How Long To Boil Brats Before Grilling   

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Boiling Brats Before Grilling   

How Long To Boil Brats Before Grilling? Whether you grill a fresh or precooked bratwurst has a lot to do with how you grill it. All you have to make sure to do is to create a precooked bratwurst and heat it up and serve it. If you want to grill a fresh bratwurst, though, you’ll need to follow a precise set of guidelines. For one reason, it’s best to keep fresh bratwurst apart from cooked food. Cooking it until it reaches a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit is also a good idea.

It is possible to cook a bratwurst totally on the grill; however, this will result in the exterior of the beef burning before it is thoroughly done. As a result, braising or poaching fresh or raw bratwurst in a tasty liquid like beer makes it simpler to cook. Allowing the bratwurst to be brown on the grill will be the next stage.

What Are Brats Exactly 

Brats are a kind of sausage that originates from Germany. The meat for brats is taken from veal, beef, and mostly pork. The texture of brats is smooth and their color is pale. The meat of the brats is not finely ground. The odor of them is strong and garlic-like. The most common brat combination is sauerkraut and mustard. Usually, the cooking method for brats is grilling.  

The meat is usually paired with toppings like caraway, nutmeg, and ginger. Moreover, these can be seasoned with any combination of salt, water, pepper, and garlic. So, here I am going to discuss how long to boil brats before grilling.     

What Are Different Methods To Cook Brats  

There are different ways to cook brats such as on the grill. This is called grilling. You can cook the brats in the oven. This method is called “baking.” Furthermore, you can cook them in a frying pan or skillet. The last one is on the stove.   

Is Grilling Method Best To Cook Brats    

Overall, all of this is good for cooking brats. Each method has its own importance, like how an iron skillet is best for some brats. On the other hand, the oven and grill are the best. So, it all depends on the type or kind of brats. But, the grilling method is perfect to get a yummy, delicious, and, most importantly, smoky flavor.  

What Are Different Types Of Brats To Boil Brats Before Grilling

There are two types of brats. These are  

  • Pre-cooked brats
  • Uncooked brats 

Both types have different characteristics in their cooking texture and flavor.  

Characteristic Of Pre cooked Brats 

There is less sausage on the pre-cooked brats. So, these have smooth sausage and require more time and fat to chew. 

Characteristic Of Uncooked Brats 

Uncooked brats have a greater quantity of sausage on them. Moreover, uncooked brats are easy to buy from any department of meat or superstore.  

Is It Necessary To Boil Brats Before Grilling 

Yes, it is necessary to boil brats before grilling. It gives a soft texture to the brats. So, parboil it in a pan or a cast-iron skillet over the grill. Moreover, it helps grill the brats quickly and evenly from the inside. Keep in mind that you should not simply throw them on the grill.It will release all its flavorful juices.  

How To Cook Brats On The Grill  

Step 1: Get some fresh And Uncooked Brats    

The first step is to buy fresh, uncooked brats from the nearby superstores or meat apartments. Moreover, you can also, buy them from any online store. 

Step 2: Parboil The Brats Before Grilling

To make the brats tender and easy to chew, it is necessary to parboil the brats before grilling. So, you have to boil the brats in a cast-iron skillet over the grill. 

Step 3: Preheat The Grill To Boil Brats Before Grilling  

Then, you have to preheat the grill at a low temperature first. You can set the grill either on gas or charcoal to cook the brats. For brats, you have to keep in mind that they cook both on indirect heat as well as direct heat.  

Step 4: Season The Brats  

Before placing the brats on the grill, season them with a mixture of water, salt, pepper, and garlic. It will add flavor to the brats.  

Step 5: Cook The Brats Over Indirect Heat 

In the next step, you simply have to put them on the grill and cook them. Start the grilling at a low temperature and then increase it to the high temperature. On the indirect part, cook them for 12 to 15 minutes. Flip the sides of the brats over.  

Step 6: Cook the Brats on High Heat  

Now, remove the brats from the indirect part of the grill. Place them on the direct part. So, grill here for 1 to 2 minutes to cook the outer sausages and the brats. Then, cook the buns on the side of the grill for a few seconds.   

Step 7: Remove And Add Toppings  

When you notice that the brats as well as the buns are cooked evenly, remove them from the grill. Place the brats inside the buns. You can add toppings like mustard and sauerkraut. Moreover, you can make a pair with a cold beer in the summer. So, serve and enjoy the smoky, delicious bratwurst with your loved ones. 

How Long To Boil Brats Before Grilling 

As we already know, boiled brats are easy to eat and have a great flavor. So, in a large pot or skillet, put the onion and the beer of your choice. Then, place the pot on the medium-high grill. Here, boil them for 10 to 12 minutes to get tender and yummy brats. 

Tips For Perfectly Cooked Bratwurst

  • Char broiling grilled brats takes around 20 minutes on average. Never put them on direct high heat to guarantee that they cook all the way through. This will burn the skin and produce a rupture, allowing the juice to escape. You will not only receive raw brats, but the flesh will also be dry and chewy.
  • Why Buns are essential! When it comes to bratwursts, a traditional hot dog bun will not suffice. To complement the tastes of the brats, choose giant bread that is crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside. It’s ready to serve once you’ve added your favorite condiments.
  • Allow them to sit in beer for a while. The most fantastic way to enjoy brats is to eat them when they’re still hot. If you’re serving a large group, consider making a beer sauce. In a skillet, combine beer, onions, and a little butter. Continue to cook on low heat and then add the brats to the beer mixture. This would enhance the flavor while also keeping the brats warm without drying them out.


Boiling brats in a pot or skillet is so easy. In addition, this is a very simple recipe to cook. Here, you don’t need to have highly designed equipment. You only need a grill, pot, or skillet. Boiling the brats, will take only 10 minutes. While the grilling time is 12 to 15 minutes. 

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