Best Ice Crushing Blender Under $100 in 2024

Crushing ice is a pivotal aspect of crafting various kinds of frozen beverages, iced coffees, and sorbets, among others. The ultimate texture of several frozen concoctions hinges on the method of ice processing. To achieve a richer flavor and a creamier consistency, it’s essential to have rapid ice crushing that yields a snow-like texture, ensuring the final quality of your creation remains uncompromised.

To get finely pulverized ice, nothing is better than having a perfect blender. As compared to other available options for ice crushing, a blender can be the better choice. It can perform as a multi-task machine for you in addition to be a powerful ice crusher.

Best Ice Crushing Blender Under $100 Review

Before picking the best ice-crushing blender for your kitchen, you need to have a look at a few factors that are directly involved in providing the best results. First of all, the power of your blender plays a vital role. A blender below 700-watt power is never recommended for ice crushing. If you have something above 1000-watt power you can assign it the job without worries.

Similarly, if the blending jar and blade material is another important factor to be considered. From a large variety of blender machines with different features and benefits, we have come up with some top performers, so that you can choose your ideal ice-crushing partner a bit easier.

Hamilton Beach SoundShield 3-Speed Blender

The distinction of our first pick is that it does bother you with its sound while operating. It performs silently like a commercial quiet blender. It is a medium power blender perfect for standard ice crushing jobs.


There is a hinged shield included in the package, putting it on while operating, dampens the noise and you can continue talking with your boss on the phone.

The model is powered by a 950-watt motor that is quite suitable for frozen drinks and simple ice crushing. It features a 3-speed variation that allows it to operate according to the nature of ingredients. You can from high to low to meet the requirement.

Similarly, there is a high-speed pulse feature that treats the ice for appropriate consistency as well as prevents the chance of over-processing of ingredients.

Moreover, the durable stainless steel blades are designed for frozen ingredients. The multi-blend jar is made of durable glass material that incorporates a mess-free spout for easy pouring. The dishwasher-safe jar contains 52 oz of liquid that allows you to make a variety of smoothies and shakes for the whole family at a times.


  • Silent Operation with 2-piece sound shield
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Hig-grade glass jar
  • Drip-free spout
  • 950-watt powerful crushing
  • 52 oz capacity
  • 3-speed control
  • High-speed pulse feature
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Standard size for easy storage


  • Available only in the black base color

Instant Pot Ace Plus

In this modern era of digital gadgets, you will like to grace your kitchen with this digital interface blender machine. With an easy digital operation, this one is hard on ice cubes.


It’s 26,500 rpm operational strength converts the ice and other toughest ingredients into silky smooth liquid within seconds. Its 10-speed control variation provides you a total command so that you can treat the ingredient exactly as you want to.

The hot and cold blending strength makes it a versatile machine for making a variety of iced drinks and hot soups. The ten-in-one touch operation prepares smoothies, salsas, margaritas, and dips, etc simply and easily for you.

Moreover, an advanced microprocessor incorporated with 8 preset programs takes the responsibility to provide you more consistent results every time.

Similarly, the blending jar is made of premium quality tempered glass that accommodates 1.6 liters of content. The crushing assembly comprises of 8 hardened stainless steel blades which you get smoother crushing and optimal grinding from.

You do not need to customize it with your ideal operation settings every time. It remembers how you operated last time, and all that you need to do is to touch a button to get your preferred result.

Furthermore, the beautiful touchscreen display with a glossy background creates a modern aura of regular blending with it easy touch facility.


  • Hot and cold blender
  • 10-in-1 touch buttons
  • 26,500 rpm speed
  • 1300-watt power
  • Tamper and cleaning brush included
  • Machine washable, food-safe strainer
  • Digital interface
  • Microprocessor with 8 customizable programs


Hamilton Beach 58184A Blender

Let’s end up the discussion with something suitable for the lowest budget having enough ice-crushing power to facilitate you down this summer. The model incorporates the 700-watt crushing power with various other features.


The model is featured with specialized ice Sabre blades and its 12 different operating options let you make your favorite shakes, iced drinks, and smoothies with just a single touch. There are 5 push buttons on the control panel you can use for choosing the best blending option for you.

Similarly, the wave action feature of the model pushes the ingredients towards its blades that ensure a proper crushing leaving nothing untreated.

Moreover, the cleaning of all the removable parts is just a breeze. Blades are removable for proper washing. All the washable parts are dishwasher safe so you do not need to worry about the quick re-use. You are going to have a hassle-free cleaning in no time.

Last but not least, the jar is incorporated with a specially designed pouring spout that makes the conversion of liquid easy and mess-free into another bowl. The spout is featured in the lid.


  • Patented wase action system
  • 12 blending settings
  • 700-watt power
  • Ice Sabre blades
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Perfect for small budgets


  • It does not cook soups

Final Thoughts

Ice can be the main ingredient of a wide range of summer intakes. Either you are going to make your favorite iced coffee, shakes, smoothies, or cocktails, the final silky texture will be depending on how your blender has crushed the ice for your drink and how perfectly have it mixed the ingredients.

So, if you do not want to spoil your drink, we suggest you get a Hamilton Beach SoundShield 3-Speed Blender for your kitchen. Being a combo of power, durability, and budget-friendliness, it will be your perfect partner through the journey of taste.

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