Best Juicer For Juicing Ginger in 2024

Without a doubt, ginger is a gem concealed beneath the earth, characterized by its distinctive aroma, amazing flavor, and a myriad of health advantages. It has been endowed by nature with numerous nutritional elements that contribute to its ability to ward off issues related to the heart, blood pressure, and the digestive system when consumed regularly. Additionally, it is effective in combating allergies, reducing inflammation, and alleviating nausea.

It boosts your immunity like no other vegetable can. While facing digestion problems, ginger can be a quick relief. A quick way to enjoy ginger’s taste and health benefits is to convert it to juice. Regular use of ginger shots blesses your body with significant freshness and energy.

Best Juicer For Juicing Ginger Product Review

Ginger does not mind either you call it a herb or a veggie, a spice or a folk medicine. It serves you all the way. Around the globe, ginger is used in multiple ways. It enhances the taste of your daily meals and adds up the unique aroma as well.

Juicing the ginger is a serious job. An ordinary juicer can ruin its nutritional benefits because of its careless crushing, unnecessary heat, and oxidation impact. You need to pick something that can retain the minerals and vitamins of ginger as well as provide you the maximum yield from the lesser quantity.

Have a look below and you will have an idea of juicers that are capable of doing the job.

KOIOS Masticating Juicer Machine

Mature ginger is a bit dry and fibrous. Our first pick is the best juice machine to deal with fibrous veggies and other food items. It is a slow masticating juicer that extracts the maximum liquid from the food that remains fresh for a longer time.


Masticating juicer machines are known for protecting the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and all the healthy enzymes from being destroyed and this model is best at the said job. It fills your juice cup with juice that does not lose its taste for up to 72 hours and remains fresh.

Moreover, if you are concerned about the noisy operation of juicer machines, this one is for you. It works at a rate of less than 60 dB so there is no chance of your infant to wake up. The machine is made of BPA-free, baby-food grade material so that you can enjoy the purer drink


All the removable parts are dishwasher safe and easy to attach and detach. From juicing to cleaning, there is no complication involved and you enjoy the peaceful frequent juicing experience with this machine.

Furthermore, the auger squeezes the maximum juice from the food, and the auto-reverse function ensures that every drop of liquid is transferred to your cup. As a result, you get a concentrated and smoother juice that is deliciously healthy.

Above all, the parts are backed with a 3-years warranty while a 10-years warranty cover is provided with the motor. The brands also provide lifetime customer service and technical consultation to the customers.



Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

The most common problem with maintaining a diet plan is to grab some time for it. For those, who are always in a hurry and can not wait for their cup to be filled by a slow juicer, we have come up with a quick performing powerful machine.


The 3-inches wider feed chute of this model allows you to put the bigger pieces of ginger in it so that you can get your healthy juice in seconds.

The model features a powerful 800-watt motor that processes the hard and dry ginger with strength and extracts every last drop of juice from it.

Moreover, the model contains all the dishwasher-safe parts which are easy to remove so that cleaning the same becomes a breeze.

The model carries an elegant black look which enhances the decency of your kitchen. All that you need to do for operating is to put the strain in and lock the laches around the lid and you are ready to go.

Above all, the model is covered with a 3-years limited warranty also.



  • Louder operation

Omega NC1000HDS Juicer

No matter, if you do not want to juice every day, our next model allows you to juice not more than twice a week. The juice produced with its cold-press technology remains fresh for up to 72 hours as well as it does not lose its real taste.


Cold press masticating machines provide you the maximum nutrient-filled juice highly enriched with antioxidants and immunity-boosting enzymes. The model runs at 80 rpm so that there is no heat introduction to the liquid.

Collectively, the minimum oxidation, no heat, and slow processing provide you a higher yield from the minimum food, that is naturally preservable for longer and sets you free from the hassle of juicing every day.

Moreover, the model is perfect for juicing all types of fruits, veggies, and leafy greens. Ginger is its favorite friend. It is an all-in-one juicer that allows you to make nut milk, baby food, salsa, or sorbets with maximum convenience.

Furthermore, the model features a 5-speed setting that hands over the total processing control to you. Different speed settings from low to high are perfect for different natures of food relatively.

Above all, the model comes to you with a 15-years parts and performance warranty, so that you can invest in your favorite juicer without worries.



  • Not fit for small budgets

Final Thoughts

Taking ginger shots, or adding its juice to your regular juices is one of the popular ways. Add the healthy ginger juice to your green juices or fruit juices and it will please you with its aromatic and nutritional characteristics.

We recommend the KOIOS masticating juicer to extract the ginger in your kitchen so that you can enjoy the real health benefits and long-lasting taste without any hassle.


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