Best Air Fryers under $200 in 2023

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Top 3 Best Air Fryers Under $200

Air fryers have become increasingly popular in many kitchens because of the health benefits they present. With an air fryer, you can enjoy tasty, crispy fried meals without worrying about your calorie consumption. This is because air fryers use little to no oil to cook food. Instead, it used an air circulation technology that distributes hot air in the cooking chamber to prepare food.

If you are looking for an air fryer for under $200, you will be confronted with numerous options in the market. The size, cooking capacity, and features can vary from one $200 air fryer to the next one. This is why it is important to take your time when choosing one to ensure you get the best value for your money.

To make your choice easier, here is a review of the top 3 best air fryers under $200 on the market.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer

The Instant Pot That Air Fries. This is the hottest new multi-cooker from the makers of the all-time bestselling Duo series, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a pressure cooker and air fryer with 2 convenient, removable lids

The 11-In-1 1-Touch Cooking Programs allows you to put cooking on autopilot with delicious results. This appliance pressure cooks, sautés, steams, slow cooks, sous vides, warms, air fries, roasts, bakes, broil and dehydrates.

The Innovative EvenCrisp technology ensures a perfect crunch every time; Imagine biting into fall-off-the-bone ribs with a perfect air fried crust, this air fryer can do that for you. It has a multi-level air fryer basket with dehydrating and broiling tray designed for optimal airflow while the protective pad is great for storage and countertop use

Cook for up to 8 people with the premium quality (18/8) stainless-steel inner pot that is BPA/PFOA/PTFE-free. The 10 plus built-in safety features includes automatic pressure and temperature control and overheat protection. It comes with a New EasySeal lid to automatically seal for pressure cooking and the pressure release button vents steam from a distance.

It also has a powerful 1500W heating element that reduces preheating time and cooks up to 70% faster to ensure you enjoy from frozen to golden in minutes.

Hosome Toaster Oven, 60 Min Timer Air Fryer

Hosome large toaster oven with 8 functions include air fryer for chips, roast, pizza, cookies, warmth, bake and broil, a great helper for making delicious food. With a temperature range of 0-450℉ up to 60 ensures you have control of the cooking time when making yummy food.

With the new 360°hot air circulation, this air fryer toaster oven works to maintain constant temperature to ensure even food toasting on the 30 liters cooking pot. This capacity ensures you can make enough for the whole family in one cook cycle. As a large capacity air fryer, it is suitable for different kinds of foods like roast chicken, pizza, steak, cake and so on. It comes with a Built-in oven lamp and glass door that allows you to view your food as it cooks. The cooking chamber has 4 slots allowing you to air fryer different foods at the same time.

Select one function on the controls after power on, then rotate the temperature and time knob on your desired, it will work automatically. This is an easy to use air fryer. Once the cooking time lapses, the air fryer automatically comes to a stop.

GoWISE USA 14.7-Quart Air Fryer Grill

The GoWISE ultimate air fryer grill is built with dual heating elements designed to heat faster, evenly and cut your cooking time. It combines the design of an oven with air fryer technology to give you everything you need in the kitchen. Take full control of heating with manual mode that allows you to choose between bottom, top or dual heating. With dual heating and rapid air technology, this air fryer allows you to air fry, grill, sear, dehydrate, roast, toast, bake, and more in one appliance.

This air fryer comes with a heavy duty cast aluminum nonstick grill plate featured with one-of-a-kind design to sit right on top of the bottom heating element for faster and even heating, so you can bring the grilling indoors any day of the week. Its nonstick surface makes cleaning up easy and gets rid of the elbow work needed to scrub and scrap residue from a regular outdoor grill.

This ultimate air fryer’s cooking interior and exterior built with stainless steel designed to heat up quickly and withstand high cooking temperatures up to 450°F, so you can sit at dinner table faster. Designed to take a permanent spot on your countertop, it features a glass touch control panel and white lit display to look sophisticated and match any kitchen.

The interior oven light allows you to check for doneness easily through the see-through glass door. The heavy-duty glass door is designed with safety hinges designed to allow the user to open the door at 2 levels.

This Ultimate Air fryer grill comes with the grill plate and 10 extra accessories, so you can do more with one appliance. These include stainless steel silicone-tipped tongs, 2 mesh racks, shallow mesh basket, rotisserie rod and forks, rotisserie cage, rotisserie skewers, and a drip pan. It also features 11 presets, such as grill, broil, fries, chicken, pizza and more along 3 cooking functions, rotisserie, keep warm, and preheat.

It also has a new preheat function heats the air fryer grill to the optimal temperature for a desired setting and lets you know when it’s time to put your food in. It is also designed to go into standby mode as a safety feature if you forget to put your food in.

It dehydrates too. The ultimate air fryer grill comes with a dehydrating preset with a temperature range between 90°F to 130°F and up to 8 hours cooking time, so you can make jerky, fruit leather, dried herbs or tasty treats for your furry friends.

Bottom line

Finding the best air fryer under $200 boils down to functionality, ease of use, cooking capabilities, compatibility and your needs. any of the three air fryers recommended in this article can be an excellent addition to your kitchen for just under $200.