How Long To Cook Country Style Pork Ribs On Grill

How Long To Cook Country Style Pork Ribs On Grill

How Long To Cook Country Style Pork Ribs On Grill? With the popularity of pork ribs increasing, there has been a greater demand for recipes authentic to this delicacy. Some of the best ways to begin making rib recipes are by finding out which methods are best for your cooking style and the tips for success. This blog article will detail how you can cook country-style pork ribs in different manners and how you can use some helpful pointers during preparation to ensure that you have an amazing meal. Enjoy!

What Are Country-style Ribs 

Country-style pork ribs are a type of rib that is smoked until it becomes very tender. They are usually cooked with a dry rub that includes soy sauce, sugar, and salt. The ribs can also be cooked in liquid smoke or liquid hickory to add flavor and moisture. Country-style pork ribs are typically served by themselves or as an accompaniment to barbecue sauce as they take well to the flavors of both sauces.

How To Cook Country-style Pork Rib Recipes 

The first way to cook country-style pork ribs is by using a slow cooker. This cooking method is best suited for people who are busy or whose schedules don’t allow them to be present throughout the entire cooking process.

The second way to cook country-style pork ribs is on the grill. Grilling the ribs allows you to have a robust, smoky flavor that can’t be achieved with the slow cooker. While this method does not require constant supervision, it does result in some more work and may require some prep work before getting started. One of the tips for success when cooking on the grill is making sure that your heat’s set properly, so you don’t end up overcooking your food, which will make it dry and tough.

The third way to cook country-style pork ribs is by roasting in the oven, which requires less time than other methods but still allows for a great flavor and tender meat. Roasting takes only about an hour or two but has a denser, more concentrated flavor than slow-cooking or grilling.

The fourth and final way to cook country-style pork ribs is by frying them in oil. Frying gives you a crisp crust around your meal with many different options for spices–you can choose how heavily seasoned you want your dish to be! The best tip when frying is to make sure that you’re using enough oil–you’ll need approximately one cup of oil per pound of meat–and add salt slowly so your food doesn’t get too salty.

The Different Methods For Cooking Country-style ork Ribs 

There are a few different methods that you can use to cook country-style pork ribs. These methods include the slow cooker, oven, and grill. Each of these methods offers its own unique benefits.

The slow cooker is a great method for cooking country-style pork ribs because it is easy to use and doesn’t require much oversight during cooking. If you’re making these for friends or family who will be visiting soon, the slow cooker is a convenient method of cooking that is also relatively effortless. The benefit of this method also includes being able to cook the ribs in your own time and being able to cook them in large batches that can then be refrigerated or frozen until they’re needed. 

Another popular way to make country-style pork ribs is by using the oven. This method offers several benefits, including being able to cook them with minimal effort and at the same time have more control over what you’re cooking since you’re in charge of turning up or down the temperature as necessary throughout the process without worrying about burning anything. For example, if you’re baking country-style pork ribs in a low-temperature setting, this allows you to give yourself ample time for cooking without overcooking them on accident. 

If your goal is to make delicious grilled country-style pork ribs, then your best option would be to use the grill instead of an oven or stovetop due to its inherent ability for greater control over heat levels and distance from things like open flames may cause a flare.

Tips For Success With Country-style Pork Ribs

Here are a few tips to ensure your country-style pork ribs are perfect.

  1. Season your country-style pork ribs well with the spices you want to use prior to cooking. This will help your meat retain more moisture and flavor during the cooking process.
  2. Use a water-soaked piece of fabric or paper towel to wrap around each rib before placing them into the oven, as this will help create steam that will increase the tenderness of your meat.
  3. Use a cast iron skillet during the cooking process for authentic taste and texture from that type of pan, but also because it conducts heat well and is less likely to burn your food.
  4. Avoid using liquid smoke for seasoning. It can sometimes contain traces of other ingredients that might cause food sensitivities in some people when consumed in large quantities or over time.

Preparing The Spare Ribs To Cook Country Style Pork Ribs On Grill

Before you start prepping your ribs, make sure to take the time to thaw them. This will help give them a more tender and moist texture. You can keep them in the fridge until they’re ready to be cook, or you can use this time to marinate them. How Long To Cook Country Style Pork Ribs On Grill? 

For your marinade, you’ll need some salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, soy sauce, and Dijon mustard. If you want to get adventurous with your marinade, toss in some of your favorite spices like ginger or cayenne pepper!

To get started with prepping your ribs, cut off the end of the rib rack where the meat starts getting thin. The fatty end of the rack is better for grilling or can be used for other dishes that call for ground pork.

Next, remove the membrane on the backside of the ribs by using a sharp knife and sliding it under while peeling it off slowly. Now you have all these delicious bones exposed! Give these a good rinse to be nice and clean before cooking.

Once you have washed them thoroughly, pat them dry with paper towels, so there’s no water left on them at all. Now let’s discuss it further How Long To Cook Country Style Pork Ribs On Grill

Cooking Country Style Pork Ribs On Grill

The best way to make sure you don’t overcook the ribs is to set your oven as low as it will go and cook them for at least one hour. If you’re cooking them in the oven, this should be enough time to get them tender and juicy. You can also cook them on a grill or smoker outside.

You’ll want to take the ribs out of the refrigerator about an hour before you’re ready to cook them, and then pat dry with a paper towel before coating with your favorite barbecue sauce. Then just pop them in the oven!

If you’re not sure how long they’ve been cooking, just use a meat thermometer. The internal temperature of your spare ribs should be 165 degrees Fahrenheit when done.


Learning how to cook country-style pork ribs takes a little bit of practice. But with the right knowledge and tips, you’ll be able to master this delicious dish with ease.

Whether you want to learn how to make country-style pork ribs or you’re an experienced cook, this guide will help you on your journey. 

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