How Do You Stop an Air Fryer Fire?

The air fryer is a great dimension in the cooking process. It specializes in cooking in multiple styles such as toasting, grilling, and frying. Its positive vibe has created popularity all over the world. Unfortunately, some negative reviews have come from customers. One of the worst reviews is catching fire. If such a situation happens to you then how do you stop an air fryer fire?

An air fryer is called a versatile cooking tool. Because it is the fastest way to prepare any food in a healthy way. Healthy means it can cook food without any oil. But catching fire in it is really unexpected. Since it is an electric device, it is not uncommon to catch fire accidentally.

In this article, we will tell you what causes an air fryer to catch fire and what to do immediately to stop it. So keep reading the rest of the article to get detailed info on this

What Causes the Air Fryer Fire?

Before turning off the fire in the air fryer, it is very important to know why the fire catches in it. Knowing the cause of the air fryer fire will help you to solve it. In addition, it is possible to be careful not to catch fire in the air fryer.

The main reason for catching fire in an air fryer is carelessness. Accidents such as fires often occur due to user negligence and poor maintenance. Also, due to misuse, the air fryer caught fire. So you need to know exactly how to manage every function of this device. Below we show some notable reasons. Try to avoid this kind of mistake.

Not Following Safety Instructions

Generally, safety instructions are never taken seriously. Each air fryer model has specific guidelines that indicate their safety. These instructions include detailed info on how to operate an air fryer. Such as the voltage required for the air fryer, food capacity, or something else. It is wise to check the voltage before operating the air fryer. This ensures you don’t catch fire on your device.

Cleaning Wrongly

There is no option to clean to get long-lasting service from any device. You need to take some precautions when cleaning electric devices such as air fryers. If by mistake cleaning water enters an electric function, it is harmful to the air fryer. You may not understand immediately. But when you plug it in with an electric source, it can burst or catch fire.

Moreover, sometimes food particles get stuck on the surface of the air fryer which later burns out. As a result, fire may originate from there. So when cleaning the air fryer, you must be careful so that the electrical equipment does not come in contact with water.

Using Extra Oil

As we said before, air fryers use very minimal oil to make food. When frying food traditionally requires more oil, especially in deep fryers. But in terms of frying food in the air fryer, do not recommend more than 1 teaspoon. However, air fryers are considered oil-free food preparation devices.

Usually, when meat is cooked in an air fryer, fat is released from it. Now if you give extra oil, there is a strong possibility that it will cause the fire. You can just spray oil to avoid this kind of risk.

Overcrowding the Air Fryer Basket

Overloading or overcrowding in the air fryer basket can be a cause of fire origin. Sometimes guests come to the house. Then the air fryer in a hurry is crowded with food in multiple layers in the basket. Excess food load does not give enough opportunity for air to flow inside the air fryer. As a result, foods are cooked unevenly.

When a moderate temperature flow is interrupted in the device, it can act as a clue to catching fire. So you should always cook meals in a single layer and avoid overcrowding.

Unstable Surface

Some people make a very silly mistake and that is to set the air fryer in an uneven place. The first condition for operating an air fryer is to place it on a stable surface. If the location of the air fryer is on an uneven surface, it can be operated incorrectly which can cause a fire.

Moreover, setting an air fryer in your kitchen without a heat-resistant place can also cause a fire. So whenever using an air fryer, always choose a stable and heat resistant place to avoid the risk of fire.

How Do You Stop an Air Fryer Fire?

Unfortunately, if your air fryer catches fire, follow the steps below.

Turn Off the Air Fryer Immediately

When your air fryer catches fire, the first thing you need to do is turn off the heat source immediately. Here, the source of heat is the air fryer. Although the fire is frightening, it will not stop easily until the heat source is turned off. If it is not possible to turn off the air fryer, at least unplug it.

Never try to put out the fire with water at this time. This is because the air fryer is powered by electricity and it can become more dangerous if the electric device touches the water. You may even get electric shock or electrocution which is really terrible. If none of the above is possible for you, turn off your home’s electrical system directly.

Use Wet Towel

In fact, if there is a fire in the air fryer, it will work as before. So try to extinguish the fire without worrying about the air fryer. So as soon as you turn off the air fryer, throw a wet towel over it. Make sure the towel is large in size. Then just soak it in water and drain the water from it as much as possible.

Get Help from the Fire Service

After all, an air fryer fire is a terrible thing. If the level of fire is high or it is not possible to unplug the device, call the fire service quickly without taking any risk yourself. Don’t forget to close the kitchen doors and windows at this time. Otherwise, the fire may spread throughout the house.


The onset of fire from an air fryer is a very rare occurrence. Still, it is difficult to say when such a situation will arise. Therefore, prior preparation is better to deal with that kind of situation. If you are fully aware of the use of your air fryer then the chances of a fire occurring are very low.

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