4 Key Factors to Bear in Mind When Selecting Chef Clothing for Your Restaurant

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Choosing appropriate clothing for the chefs in your café or restaurant kitchen is important for several reasons. It impacts key issues such as food hygiene and employee safety, plus helps to ensure that your catering staff make a good impression if and when they interact with diners.

So, how can you ensure that you make the right choice when picking your company’s chef uniform? Use the following four factors as guidance and you’re sure to find the perfect clothing for your culinary staff.


One of the first considerations to bear in mind is the material that the uniform is made from. Chefs work in a high-pressure environment with several different potential hazards, so their clothing must provide them with adequate protection from these. For example, it must be resistant to heat and sturdy enough that it doesn’t tear or get pierced easily. In addition to being durable, the fabric must be breathable and sufficiently lightweight to keep chefs comfortable throughout their shift. Some amount of stain-resistance will also be useful, so that staff look presentable day after day despite the inevitable spills!


Traditionally, chef clothing has always been white. While there are some benefits to choosing this color – for instance, it helps to keep employees cool while working in a hot kitchen – it also shows up stains more easily. There’s no reason why you can’t branch out and go for something different, such as sleek black, vibrant blue or contemporary gray. Another top tip is to choose a shade that matches your restaurant’s color scheme, as this can help to make your staff instantly recognizable and strengthen your business’s branding. If possible, capitalize on this by splashing out for personalized uniforms featuring your café’s logo.


Appearance isn’t everything, but it is important when you want to give off a professional image to your customers. Not to mention, your staff will be much happier and more satisfied in their jobs if they feel good in what they’re wearing. As part of this, make sure that you order separate chef pants for women and men, so that they fit individuals properly and have a flattering finish. In addition to being stylish, your chef uniforms should also be practical, so make sure you pick designs with plenty of useful features such as pockets in different sizes and underarm vents for extra breathability.


Finally, the amount you’re spending does of course have to factor into your decision when buying chef clothing. Ideally you want to find something with a blend of quality and affordability, because while you don’t want to blow your whole budget on one chef coat you also don’t want to end up with cheap-looking uniforms that wear out after just a few washes. Investing in high-end clothing also shows your staff that you value them and want them to be comfortable at work. One option to save you some money is to see if you can get a discount by buying your chef clothing in bulk, especially if you’re making purchases for a chain of eateries.