Best Juicer For Apples And Carrot in 2024

Top 3 Juicers For Apples And Carrot

Creating juice at home requires a good juicer. Are you in search of a premium juicer that can efficiently squeeze every bit of juice from fruits like apples and vegetables like carrots? We’ve got some valuable information to help you find the perfect juicer for your home usage. The popularity of making juice at home has significantly risen over the past few years, making the choice of a juicer an essential step for achieving the best results from your produce.

People can buy juice from grocers and unique food shops. You can make apple and carrot juice at home by using juicing equipment.

Carrot and apple juice have numerous health benefits, and they reduce the risk of many diseases. Carrots have antioxidants that can prevent cancer. It provides nutrients and does not have much fiber like other fruits and vegetables. Carrot and apple juice can improve your sight, immunity system and refresh your skin. Lots of vitamin A, potassium, biotin and vitamin B6 are there in carrots.

Carrot apple juice reduces the risk of diabetes; it gives you healthy and glowing skin, silky smooth hair, and nails. This drink is also called a super drink. So you will have to pay attention to the selection of juicer; the wrong juicer will waste not only your money but also time and effort.

Here are top three best juicers for carrot and apple .

Breville Centrifugal Juicer


Breville 800JEXL elite centrifugal juicer is used professionally. This juicer extracts 30% more juice than traditional juicers; use a powerful 1000 watt motor. There are almost 40000 filtering pores which result in taste smooth and delicious juice. A micro-mesh filter basket is assembled in it, which extracts maximum output from the item.  The large feed chute extracts more quantity at one time, it saves your time, and you can put whole fruit and vegetable at once without cutting or peeling.

This juicer has 32fl oz. Jug which can be separated easily, and pulp is automatically ejected in the pulp container. The power cord wrap under the base and pulp container is easily detachable, making it easier to store in any kitchen.

A slow-speed controller is used to blend soft or leafy fruits or vegetables, and for denser or hard fruits and vegetables, a fast-speed switch is kept on.



Kuvings NJE-3580U Juicer


Kuvings NJe-3580U is the latest masticating style juicer manufactured by a reputable South Korean company specializing in producing juicers.  These multi-purpose juicers are best for those individuals who want to have a great variety of juices in their routine. This juicer has a low-speed 80 RPM for minimal heat build-up and oxidation.  The extracted liquid is richer in vitamins and enzymes.

You can squash juice quickly and conveniently; the 170m watt strong motor quickly extracts juice from fruits and vegetables; crushes ice, extrude pasta and grind coffee beans. This juicer preserves all the nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes and provides optimal juice with dry pulp ejection.

It comes with seven different nozzles to process food, the heavy-duty juicing screw is made from plastic, and it is used to extract juice from carrots and apples. The dust cover protects it from dust when the juicer is not in use.



  • Not for commercial use
  • High price

Breville JE98XL Juicer


Breville JE98XL  fountain plus is the best centrifugal juicer. The extra-large feed chute allows putting the whole carrot without cutting it into the juicer. The titanium reinforced disc and micro mesh filter basket are made of stainless steel, extract maximum juice from carrots and apples.

The cord is wrapped around its feet under the base, and the pulp container is quickly separated, which helps store the juicer easily. It comes with dual speed controller for soft and dense fruits and vegetables.  The locking arm helps to ensure seal every time. The scrubbing brush helps to clean filter mesh quickly.




For juicing carrots which juicer is the best choice to extract juice?

Masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers are used with pros and cons. A masticating juicer preserves nutrients whereas, a centrifugal juicer works quickly. A masticating juicer squeezes every drop of juice from the item, and centrifugal juicer grind and crushes by using blades. Purchase the juicer which fulfills your needs.

Can whole carrot have to put in a juicer?

Depending on the size of the feed chute, you can put the whole carrot in the juicers.

Does carrot juice refresh skin and improve tone?

Carrot juice contains minerals and antioxidants that help to nourish skin and prevent oxidants of skin cells. This juice prevents us from aging, fine lines, wrinkles and provides healthy glowing skin.

Which time is best to drink carrot juice?

Raw Carrots can be eaten or cooked, but a glass of juice every morning leads you towards a healthy life.

What are the benefits of taking apple juice?

It may protect us from heart issues and protect us from brain diseases, which may support hydration. Apple juice is rich in plant compounds, mainly polyphenols.

Can unpeeled carrots be safe to eat?

Wash and scrub well to remove debris and dirt; it’s safe to eat unpeeled carrots. Carrots are used in salad looks not too much appealing when it is not peeled off.

Bottom line:

If you start a healthy routine, juicing is best to go ahead with it. The carrot and apple juice give you all the nutrients you need throughout the day. Carrots and apples are an essential part of our diet, and their juice has numerous benefits. All the juicers we are reviewing are a better choice to squeeze juice from carrots and apples. Breville 800JEXL is the top pick juicer because of its value and function. It is an affordable, slim, easy to use, and multi-tasking unit for any kitchen. If you seek a multi-purpose juicer and durability, then the Breville juicer is an excellent choice to go ahead with it.


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