How to Cook Kransky in Air Fryer

Are you searching for the best way to cook your Kransky? Well, say hello to the air fryer. This thing can cook your Kransky faster than any other traditional method. It is not only faster but also makes your food healthier as it doesn’t require any sort of oil and cook at a controlled temperature and duration. Keep reading the article to find out how to cook Kransky in the air fryer.

Using an air fryer to cook Kransky is easier than you think. In the below part of the article, we will tell you the exact steps you need to follow for cooking the Kransky. Keep going through the recipe to find out every details you will want to know.

Kransky: What Is It Actually?

In simple words, Kransky is just another variation of the sausage. It is also known as Carniolan sausage in English, kranjska klobasa in sloven, Krainer Wurst in German. It is a Slovenian sausage and a bit similar to the Kielbasa which is also popular in North America as Polish Sausage. The earliest mention of the sausage is found in a german popular cookbook from 1896.

There is different variation of the sausage that is made with different ingredients. You can cook, bake, or grill the sausage. It is important to cook it in low to medium heat to get the best outcome. Moreover, you shouldn’t cut or poke this sausage while cooking as it can get

How to Cook Kransky in Air Fryer

Cooking Kransky in your air fryer is almost similar to cooking any other variation of the sausage. Keep reading the article to find out the steps you need to follow for cooking the Kransky in an air fryer. Make sure that you have the supplies: Kransky, air fryer, plates, etc. Now follow the steps of cooking.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to put the air fryer on a flat surface free from any blockage. There should be a nearby electric outlet where you can connect the air fryer to power up. Now after positioning the air fryer and connecting it to electric plug, turn it on. First, we will preheat the air fryer to get the best outcome.

The recommended preheating temperature for this is 350 F and the time should be around 3 minutes. Make sure that the basket of the air fryer is empty while preheating. If there is a preheating button in the machine, press it to begin the preheating. If there is no preset preheat mode, simply set the cooking duration and time manually by adjusting the time and temperature control dial.

Step 2

Now you need to add the Kransky in the air fryer basket. It would be better if they are thawed. You can also cook them frozen in the air fryer. Take off the air fryer basket from the machine and organize them properly. Make sure that you are not stacking the Kransky in the basket. This will produce uneven cooking.

If you want to cook a lot of them, you should cook in smaller batches instead of cooking in the same batch. This will assure proper cook and taste. Moreover, if you have air fryer racks, make use of it to cook them in several layers. Whatever you do make sure that you are not affecting the air circulation.

Step 3

Now after organizing the food in the right way, you need to put back the air fryer basket inside the machine. This will resume the cooking again at the priorly set temperature. Now you will need to set the cooking duration. The cooking duration will depend on the variation of the Kransky you are cooking. Some types of this sausage take more time while some other can be done quickly. The average duration is around 10 minutes. You can set the timer to 10 minutes and leave the temperature in prior setting.

Step 4

Once you start the cooking, there is nothing much to do in the meantime. You can work on the other things like preparing the sausage. However, make sure that you are flipping the sausage in the halftime of cooking. This will assure that the food is perfectly cooked in both sides. While flipping the sausage, also make sure to check how much they have cooked and adjusted the cooking duration as needed.

Step 5

Once after cooking the Kransky for around 8 minutes, you should start checking them frequently by sliding out the basket. The cooking duration might need to be adjusted based on how much they have cooked. Once you feel that the Kransky is perfectly cooked, you can take them off from the air fryer. Simply slide out the air fryer basket and then put it on a heat-resistant surface.

Make sure that you are not touching the food instantly as it will be very hot. You can end up burning the finger. Make sure to wait a while before you touch the hot Kransky to give them a while to cool down. After that, you can move them to the serving plate. Now you can serve them with the side dishes and dipping and enjoy.

Do you have to cook Kransky sausages?

Yes, you must cook the Kransky before eating. They are slightly smoked but not cooked. They need to be cooked properly before eating. The inside of the food must be at least 160 F before eating. There are several ways to cook them including the air fryer, boiling, grilling, pan-frying, etc.

What is the difference between Kransky and chorizo?

The Kransky and chorizo are from two different origins. The Chorizo is from Spanish origin while the Krazy is of Slovenian origin. Chorizo is usually spicy with the addition of paprika while the Kransky is like the other Slovenian-style sausage.

Can you deep fry kransky?

It is not recommended to deep fry the Kransky as this can break them. Instead, you should cook the food at medium-low temperature.


As you see above, it is easy to cook the Kransky in the air fryer. You can easily prepare it like cooking any other sausage in the air fryer.

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