How Long to Air Fry Beyond Burger?

What is the cooking time for a Beyond burger in an air fryer? The amount of time required can differ depending on the type of air fryer and the state of the burger patties. Continue reading the article to discover more about this recipe.

When it comes to frying the burger patties, nothing can beat the air fryer. It cooks up the patties perfectly when compared to the traditional ways of cooking. You will find the patties crispy outside while being tender inside. Moreover, while cooking the burgers in the air fryer, you also don’t require using any oil. If you are going to try Beyond Burger for the first time in the air fryer, check out this article.

How Long to Air Fry Beyond Burger?

When it comes to the burger, there is a lot of brands out there. One of the unique burgers out there is the Beyond burger. Although it is made of plant-based ingredients, it tastes and feels like beef and meats. Being not a real meat, it got the deliciousness and juiciness of the usual meat burgers. Even though it is plant-based, there is no soy, gluten, or GMOs, etc. Furthermore, there are 20g of protein in this burger.

Such characteristics make the Beyond Burger extremely popular amongst the vegan. Especially, It can be a great alternative for those who are trying to go vegan but cannot do this because of their craving for the burgers. As it is plant-based, there is not much fat. However, cooking it in the usual procedure with oil may add some extra fat. To avoid this, you can consider using an air fryer device.

The air fryer allows you to cook the burger patties perfectly without any requirement of the meat. Furthermore, the air fryer allows you to cook them pretty fast. They require around 8 minutes to be ready while cooked with an air fryer. However, the time can vary a bit based on some other contributing factors.

Why Air Fry Your Beyond Burgers?

There are actually a lot of benefits of cooking the Beyond Burger in the air fryer instead of the other mediums. It allows you to cook the food perfectly without causing any mess. As you will not use any oil or grease like the stovetop, there will be not much clean-up after the cooking. However, the most important benefit of the air fryer is it keeps your burger healthy. If you have chosen the Beyond Burger for its healthiness, the air fryer can help to keep the health value upright.

Another benefit of the air fryer is it doesn’t require much attention. Especially, while cooking on the stovetop, you will require putting close attention to avoid any sort of issues. The air fryer cooks the food in a closed compartment. There is a timer that you can set to a specific period needed to cook your food. That means after setting up the cooking, you can leave the sight and work on something else.

The cooking duration required in the air fryer is also less compared to the other variation of the cooking methods. Furthermore, as cooking is done in a closer compartment and oil is not used, you are free from the risk of the hot oil spill. However, you should be aware while touching the basket after cooking as it becomes very hot.

How to Cook Beyond Burger in the Air Fryer

Cooking the Beyond burger is unbelievably easy. There is not much of the work apart from adding the food, setting up the duration and temperature, and waiting. Your food comes out perfectly cooked after a certain period. If you have no prior experience with the beyond burger and the air fryer, don’t worry. We will let you know how to do the cooking in the below part of the article.

Things You Will Need

You will require the usual hamburger buns, which is widely available everywhere. Then you need onion, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. for the purpose of decorating your burger. For the taste, you might want to use salt and pepper. If you prefer the burger to be crispy, you can also use a vegetable oil spray. And, the main thing is the Beyond burger patties. If they are not available, you can also purchase the Beyond meats to prepare the patties.


Step 1: Preheat the Air Fryer

The first thing you need to do is to preheat the air fryer. You might not need this while cooking something in the air fryer but this is very important for the burger patties. If you don’t preheat the air fryer, the patties might come out soggy. To get the crispiness, it is quite important to preheat the device.

Turn on the air fryer after putting in an open and flat surface, free from any blockage and connecting to the electric outlet. Simply press the preheat button in your air fryer. If it is not available, don’t worry. Manually set the timer to 3 minutes and temperature to 400 F.

Step 2: Setup them for Cooking

Now you need to add the burger to the air fryer basket. It would be better if the burger patties are thawed. Simply organize the patties in a single layer. Never stack them if there is not enough space for all the patties. Cook in multiple layers in such a case. After adding the patties, put back the air fryer basket.

Set the cooking duration to 8 minutes. This is the usual duration for the beyond burgers to be cooked perfectly. Leave the cooking temperature as it is. After cooking for 4 minutes, flip the burger patties by pausing the cooking.

Step 3

After cooking for around 8 minutes, check them out. If they are not done yet perfectly, you can cook for a few more minutes. Take them out when the cooking is done and transfer them carefully to another plate. Assemble the burger patties with the lettuce, tomato slices, and onion rings. That’s it; you are done.


As you see, it doesn’t take a long time to air fry the Beyond Burger, and the entire process is very easy. We hope you will be able to cook the Beyond burger perfectly with this recipe.

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