Best Bread Dough Cutter in 2024

Top 3 Best Dough Scrapers

If you are a home baker, one of the greatest challenges you probably encounter is having a good enough knife to cut dough when baking bread. Even with the best knife, getting the residue dough from your kitchen surface is not easy with a knife. You need a tool specifically created to cut through dough and remove dough residue. You need to consider investing in the best bread dough cutter.

Most people don not imagine how helpful a dough cutter can be until they invest in one. It is an integral part of any baker’s journey and is an essential tool for any kitchen. If you are new to dough cutters, choosing the best one for your needs can be a challenge with so many options in the this article, you will find comprehensive reviews of the top three options you can use and everything you need to know about dough cutters.

Lamson Dough cutter, 3″ x 6″ Stainless Steel with Riveted Walnut Handle

This is one of the best stainless steel dough cutters in the market today. Manufactured by one of the best kitchen cutlery companies in the United States, this dough cutter is made from strong tempered stainless steel material with a durable walnut handle fitted with stylish rivets. The 3 by 6-inch blade is can be used to turn mix, and cut different textured doughs and removing dough from surfaces.

Chef’n Pastrio 3-in-1 dough cutter and Bench Scraper Set

If you are looking for the perfect plastic dough cutter, the Chef’n Pastrio 3-in-1 dough cutter is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It come with everything you would need in a dough-making tool. It features a 6-inch wide stainless steel scraper with measuring guides, making it perfect for use when making precision cuts on your dough. It also comes with a rectangular plastic cutter that is ideal for cutting and scraping dough from your surfaced without scratching. The last piece of the set of 3 is aplastic curves scraper, which is perfect for removing dough from any type of bowl.

The best part is that, these three dough cutters can be nested together for easy storage, is also dishwasher safe and very affordable.

Spring Chef Dough cutter and Bench Scraper

If you are looking for the perfect bench knife, you should consider the spring chef dough cutter and bench scraper. This is a large and firm dough cutter made with a stainless steel blade that comes marked with a ruler to measure and cut dough sixes of up to 6 inches. The fact that it is sharp makes it ideal for other tasks like chopping vegetables and crushing nuts in your kitchen. The plastic handle is textured for easy grip and control of the cutting process. It is highly durable and easy to clean, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen.

What is s dough cutter?

Also commonly referred to as a bench knife or pastry scraper, a dough cutter is a simple and indispensable tool that features blunt edges blades made from rubber, metal, plastic or nylon. They are available in different sixes though are all easy to handle with just one hand.

A dough cutter can be used to turn, lift and move dough around your workstation, and you can also use to it cut and mix butter into your floor, scrap dough out of a bowl or from a surface without tearing and slicing your dough into the sizes you want. You can also use a dough cutter to transfer delicate partied to baking sheets without having dough sticking to your fingers.

If you like icing you cakes, a scraper can be used to level icing on the surface of your cake and even smoothen the sides. Other used in the kitchen include crushing garlic and chopping nuts, detaching lasagna from the sides of a dish and slicing lasagna into equal parts. You can even use it to make chocolate curls.

As you can see, a dough cutter is a highly versatile tool that can make baking in your home much easier.

Material used in dough cutters

The most common materials used to make dough cutters are metal and plastic.

Metal dough cutters

This come in a thin straight edged blade fitted with a handle for easy handling. Because of the straight edges, most metal cutters are ideal for use when cutting vertically through dough for pastries such as fudge, brownies and scones. They also come with ruler marking on either side of the edge, making it perfect for cutting equal dough sizes.

Most metal dough cutters are made from stainless steel, making the long lasting and rust-resistant. The handle runs across the top side of the cutter for a form grip and easy maneuverability. The fine edge ensures you can use a metal cutter for other needs in the kitchen like chopping fruits, herbs, fruits and nuts.

Because they are made from metal, they are not the best choice when you need to scrap off dough or stuck foods from a non-stick surface as they can leave marks. Also, their rectangular shape and rigidity makes them hard to use when you need to scrap dough from a round bowl.

Plastic dough cutters

Plastic dough cutters are more versatile compared to metal ones. They are created with flat and curved edges for better usability. You can use them for anything a metal cuter can do, including mixing dough, and removing dough from round bowl. They are also the best options when you need to remove dried dough or foods from your kitchen counters.

Most plastic dough cutters do not come with a handle, which makes then harder to control or grip. This makes them a bit messy to use and are less durable compared to stainless steel. Since they are not sharp enough, they are only ideal for cutting dough.

Dough cutter shapes

When choosing a dough cutter, the shape of the scraper is an important consideration to make. Dough cutters with curved edges are best suited for scrapping dough and batter from mixing bowls but may not be as effective when you need to scrap dough from surfaces.

Bottom line

With this comprehensive review and buyers guide, you can use the wisdom shared to choose the best bread dough utter for your needs. To make the process easier, you can simply choose one from the list and change how you slice dough in your kitchen.

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