How Long To Cook Crab Legs On The Grill

Cook Crab Legs On The Grill

How Long To Cook Crab Legs On The Grill? Barbecuing crab legs is so simple and it is the best way to cook them. There is no searching for a major pot or making a wreck in the kitchen. Defrost the legs and cook them on the barbecue. Then, at that point take them out and enjoy your food. Many people wonder how long to cook crab legs on the grill.

Grilling Crab Legs is very easy as you don’t need to look for a big pot or make a mess in the kitchen. Instead, you can soften and heat them on the grill in a very convenient way. All you need to know is the correct cooking process, along with one important question “ How long to cook crab legs on the grill.” Trust us; It is the most critical question you can ask when talking about grilling crab legs. Hence, without any further discussion, let us dig in. 

King Crabs

Barbecue red king crab legs for your family as a treat since you love them and this would be a great treat. Be that as it may, you can barbecue any sort of crab leg. King crabs are presumably the most famous kind of crab as they are the biggest which means they have the most meat. Snow crabs are like king crabs but have more slender legs. The other crabs have the littlest legs of the three and are known for their sweetmeat.

Most Alaskan king crab legs come frozen and pre-cooked, so actually, everything you are doing is defrosting and warming them. It is ideal to defrost your legs before barbecuing so they heat up within.

How To Thaw To Cook Crab Legs On The Grill

A speedy method for defrosting crab legs is to fill your sink with cold water and allow them to sit in the water for around 20 to 30 minutes. When defrosted, wash the legs well. You can also thaw out for the time being in the cooler, be cautious they do not spill.

Grill Crab Legs On The Grill

  • Spritz the legs with olive oil shower and spot on a barbecue warmed to medium-high.
  • Cover and cook for around seven minutes on each side until cooked through.
  • While wearing a glove, use a sharp paring blade to slice cuts at the edge to take out the meat without any problem.
  • Cooking crab legs on the barbecue is a great method for eating on the table in the late spring. Barbecued crab meat goes extraordinary with pretty much any side. You should serve it with corn on the cob.
  • They are costly to buy but less expensive than ordering from a restaurant so you should make them yourself.

Split King Crab Legs On Grill

Parting the king crab legs is not required, but makes the eating and barbecuing process a lot more straightforward. By utilizing your hands, and kitchen knives, the most common way of parting the king crab is done in a breeze.

  • Utilizing your hands, break the king crab at the “knuckle” which is the enormous finish of the king crab leg.
  • Next, break the king crab at the other joint by twisting them, and pulling. The joints are the pivot type, moveable pieces of the crab leg. There ought to be around four bits of king crab legs whenever they are parted.
  • There will be ligaments, the white clear, a tacky glancing piece that sticks out from the crab legs. Cut the ligament utilizing kitchen knives.
  • Use the kitchen knives to part the large part of the king crab down the centre. Only one cut as this permits the smoke flavour to saturate the crab.

Time To Cook Crab Legs

Like most shellfish, king crab legs do not take long to cook. Regardless of whether bubbling, baking, or barbecuing, the king crab cooks well. For this barbecuing strategy, it requires around 15 minutes to have them barbecued.

Barbecue on one side for around seven minutes, flip them over, and barbecue for five extra minutes. It is vital to not overcook the crab legs. Overcooking crab legs will change the surface of the meat altogether.

Grill King Crab Legs

Start the barbecue, and set the hotness to 350 degrees. Brush each piece of the crab leg with the garlic spread sauce. Brushing on the outside of the shell is fine, as it adds flavour. Attempt to get a part of the sauce into the split crab legs by prying them.

When the barbecue is at temperature, move each piece of the crab legs to the barbecue. Close the cover and cook for seven minutes. Open the barbecue and flip each piece of the crab legs. Barbecue five extra minutes. End the king crab and spot on a dish.

A Smart Way To Grill Your Crab Legs

There is a good variety of ways you can choose from to prepare the meal. However, the one we will discuss over here is tasty and convenient. Please have a look.


Thaw Your Crab Legs

A quick method to thaw crab legs is to fill your sink with cold water and let them sit in the water for about 25 to 30 minutes. When it becomes soft, rinse the legs well. You can defrost overnight in the refrigerator, be careful they do not leak.

Pre-boil them

Boiling your crab legs allows the meat to be cooked and tendered quickly. So, put your raw crab legs in a pot of hot boiling water and leave for 2 minutes. Lastly, please take all the crab legs out of the pot and place them on a clean flat plate

How To Cook Crab Legs On The Grill

Ingredients You Will Need

  1. 1 kg crab legs: cleaned and thawed
  2. Lemon 
  3. Salt to taste
  4. A pinch of pepper
  5. Two tablespoon olive oil
  6. ½ tsp garlic powder

Process To Cook Crab Legs On The Grill

  1. Preheat your grill on medium to high heat for about 5 minutes
  2. Put garlic powder, salt, pepper, lemon (squeeze it), and olive oil in a small bowl and mix. 
  3. Now put your crab legs into the same bowl and massage the marinade with your hands. 
  4.  leave it to rest for 30 minutes 
  5. Put your marinated crab legs on the preheated grill and let it cook for 5 to 10 minutes or until the grill marks start to appear. Flip the sides and repeat. 
  6. Turn off the grill, take your cooked crab legs on a plate, and serve as desired. 


It does not take long to cook crab legs on the grill. It is also very easy to and cheaper than ordering from a restaurant. All you need is a grill and crab from your nearest grocery shop. It can be done by anyone at home even if they do not have a lot of cooking experience.

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