How Long To Cook Pork Loin On Charcoal Grill

How Long To Cook Pork Loin On Charcoal Grill

How Long To Cook Pork Loin On Charcoal Grill? Assuming you love smoked pork loin, yet, you don’t have 10 hours to smoke it, let it rest, and afterwards pull the meat. This smoked pork loin is the next best thing! It’s like the common man’s pulled pork. Since you need a couple of hours to cook it, and afterwards you don’t need to stand slouched over your kitchen counter for an hour pulling the meat with a fork.

Smoked pork loin is likewise flexible! You can cut it slim for the best smoked pork loin sandwiches, put it in enchiladas, or even heap it on some custom made grill pork pizzas. Since the pork loin meat itself is impartial in flavour, it combines well with a wide assortment of flavours from Mexican to Greek and Barbecue.

So for what reason would you need to smoke a pork loin as opposed to cooking it utilizing an alternate technique? A pork loin is lean, so with the shortfall of fat, you additionally get less dampness. By smoking a pork loin low and slow on a barbecue, the meat stays moist. 

Read ahead to find out how to smoke a pork loin on a charcoal grill.

How Long To Cook Pork Loin On Grill Per Pound

Knowing the correct duration of cooking pork loin on the grill is exceptionally crucial to enjoying the taste of your food. So, how long should a person grill pork loin per pound?

In this regard, a general rule of thumb is to cook them for about 20 minutes per pound. That means:

  1. Cook 20 minutes for 1 pound of pork loin
  2. Also Cook 40 minutes for 2 pounds of pork loin
  3. Cook 60 minutes for 3 pounds of pork loin

And the list will go on and on.

Step By Step Instructions To Cook Pork Loin On Charcoal Grill

Stage 1: Set Up Your Barbecue For Smoking To Cook Pork Loin On Charcoal Grill

You can make smoked pork loin on a smoker or a charcoal barbecue. You must have your charcoal heaped onto one side of your barbecue and lit, add a couple of applewood pieces to the heap. Then, at that point, close your barbecue top, change dampers, and dial in your temperature to 250 degrees. 

Stage 2: Prep Your Meat To Cook Pork Loin On Charcoal Grill

While your barbecue is warming up, prep your pork loin for smoking. First, you want to manage the fat on the flank. You can score the fat in a slanting example by cutting jewel shapes with your blade sharp edge around 1/4″ profound, or you can remove the fat assuming you wish.

Later you have managed your pork loin as you would prefer, cover it with a slim, even layer of yellow mustard. Relax, the mustard taste on your cooked pork loin will be not recognizable. The mustard goes about as a decent cover to assist with keeping your meat delicious, and it gives your grill something to adhere to.

When your pork loin is scoured down with mustard, sprinkle it with your beloved BBQ rub or preparing. Keep in mind, pork loin is lean, and most cuts are thick so don’t be reluctant to do a thick layer of preparation on your meat.

Stage 3: Put Your Pork Flank On The Barbecue

Embed a test style thermometer into your pork loin before putting it on the barbecue. A 2-way test thermometer is incredible because it will provide you with the inside temperature of your meat and the temperature of your barbecue. 

At the point when you put the thermometer in the pork loin, attempt to embed it into the centre of the flank with the goal that you get an exact inward temperature. Then, place the pork loin on the barbecue grates, on the opposite side of the barbecue than your charcoal.

Stage 4: Smoke The Pork To Cook Pork Loin On Charcoal Grill

Whenever you have your pork midsection on the barbecue, you shouldn’t need to contact it. Let it smoke until done, being certain to watch your barbecue temp ensure that it remains close to 250 degrees.

To season your pork loin, add grill sauce to add some extra dampness to the meat, then, at that point, begin treating when your meat is around 10 degrees from the ideal temperature, so when your inner temperature is around 130-135 degrees.

After that brush on a lot of sauce on the highest point of your pork loin, sit tight for a couple of moments, flip the midsection, and treat the opposite side.

You can rehash these means a couple of times to foster a pleasant sweet covering of your smoked pork loin.

On the other hand, pork loin is known as one of the delicious and healthiest meals found on earth. However, what’s better is pork loin cooked on the grill. Nevertheless, we know that almost all of our readers will come up with a distinguished variety of questions at this point. For instance, “ How long does it take to cook pork loin on a grill per pound?” and many more. 

So, if you are also one of those individuals seeking information to cook pork loin on the grill, then look no further as you have already landed on the right page. 

Tips To Follow To Cook Pork Loin On Charcoal Grill

  1. Make sure to wear your kitchen gloves to avoid the risk of hand burn
  2. Follow all f the safety precaution while using the home grill
  3. Some good food items to serve with grilled pork loins are: buns, salad, mozzarella or cheddar cheese, spring onions, and toasted bread
  4. Wrap your pork loins in an aluminum foil while grilling if you like it to be extra soft and moist


If you ever considered how to smoke a pork loin on a charcoal grill and hesitated because the idea of doing so terrified you, you needn’t worry. This article has explained everything you need to know about grilling a pork loin to make it tender and juicy. 

Invite your friends and family over so that everyone can bond over cooking the meal together. This family cooking activity will be fun and worth the hard work as your pork loin will turn out to be delicious and loved by all. 

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