How Long to Cook a Frozen Pot Pie in Air Fryer

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Introducing How Long to Cook a Frozen Pot Pie in Air Fryer

Do you have any plans, or thinking about how would you make frozen pot pie in an air fryer? In the event that you’re pondering such, you’re in the opportune spot. We will discuss the best-frozen pot pie formula to cook.

Our formula will incorporate a pack of pot pie, alongside some additional flavors to make it impeccable. At any rate, our cooking interaction is with an air fryer. Along these lines, we’ll share a total manual for cooking frozen pot pie in an air fryer.

In this way, we’ll start with referencing the formula with fixings. Then, we’ll give additional tips and deceives to follow while cooking. In addition, we’ll talk around a few advantages and the absolute best air fryers in the market later in this article. For the time being, we should get into the cooking methodology.

The Taste of Air Fryer Frozen Pot Pie

I love the taste and surface of air fryer frozen pot pie. You cook a frozen pie in the stove and it generally has that spongy surface and regularly doesn’t satisfy what you anticipate from it.

Then, at that point you take a gander at your warmed frozen pot pie and contrast it with the case and feel like you are the most noticeably terrible reheater on the planet.

Be that as it may, cook frozen pot pie noticeable all around fryer, and you are talking something much better. Along these lines, do consider your air fryer for your frozen pot pies!

The Pie

The pie hull has that beautiful smash to it, and you need to gorge on the cake. Then, at that point the filling inside is consummately cooked as well. This doesn’t simply need to apply to frozen chicken pot pie noticeable all around fryer.

Any pie that you have recently frozen can be cooked or warmed utilizing the air fryer. For instance, we presently have extra air fryer pumpkin pie in our cooler, just as extra air fryer fruit dessert.

Both were produced using scratch and afterward frozen for later and we can put some pie noticeable all around fryer, realizing it will work effectively of making it look fresh out of the plastic new again and taste basically the same.

Ingredients for Cooking

Kitchen Gadgets


Air Fryer Frozen Pot Pie Ingredients

  • 4 Frozen Pot Pies
  • 1 Small Egg
  • Metric – Imperial

Steps for Cooking

Break an egg into a little bowl and utilizing a fork beat it until it takes after egg wash. Eliminate the bundling from the frozen chicken pot pies yet hold the silver foil pie tins. Brush the highest point of the pot pies with egg wash.

Spot the frozen pot pies in either the air fryer crate or the second to top rack of the air fryer stove. You should cook for 18 minutes at 160 or 360 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. However, you can cook for additional 2-4 minutes at 200 or 400 degrees Celsius.

Next, serve accordingly with your favorite seasonings. The seasonings totally depends on your selections.

Frozen Pot Pie in air Fryer Oven

Your frozen pot pie is moreover valuable for cooking in your air fryer oven. We have a Power Air Fryer Oven and got it as an upgrade of the Philips Air Fryer XL. We as of now own both and feel that they work nearby each other with them enjoying different benefits.

On the off chance that you’re captivated, I propose you take a gander at my article air fryer versus air fryer oven. The air fryer oven is by and large phenomenal for cooking air fryer frozen pot pies.

Not only would you have the option to cook more frozen pot pies observable all around fryer oven, yet it gives it a more customary come up with and crisps the heated great perfectly.

The Air Fryer Factors to Cook Frozen Pot Pie

Cooking frozen pot pie observable all around fryer is so EASY. It’s an occurrence of killing the frozen chicken pot pie from the cooler. Then, dispense with the packaging, stacking them into the air fryer and believing that surprising smell will fill your kitchen of pot pie.

Exactly when you cook food in the oven, you as often as possible know when it is done from the wonderful just cooked smell.

You don’t get this as routinely with the air fryer, anyway trust me, it happens with frozen pot pie observable all around fryer. We’ve almost at the end. Find the finishing statements and recommendations below.

Final Thoughts

There’re various designs for Frozen pot pie. Regardless, the best practice is to consider a pack of pot pie from a store. Then, with additional flavors, we can set up our own astonishing frozen rings plans. One component is that resulting to cooking, flavors are the marvelous a noteworthy flavor.

In this way, our formula incorporates a pack of frozen pot pie, salt, pepper, and tartar sauce for a wonderful flavor. Notwithstanding, extra adding’s relies upon the client inclinations. We’ve additionally given an itemized cooking methodology to make frozen pot pie. The temperature control and time required are given in the article.

We finish up by saying that it’s the best practice to utilize air fryers for frozen food handling. They’ve extraordinary warming abilities and work quicker. The video beneath contains another formula for unbending pot pie. Go ahead and look at it to acquire experiences.