Best Gas Barbeque Grill Under 500 in 2024

Let’s face it, a gas grill is one of the most efficient and reliable types of grills you can invest it. Whether you need a portable one for the indoors or a larger one for your outdoors, investing in a gas grill will ensure you can host successful barbeques at home with ease. Gas grills can deliver the best barbeques straight from your yard, making them a perfect choice for hosting.

Regardless of your needs, the best gas grill should not be expensive. With under $500 you should be able to invest in one of the best brands in the market. The good news is that the increase in demand for gas grills has seen more and more manufacturers create high-quality grills in low price range as a way of trying to edge out the competition.

Here is everything you need to know about investing in the best gas barbeque grills under 500.

Types of gas grills in the market

Gas grills come in different sizes and models. Typically, this is differentiated by the number of burners a grill has. This can range from two-burner gas grills to six-burner gas grills. However, this will not always accurately tell the size of the grill. It is always best to classify the size of a grill by the cooking surface size.

Portable gas grills

This is the perfect type of gas grill for tailgate partied and camping adventures. They are also the perfect choice for houses with limited outdoor space as they can be used on patios and small decks.  You can get these types of gas grills for as low as $100.

Small gas grills

These are small size grills that can cater to a small crowd, even though they are not always portable. their compact size ensures they are perfect for the outdoors without taking up too much space. Most small gas grills come with foldable side shelves to decrease the space they occupy. They vary in price ranges, with the best ones falling under the $500 range.

Mid-size gas grills

These are the most common types of gas grills found in most homes. They come with numerous features, including storage and LED lighting, for those times you are grilling for an evening party. These mid-size gas grills come with warranties for the burners. You can find these in the under 500 categories.

Large size gas grills

If you are not pressed for outdoor space, large size gas grills are the best choice for your needs. These come with several burners and large cooking spaces to ensure you can cater to a large crowd from your backyard. The best models in this category are made from stainless steel material and come in a seamless construction. They have thicker grates, gliding drawers, and a lot of storage space. You can get a large size grill for as low as $350.

Features to look for in the best gas barbeque grill under 500

Heavy-duty grates

The quality of the grilling grates is an important consideration to make. The best types are those made with coated cast-iron or stainless-steel grates. These are the best for searing and maintaining an even grilling temperature for even cooking.

The igniter

Different gas grills come with different igniter options. You can choose between rotary igniters, push-button igniter, and electric igniters. If it is a portable gas grill, a push-button igniter or rotary type is the best choice as this does not require electricity to work. For permanent outdoor grills, you can go for the electric igniter.

Side burners

The best gas grills should come with side burners. These can be used to keep your ready meals warm as you wait for the meat to grill. Some side burners can also work as searing burners. This is a feature most common in mid-size and large size grills.

Led light control

If you like hosting outdoor dinner parties, you will need an outdoor grill with led lighting. This can be fixed on the controls of the grill. This way, you will not struggle to set the right temperatures or the right heat level for your grill, even when grilling past dusk.

Fuel Gauges

This is an important feature to have in a gas grill as it lets you know how much gas you have left. If your grill does not have this gauge, you can purchase one separately. This way, you will ensure you always refill your gas tank before running out.

Natural gas conversion kits and dual fuel valves

While most gas grills use propane, the best ones come with fuel valves that can help to convert to using natural gas. You can also invest in a conversion kit for your gas grill if it does not come with one. Once you connect the grill to the natural gas line, you will never have to worry about running out of gas again. You can save the propane tank for times when you need to carry your portable gas grill for a picnic or camping.

Propane tank tray

A pull-out tank for the propane gas cylinder makes it easy to turn the tank on and off when using your grill. It also makes it easier for you to switch the propane tank when you need to replace an empty one.

The best gas barbecue grill under 500 recommendation

PIT BOSS 71820FB PB820FB BBQ Pellet Grill and Smoker

If you are looking for the best gas barbeque grill under 500, this BBQ pallet and smoker is the perfect one for your budget. It comes with a flame broiler for open flame searing on an 820 sq. In cooking surface with a porcelain-coated cast-iron main grid. This makes it perfect for outdoor grilling for a small gathering of friends and family. The new age dial-in temperature control with LED readout ensures you have full control of the grilling temperature, and that there is even heat distributing for even-cooking. It delivers between 180-500 Degree cooking temperature, making it perfect for grilled meals that require different temperature ranges to cook.


A good quality grill should not always be the most expensive in the room. With this guide, you can ensure you pick nothing but the best gas barbeque grill under 500. If you do not want to go through the market choosing process, the Pit Boss grill highlighted above is one of the best choices for home barbeque needs. It will deliver the best grilling service for a long time.


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