fryer.

Hard to Clean

Air fryers are openly marketed as easy to clean. While the statement is true in some cases, it is actually not for all the dishes you are cooking in the air fryer. As the device doesn’t cook your food submerged in the oil, it doesn’t leave any grease. That means you don’t need to go through messy cleaning of the grease. However, there can be a mess inside the air fryer while cooking some specific variation of the food.

As an example, while cooking the high-fat meats, the fat may melt and sit on the pan below the air fryer which will cause a mess. Getting rid of the grease will require effortful cleaning. On the other hand, while cooking snacks that include breadcrumbs will leave a lot of food particles which can create a mess in the basket. You will also need to go through cleaning almost every time for such foods.

A Bit Expensive

Compared to the deep fryers, the air fryer arrives with some health benefits but this too comes with a cost. You can cook or fry anything in the air fryer like the deep fryer. But the deep fryer uses a bunch of oil to submerge food and fry them. On the other hand, the air fryer doesn’t require any oil at all to cook most of the foods. But the issue is about the cost. The deep fryer will cost you less compared to the air fryer.

Limited Cooking

One of the issues about the air fryer is they arrive with a very limited cooking space. Usually, the air fryers are available in different sizes including small, medium, and big ones. The small air fryers are usually the ones that come with the capability of cooking for one or two persons. On the other hand, the medium air fryer can cook for around 3 to 4 persons. Furthermore, the larger one can cook for around 5 to 6 persons.

Compared to the size of the air fryer, there is a very small basket in the air fryer. Furthermore, you cannot even fill the basket for cooking. You need to cook the food in a single layer to assure proper cooking. If you stack food in the basket, you will end up undercooking or overcooking.  The cooking outcome will be downgraded. To avoid these issues, you must cook in a single layer.

As a result, you cannot cook much of the food at once in the air fryer. If you need to cook a good amount of food, you will require cooking them in smaller batches which is very daunting.

Chance of Failed Dishes

Air fryers arrive with controlled cooking time and temperature features. But still, there are chances of going wrong with your dishes. Nowadays a large number of manufacturers are producing air fryer devices and a lot of models are available. As a result, the capability of the device may vary from model to model. But you will usually find a specific time and temperature in the air fryer recipes.

While cooking the food following the recipe, sometimes you might end up with burned and dried food. That is not because you failed to follow the recipe steps but because of the issues in the air fryer. You will require going through trials and tests several times for a specific dish to find out the perfect cooking duration and cooking time. This is intimidating if you don’t have the times to do it.


So, is the air fryers are stupid? We can say a bit. But they are not useless at all. If you can utilize the air fryer in the correct way it can be very beneficial to prepare your foods. Make sure to follow the guideline that arrives with the air fryer to avoid any issues.