Best Juicer For Fruits Vegetables And Leafy Greens in 2024

Repeated covid waves throughout the globe have made humans realizing that how much they have ignored their health factors while sticking with their busiest daily life. But luckily, we humans realized very soon that we need a strong immune system more than a strong bank account.

The said discern cause a positive change in our diet plans as well increased the fresh juice intake. Resultantly, there is a boom in the demand for the best juicer that can deal with different fruits, veggies, and other greens equally.

Best Juicer For Fruits Vegetable And Leafy Greens Review

Before going to buy a juicer for your kitchen or juice bar, it becomes important to understand that there are different hard and soft types of veggies and fruits that require a versatile juicer machine to handle them equally.

Similarly, when it comes to leafy greens the juicing becomes more challenging as there is a probability to stick their leaves inside the machine. An ordinary juicer machine can not deal with clogging and jamming issues as well as forceful extraction from every type of food put therein.

Below we present a few top products by top brands which enjoy a heavy fan following because of their durable performance.

Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold Centrifugal Juicer

The biggest downside of centrifugal juicers according to experts is that their fast crushing system destroys the nutritional threads of the juice. Breville presents the solution by innovating the unique cold spin technology. Accompanied with the Italian-made mesh filter, the cold extraction system of this model provides you the quicker juice enriched will all the necessary vitamins and minerals.


The model has an 84 mm wide feed chute that can digest the whole fruits and veggies. The feature reduces the preparation time to none. There is an 850-watt motor that is featured therein which can fill up the 70 oz. juice pitcher in seconds. The pitcher comes with the machine and incorporates a sealing lid to preserve your juice after preparation in the same jug

Similarly. you receive a detachable nozzle or spout which you can use to pour the juice directly into your bowl. Once you finish with juicing, simply invert it and there is no chance of dripping at all. Enjoy mess-free juicing.

Moreover, Two-level speed control provides you total control on fruits, veggies, and leafy greens. The low speed is perfect for leafy and soft items while the high setting deals efficiently with harder fruits and vegetables.

Amazingly, if the machines stop because of overloading, the illuminating display tells you the situation so that you can handle it without worrying. The package includes the removable spout, a 70 oz. juice jug, a froth separator, and a specially designed cleaning brush.



  • Available only in one color

Omega NC800HDS Juicer

If you are not in a hurry and have a few minutes to let your masticating juicer extract the maximum healthier juice for your favorite fruits or veggies, this one will serve you incredibly.


They call it a premium nutrition system because of its slow processing at a rate of 80 rpm that provides you a higher yield enriched with maximum healthy enzymes. Because of less heat introduction and lesser to no oxidation impact, the juice remains fresh for a longer time up to 72 hours. The end cap adjustability makes the highest yield possible from a lesser quantity of food. The auger system pushes the food towards a chamber where it is squeezed and ground and every last drop is extracted from the pulp before ejection.

Omega NC800HDS incorporates automatic pulp ejection so that you can keep juicing for a long time without a cleaning break. The model is not only perfect for veggies, fruits, leafy greens, and wheatgrass but it can make delicious nut buttermilks or yummy baby food also. You can further grind coffee beans and other spices as well as mince herbs and extrude pasta perfectly.

Amazingly the machine is backed with a 15 years warranty cover so you do not need to worry at all about your investment. The warranty cover is available for parts and performance.


  • Nutrition preserver
  • Silent operation
  • Higher yield
  • Deals with a variety of veggies, fruits, and leafy greens
  • 15- years part and performance warranty


  • A bit costly for small budgets

AICOOK Juice Extractor

The dual-level protection system of this model will please you. It does not allow to start operation unless the lid is properly locked. Further, if the juicer gets overloaded the automatic shut down occurs and saves the internal machinery from damage.


The model is a big time saver as its 3 inches feed chutes allow to put the whole apples and other big pieces of fruit to put in for juicing. Imagine how much the preparation time it saves.

Moreover, the tri-level speed setting is perfect for everything you want to juice in it. It handles all the fruits, leafy greens, and other hard and soft veggies appropriately so that you can get a 26 percent more yield from the food. The juice obtained from this machine is 36 percent more vitamins and nutrition-rich.

Furthermore, the package comes to you including a specially designed cleaning brush therein, so that the post-juice process also becomes hassle-free for you. Collectively, you get a sophisticated juicing experience from start to end with this machine.

Similarly, there is a bigger slag bucket that allows you to juice for a long time without stopping. The non-slip feet of the juicer prevents it from vibrating or leaving its place while operating.

Above all, the model is covered with 2 years + 1-year additional warranty backup. The lifetime customer support from AICOOK is also provided to its customers.



Final Thoughts

The above selection is based on budget, time-saving, and nutritional aspects of juicing. Although the Breville BJE430SIL is the best combination of strength, durability, and budget-friendliness but irrelevant of which juicer you choose for your kitchen, we suggest you keep juicing for the good health of yourself and your family.


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