Will Air Fryer Burn Paper

Will the air fryer burn paper? Yes, sometimes it can. If you are going to use an air fryer for the very first time, this thought may come to your mind. Since you don’t want to damage the expensive bottom of your air fryer basket, you need to be aware of this.

Air fryers are one of the best tools for cooking food in the shortest possible time. It uses a different method to cook your food which is a fast air circulation method that allows the food to be cooked perfectly. It can cook from all sides to cook properly.

One of the problems with air fryers is that they can emit heat at the bottom of the basket. As a result the paper burns which does not allow the food to get stuck in the device. Sometimes its effects can cause major problems on the device.

In the below part of the article, we will tell you which paper can burn from the air fryer and how to prevent the air fryer from burning the bottom of the basket. So keep reading to know the details of precaution.

Will Air Fryer Burn Paper

Generally, there is a moderate range of temperature when operating an air fryer that will help you cook your food without any issues. When you cook the food for a long time, the air fryer may emit some heat at the bottom where you put it.

Usual or one-time paper burns due to that heat. So the risk is higher if you do not have heat-resistant paper. So always stay away from using normal paper. It is safe for both you and your device. There is nothing to fear. There are ways to resolve such issues. Follow the next paragraph to know that way.

Benefits of Using Parchment Paper in Air Fryer

There are a lot of heat-proof papers that are available in the market commercially such as parchment paper. You can keep the bottom of the air fryer basket while cooking to prevent burns. But why use parchment paper? Well, I’m explaining the benefits.

Parchment paper is a type of perforated paper. These holes allow a sufficient amount of air to circulate through the paper. As a result, it helps the food to evaporate better without sticking to the bottom of the air fryer basket.

Delicious foods like fish can get stuck inside the air fryer when fried. This can cause the fish to flip and break, which can ruin your entire diet. Moreover, the fish oil sticks tightly to the bottom of the basket which is very difficult to clean. A parchment paper will solve this problem.

Another important thing you may not know is that parchment sins are FDA tested and approved. Typically, these papers can withstand heat up to 450F. Interestingly, despite providing so many benefits, their cost is very affordable.

However, before using parchment paper, you must read the manufacturer’s instructions. Never preheat your air fryer with solo parchment paper. Then it will fly inside the device and hit the heating element. Air fryer parchment sheets or liners have different shapes. They are available in rounds and inches. Different shapes do not mean that they will not work equally well.

Parchment paper is usually shaped according to the different sizes of air fryers. Moreover, you will find different brands of paper in the market. Most of the parchment papers are of coloring type. Now you select the paper according to the size of your air fryer or tray which fits properly.

How To Use Parchment Sheet in the Air Fryer?

The processes for using parchment paper in an air fryer are as follows:

  • Check the papers first. The purpose of checking is to avoid any defaults. Because the default paper will not act as a fire extinguisher at the bottom of the air fryer basket.
  • Now measure twice and cut once. To avoid the risk of fire, never bunch the paper.
  • If you make parchment paper yourself, cut it slightly smaller than the size of the air fryer basket when cutting. This will allow the maximum amount of air to flow to make your food crispy.
  • Never insert the paper while preheating. Only add the paper before preparing or heating your food.

Other Things You Can Put in Air Fryer

To avoid air fryer burn issues, you can use other paper instead of parchment paper. These are aluminum foil paper, silicone perforated air fryers liners, etc.

Aluminum Foil Paper

There is a little more common way to solve the problem of burning paper at the bottom of the air fryer basket. That is an aluminum foil that is available everywhere. Foil paper can provide significant benefits to your cooking if you use it properly. Make sure you cut it into the perfect shape for your air fryer that fits the device. As we have said before, it plays a significant role when it comes to cleaning mess.

Aluminum foil paper can tolerate extreme heat like 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the air fryer does not get a chance to generate any kind of fire from the heat of circulation.

Silicon Perforated Liners

Silicone perforated air fryers liners are fire extinguishing accessories. Their function is exactly the same as in the case of aluminum or parchment paper. However, these are relatively costly but effective. At the same time, it is a bit standard from aluminum foil or parchment paper.


What is the Different Between Regular and Parchment Paper?

There is no significant difference between regular and parchment papers. Only one of them has a perforated hole which the other does not have. This means that parchment paper has this special perforation facility that allows air to flow. This hole allows air to flow through the food at all angles. As a result, the food also ensures equal baking.

Is it Safe to Use Wax Paper Air Fryer?

No, it is not acceptable in air fryer safety issues. Because wax paper will melt due to heat. This can also block air circulation. So never use wax paper inside the air fryer.


Air fryers are the best appliance for quick cooking. You don’t want to have a burning issue at the bottom of the basket. So, use the right paper according to your device and keep it safe from burning. However, parchment paper, aluminum foil, or silicone paper will act as a burn protector.


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