How To Clean Air Fryer Basket?

How To Clean Air Fryer Basket?

Air fryers are lovely.  It gives you great comfort and convenience while using due to the easy way of usage and how easily it cooks. But as helpful as this machine is, it won’t last long if not properly maintained, cleaned, and handled.

How often can I Clean my Air Fryer?

How often you clean your air fryers determine how effective it will be while using it again. Whether what you fried has a tiny amount of oil or not, your air fryer may start smelling or producing because of food remain and oil from last the usage. It is helpful to clean it every time we use it. If your cooking comes in batches, you can wait till you are through before cleaning.

What do I Need, and How do I Clean it?

Before cleaning, you will need to get your hands on; Dish soap, a soft brush (avoid stiff brush that can cause wear to the non-stick coating mesh covering the heating element in your air fryer.), Soft clothes or paper towels.

That said, cleaning is another massive step as all that will be listed below as valuable tips on cleaning our air fryers have to be done with carefulness. Below are ways you can clean the machine:

  • Turn off and Unplug the air fryer, allow it to cool. Cooling can take 25 to 35 minutes. Removing the fryer basket and pan from the central unit helps it cools faster.
  • Wipe the outside with a moist cloth or sponge.
  • Wash the basket, tray, pan with soap and soft song. Remember to check your manual and confirm if the components are dishwasher safe before using a dishwasher. For some fryers, all the removable parts of the air fryer, such as the basket, pan or tray, and so on, are dish-washer safe. So you can put them in a dishwasher if you don’t want to wash them by hand.
  • If you find any food or baked-on grease stuck in the parts, soak with dish soap and hot water for 10 minutes. Then remove the softened pieces with a soft brush or damp sponge.
  • Clean the inner part of the fryer with hot water.
  • Wipe down the coil with a sponge or cloth to avoid the remains of spilled oil.
  • Ensure that the pan, tray, basket, and all other removable parts of the air fryer are completely dry before installing them back in.

After you have cleaned your air fryer, it is advisable to store it properly; in a place out of reach of children. Ensure it’s not plugged, and check if there’s any space created for the package of the cord; if there is, pack it well and store it.

How do I Maintain my Air Fryer?

Your air fryer deserves more than cleaning. Maintenance also helps when you think of keeping your fryer for a long time. It would help if you took some maintenance precautions outlined below to make sure it doesn’t malfunction or develop an unnecessary fault while using.

  • Thoroughly inspect each part of the components, including the basket, pan, tray, and so on. If any is damaged, make sure to contact the manufacturer and replace them.
  • Your air fryer may overheat or not able to release hot air or steam while cooking when placed close to the wall or close to another appliance. It is helpful to put it in a well-spaced area with a minimum space of 4 inches to any other devices or wall.
  • Do not by any chance place it upside down. It can cause damage.
  • Never plug a frayed or imperfect cord into an outlet or socket. Make sure to scrutinize the cable to ensure they are clean and not damaged. Plugging damaged cords is dangerous as it can lead to severe injury and, in some cases, death.
  • If it has been a long time since you last used it, check the inside as it may be dusty. Clean before use.

What are the Possible Problems my Air Fryer can have?

Although air fryers were built to last, just like any other home gadget, they may develop faults. Some of which are easy to fix on norms. Some common problems are;

  • Smoke coming out of the cooking pan: this happens when too much oil or grease is collected at the bottom of the pan. It’s as a result of not cleaning it after previous use. It won’t cause any harm or damage, unplug it, clean, and dry before using it again.
  • Cooked food not correctly done: this is due to too much food quantity in the basket. The heat coming from the coil won’t be evenly distributed because it’s been absorbed by the food at the top layer. When you have a lot to cook, try cooking in batches.
  • Finding it difficult to slide the pan into the air fryer may occur because the basket is not correctly attached to the pan or because the basket is too full of food. Try removing a little of the food and check if it’s well connected to the pan.
  • Bubbles from inside the air fryer: this is due to accidentally scratching the non-stick coating mesh or incorrectly placing the basket into the fryer. Luckily, it is harmless to your health even if part of it manages itself unto your food. Contact your customer service to get it replaced if your warranty is still valid. If not, then buy another one.
  • If you find your air fryer not starting, then Check the outlet if it’s on or not. And also, check the cord as it may cause it. If not then, it’s likely a mechanical issue. At this point, you are advised to go to your manufacturer as they may help you repair it or direct you to a vetted repairer.

Bottom Line:

Your air fryer will undoubtedly last for some years without giving you problems when you fully follow these guidelines on cleaning, maintaining, and storing it. With this insight, it will continue to offer stress-free, healthy, and properly cooked food for a long time without breaking down or functioning inadequately.

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