How to cook Frozen Sweet Potato Fries in Air Fryer?

How to cook Frozen Sweet Potato Fries in Air Fryer?


Whether you are a stay-home mum or just crunched for time or cash, frozen sweet potato is always an option to diversify your already limited diet. Using an air fryer in cooking your frozen sweet potato is a time-saving method, as it will create perfect fries in half the time it will take if it was baked in an oven.

In this article, I will share with you two famous recipes I have found to be perfect for this cooking method. With these little tricks that may seem a little too simple, you can get your air fryer to produce golden crisp, crunch, and table-ready fries that could be nothing short of a masterpiece on a plate.

Why Air Fryer?

Most often, problems we have with frozen food are when you either cook them in the oven, don’t get that fantastic crispy texture you desire, or cook them in the deep fat fryer, and you add way too many extra calories than you will like on your plate. Air fryer, I believe, is an innovative way of keeping that crispy texture in frozen food worrying about that extra fat or butter.

I have found out that owning an air fryer is an added advantage when you have to cook all sorts of frozen treats such as frozen french fries, frozen chicken wings, frozen fish sticks, frozen hash browns, breaded mushrooms, and frozen pizza rolls. No flavors are lost when you are cooking meals. We typically use traditional frying or baking methods. Tater tots and pork chops with my secret rub remain my absolute favorite use of my air fryer. It uses a whole lot less oil than traditional frying methods and still cooks at half the time.

I think it is also noteworthy that Sweet Potato Fries can be reheat in an air fryer. So whether it is leftover from one of our many takeout’s or fries baked at home from our recipes, you can reheat the fries in your air fryer. Preheat your fryer to 400F, cook 1-2 minutes until heated thoroughly and crisp.



  • Frozen sweet potato fries (1 lb bag) Your bag of frozen sweet potato fries comes already pre-seasoned. If you are a gluten-free eater or looking to keep your carbs low, be sure to read the label before you buy to look for that information.
  • High heat oil; this is optional. But if you intend to use it, get a high-heat oil that your family likes the best.
  • Optional sauces such as ketchup, tartar sauce

Note: Please note that how much frozen potato fries your air fryer can cook at a time depends on its size and your preference. Also, if you are cooking in the basket-style air fryer that’s already stated to be non-stick, you don’t need to brush the basket with cooking oil. If you have an aluminum air frying tray like my Instant Pot Omni Plus, however, brushing with a bit of oil on the pan before cooking will prevent the frozen sweet potato fries from sticking in the air fryer.


First and foremost, you will need to preheat your air fryer to 400F; if it doesn’t do this automatically, you will need to manually turn your model on for 3-5 minutes before the cooking process. 400F is the temperature I cook most of my air fryer frozen foods and snacks, as I found this temperature best for achieving that perfect texture and fried taste.

The next step is to add oil or spray air fryer basket if your model is made with aluminum; you can, however, skip this process if it’s a non-stick model. Cooking oil and sprays will ruin the finish in the non-stick basket and will make the food stick. Next, lay the frozen air fryer sweet potato fries in a single layer (make sure the sweet potato fries are frozen and don’t defrost them before cooking). Leave space around the fries for best results; some fries make the air circulate and have a crispier finish.

While some people will suggest that it is better to stack the fries and shake the basket frequently, I honestly don’t recommend this. You should, however, shake or toss the fries at least once during cook time.

The frozen sweet potato fries in the air fryer already come pre-seasoned, so this is a one-ingredient recipe! You can brush a little oil on the fries as an optional step if desired, but many frozen fry brands already come with added oil.

Serve your fries as a side dish or as part of an appetizer spread.

Recipe 2


  • You need Frozen Sweet Potato Fries. You can use any brand of regular cut frozen french fries found in the grocery store freezer aisle.
  • Cooking SprayCooking spray is optional. However, it can be helpful against sticking if you are cooking in large batches
  • ; saltonion powder, creole, garlic powder, or Italian seasoning. You can also make things exciting by sprinkling Rosemary. All these seasonings are optional and are suggestive depending on personal preference.


Using this recipe, I will suggest first preheating the air fryer to 360° F. A light spray with cooking spray is applied on the frozen sweet potato fries. Then it is sprinkled with salt or other seasonings of choice such as onion powder, creole seasoning, garlic powder, or Italian seasoning. Note that the cooking spray and salt/seasonings are entirely optional.

Place sweet potato fries in the fryer basket, and make sure not to overfill the basket—Cook for approximately 10 minutes. Mix or stir the sweet potato fries and cook for an additional 5-8 minutes. Depending on the model or type of your air fryer, the size of your fryer basket, and the number of sweet potato fries in the basket, you can shake the basket and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes until you reach your desired level of crispness as needed. Then it is ready to be served.

Bottom Line

Serving with the classic sauces such as ketchup, mustard, or barbeque sauce and more exotic ones such as chicken wing sauce, chili crisp, eel sauce makes for a bon appetite.

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