Best Fridge for Motorhome in 2024

3 Best RV Fridges to Buy In 2024

One of the best things about owning a motorhome is that you do not have to forego essential day-to-day needs like refrigeration for food or cooled drinks or sleeping on a comfortable bed. With the right equipment, it is possible to turn your motorhome into your tiny home away from home. You can enjoy camping or months on the road without missing the comfort you are used to at home.

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances to have in a motorhome. Whether you are looking to upgrade your old motorhome with new appliances or looking to buy appliances for a new motorhome, it is important to take your time when choosing the best fridge for motorhome use.

With so many options in the market, which is the best fridge for motorhome living? We took the time to review dozens of fridges for motorhomes and came up with three of the best options from the selection.

SMETA fridge – Best propane motorhome fridge

If your motorhome is propane powered, you will want to consider getting the SMETA propane fridge. This is a compact size and lightweight propane refrigerator weighing 76 pounds with 12 v power needs. This is great if you are trying to keep the overall weight in your motorhome low while still preserving food and keeping your beverages cold.

To conserve propane when on the road, you can switch to 110V or 12V to ensure the food remains cool. This is the perfect fridge if you are looking to save on space and keep the weight low. It is easy to install, quiet and comes with piezo ignition.

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

This 3.2 cubic feet modern electric beverage cooler is a freestanding beverage refrigerator that features an elegant see-through design in a left hinge glass front door with a stainless steel frame for you to view your wine, beer, or soda at a glance. Its white LED interior light illuminates for an easy nighttime selection of your favorite chilled drink.

It has a large capacity beer & wine chiller, making it the perfect under counter beverage cooler with a large internal storage design, equipped with three adjustable and removable chrome shelves. The drinks organizer can conveniently hold up to 120 standard-sized soda or beer cans or several bottles of wine.

This is a single zone beverage mini refrigerator with easy touch temperature control that cools down to 34°F and a large digital display for quick monitoring and setting of any temperature. Its memory function automatically restores the preset temperature of the cooler in case it becomes unplugged or in the event of a power outage.

This mini-fridge for your basement comes with 120V 240W heavy-duty vertical chiller that features energy-efficient advanced technology. It also has a whisper-quiet compressor that works with a small convection fan to cool quickly and keep consistent air circulation for a consistent temperature supply inside. This is the best fridge for motorhomes, basement, office, dorm, apartment, restaurant, or a home kitchen.

The auto defrosting function is the icing on the cake. This beverage cooler is also designed with an additional temperature sensor for auto defrost mode. The external side measure 18.9” on the front across, 33.3” top to bottom, and 17.30”front to back. This is the perfect basement refrigerator when you need to store drinks in your basement.

Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door Chest Freezer

The Midea 3.5 cubic feet chest freezer is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an apartment-size fridge freezer. It comes in a neutral color that can easily blend into the furniture in your kitchen and apartment, making it seem like part of the décor. It is certified as safe to use by the US energy regulation, even for apartment spaces.

It comes with adjustable legs that make it easy to move and handle. It also comes with bolt-like threading and afoot at the bottom. Overall, this is a decent cooling unit for a small apartment if you need to store food and drinks. The freeze option makes it possible for you to store everyday foods.

This is the perfect unit for apartments with 2 or 3 occupants. It can also be used in an office setting, a dorm room, and garage space. If you are looking to save on space in your apartment but still enjoy the luxury of keeping your food fresh, this unit will serve your needs.

Factors to consider when choosing the best fridge for motorhome living 

When looking to buy a motorhome fridge, there are certain factors you need to consider to ensure you have the best one for your needs.


How big or small a motorhome is determined how big or small your fridge should be. You need to consider the motorhome kitchen space and the layout to determine the best fridge for your needs.

If you spend weeks or months on end on the road or off-grid, investing in a larger motorhome fridge would make more sense since you would be able to store enough food to last you longer on the road before you need to replenish.

Generally, go for the largest size your motorhome can accommodate to ensure you have enough room for all the food you want to refrigerate.

The power supply 

Generally, the power supply in a school can be either 110v AC, propane-powered, or 12v DC. 12v is the best option for a small-size motorhome. These look the same as small coolers but have the functions of a fridge. The mini fridges that run on 12v DC are mostly cooler-style fridge freezers.

Propane is alternate energy commonly used in motorhomes. With a propane-powered power source, you can save a lot of money on the electric setup in your motorhome. The downside to using propane is that you need to ensure you always have a good supply of gas on your motorhome to keep your fridge powered at all times.

Power saving

When living in a motorhome, the power supply is an important topic, especially if you are on the road for extended periods. Motorhome fridges are some of the most power-consuming gadgets in your motorhome since they are always connected to the source. If you are worried about power conservation, you should consider going for a 12v DC fridge to save energy.

Whenever you are not connected to shore power, a 12v motorhome fridge places a lesser load on your power inverters and batteries. You can use inverters that invert 12v to 110v and save up to 90% of energy.


Finding the best fridge for motorhome living does not have to be a task. By reading this guide, you have acquired knowledge that you can use to choose from the best options in the market. To save you from the comparison hustle, you can select from the three reviewed above for the best options in the market.



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